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Artificial Grass: Add a touch of greenery and nature

Although it used to mainly be installed in sports areas such as football pitches, artificial grass has now become a practical…
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You'll have all the advantages of natural grass without the hassle: you'll have a perfect-looking floor, 365 days a year, whatever the weather!  It also allows people living in cities or flats to add a touch of greenery and nature to their homes and create a little piece of paradise at home, without the necessity of a garden. Discover all the advantages of synthetic grass and exhibition flooring!

Made of synthetic yarns in polypropylene (PP), our imitation grass does not contain any toxic products or heavy metals such as lead, and is therefore safe, especially for children and animals. Artificial grass is resistant to abrasion, fading, and trampling and does not require soil or watering, as it is primarily a kind of carpet that imitates natural grass. Artificial grass is soft and pleasant to the touch and does not burn: if a cigarette or barbecue embers fall on the lawn, they will not spread flames! However, remove them as soon as possible to avoid the deformation of the product.

Plastic grass comes in various structures and qualities: needle-punched, tufted, long-haired, and short-haired. The heavier the turf, the denser it is and the more traffic it will receive. However, our faux grass has a relatively low weight per square meter, which makes it quick and easy to transport and lay. Designed to be placed outdoors, it is also suitable to withstand rain, snow, and sun. Its back is also designed not to retain water and to drain it away, thus avoiding puddles, water stagnation, and high humidity. It allows rain to run off, which will be perfectly drained thanks to the drainage holes on the back. Outdoor synthetic grass also offers a much better grip than tiles when wet: around a swimming pool, it will prevent slipping, without fear of being damaged by chlorine. You can enjoy your artificial turf for several years, without risk or effort!

Advantages of A Synthetic Lawn Compared to A Real Lawn

Unlike a real lawn, synthetic turf gives you the assurance of having a green garden and being in good condition throughout the year: no mud, dry areas, or damage! You will no longer spend your weekends and holidays gardening, weeding, mowing, and watering your garden, and you will finally be able to enjoy it fully, without getting tired! Artificial grass does not require watering, intensive maintenance, fertiliser, or pesticides. Also, it limits the invasion of insects and parasites, which will bring real comfort and safety to children and animals. Moreover, this flooring is also resistant to temperature changes: it is suitable for withstanding bad weather, even frost!

Thanks to all these qualities, a fake lawn represents a real saving of time and money: no need to wait for the grass to grow or to maintain it, no need to invest in tools and mowers, seeds, and fertilizers. And above all, it will save you a considerable amount of water! Artificial grass also has the advantage of being able to be installed on any type of support and can therefore also be installed indoors or on a balcony, which is not the case with natural grass. An excellent alternative to tiles, slabs, and decking, artificial grass will bring a touch of freshness and nature to all your spaces!

Synthetic Grass – A Floor with Multiple Uses

Generally adopted in gardens, sports fields, or outdoor courtyards, we often forget that artificial turf grass has a much wider range of uses. Today it is possible to use fake grass in many places: surrounding a pool, balconies, terraces, etc. But also, indoors! Children's rooms, playrooms, verandas, patios, and offices can also be enriched with a green area, which will please both the old and the young! It is also a little piece of countryside in the city for all those city dwellers who cannot necessarily enjoy a private garden, for example as false grass for the balcony.

Plastic turf is suitable for both private and professional use: daycare centres, hotels, companies, etc. can expect a real advantage from installing this type of flooring, whether for its aesthetics, comfort, or even its environmental quality. Whether you want to highlight your business’ passion for organic and ecological products or simply offer a little comfort in a bathroom, faux grass will bring a lot of softness through its very realistic imitation of natural grass.

In addition, artificial turf can be installed on virtually all surfaces: cement, concrete, mud, wood, natural grass, sand, indoors... So, what are you waiting for? 

How Do I Lay My Artificial Turf?

Synthetic grass is really simple and quick to lay, and so more and more people want to undertake a new DIY project with fake grass. Indeed, no particular technical knowledge or professional tools are required to install your lawn. Correct preparation of the ground or surface is crucial for the placement of this artificial grass: always follow the manufacturer's installation instructions.

If the installation of your synthetic lawn is done on the ground, it is necessary to prepare the ground: weed, remove the stones and the roots, fill the holes and level the bumps, so that your support is plain and clean, without detritus. For other surfaces (cement, tiles, indoor flooring), make sure they are also as flat and clean as possible, without dust.   

When laying on the ground, consider installing geotextile to prevent weeds from growing back. If the floor is difficult to work on, for example, if you are laying on loose soil or gravel, you can level it out with sand.

Determine the best laying direction, unroll your artificial grass strips in the same direction and adjust them so that they cover the entire surface. It is often advisable to install the turf towards the point from which it will be most visible. Artificial grass is an easy material to cut: a good cutter is all you need - always cut on the reverse side of the lawn!

Most of our products are equipped with a latex backing with drainage holes, which allows either glued or floating installation. Depending on your substrate, adhesive joint bars, glue, staples, and/or nails will be used: fake grass is child's play to install, and the method of fixing is determined according to your needs. Sometimes its own weight is even enough to hold it in place, especially if heavy objects are placed on it. In any case, fake grass can be installed by anyone!

It is also advisable to fix the plastic grass at the ends with additional double-sided adhesive tape for installation on concrete or stone slabs to ensure good stability. And for the earth, sand, or wood surfaces, don't hesitate to nail it to the edges.

After brushing your lawn and adjusting the blades of grass between the strips, all you have to do is enjoy your new corner of nature!

Synthetic Lawn: Minimal, Quick and Easy Maintenance

One of the greatest advantages of fake grass compared to real grass is its minimal maintenance! No mowing or watering is required to keep your lawn green and well maintained! No need for chemicals or tools for maintenance either: imitation grass can be cleaned easily and quickly, whether it is placed in a garden, on a terrace, or indoors! To keep your artificial grass looking as good as new, just follow these tips:

- Rake up dead leaves with a soft plastic rake (not metal, which will damage your new siding)

- Occasionally brush your lawn against the grain to straighten the fibres

- Hosing it down a few times a year will keep it clean and fresh in hot weather

- Soapy water will clean up any stains or pet droppings

For small areas of lawn, such as on balconies, a shovel and a brush are often sufficient to remove leaves and waste. And for indoors? The hoover!

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