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Viscoh Vinyl SK Acoustic Underlay for Glue-Down LVT Floors

  • Reduces the sound of footsteps up to 17 dB!

  • Wet room suitability

  • Compensates for uneveness up to 0.5mm 

per unit
correspond to £13.46 per m²
incl. VAT
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Total price:£168.25
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Viscoh Vinyl SK Acoustic Underlay for Glue-Down LVT Floors

Glue-down vinyl definitely has its perks! It´s durable, looks great, and it can last you for years and years. Many people avoid glue-down vinyl because it can be difficult to remove after it has been set. Times are changing, and Viscoh Vinyl SK is just the thing you need for your glue-down floor! This underlay makes the installation of your floor even easier and it saves you time when you decide to remove your glue-down floor. When you are installing glue-down vinyl flooring, you need to glue the flooring onto a subfloor. Viscoh already has an adhesive, and all that´s needed is to place your vinyl flooring on it. Gone are the days where you need to purchase glue separately and apply it to your entire floor! This vinyl underlay saves you that step and it saves you the hassle. It is made of polyolefin foam, and it´s adhesive is also a solvent-free acrylate. The big advantage of this underlay is that once the flooring is attached to it, it becomes one piece that is not glued directly to the subfloor, making removal easy. Save yourself from the pain of removing adhesive residue from your subfloor with Viscoh underlay! 

Viscoh Vinyl SK absorbs sound well, and reduces the sound of footsteps up to 17 dB! In addition, the acoustic underlay will even out your subfloor up to 0.5 mm and protects it should you decide to remove the vinyl in the future. This underlay absorbs less than 1% of water, which makes it great to use in wet rooms like bathrooms and laundry rooms. It has low thermal resistance, and it also works with underfloor heating, so it won´t obstruct the heat flow. This product is non-toxic and is completely free from asbestos, formaldehyde, halogens, and heavy metals. It can even be safely disposed of with the rest of your household waste! 

Data sheet
12.5 m x 1.0 m
1 roll (= 12.5 m²) VISCOH Vinyl SK
Thermal Insulation Resistance
0.018m² K/W
1.0 mm (± 0.15)
Impact Noise Reduction
17 dB
12.5 m
Punctual Conformability
≥ 0.5 mm
Water Vapour Diffusion
≥ 75 m
Dynamic Load
≥ 200.000 cycles
Compressive Load
≥ 600 kPa
Constant Compressive Load
≥ 40 kPa

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