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How to hang wallpaper: 5-minute guide

Friday, 14 June 2019

some wallpaper strips on the table with some metal tools

When it comes to hanging wallpaper, having no previous experience can stump most from even beginning. But applying modern wallpaper does not have to be such a daunting task! With the correct tools and a quick read through our 5-minute guide on how to install a wallpaper, you'll get it in no time!

1. Prepare a clean and smooth wall surface

a drilling machine unscrewing a scew and a man brushing a dirty wall while another person is scrapping old wall paint from a wall

Begin by checking the wall for renovation is flat and smooth, where necessary, fill and sand any impurities or cracks. Then, measure the wall length to indicate how long you need to make one strip. TOP TIP: If unsure about how to measure wallpaper, cut the strips larger than the length of the wall to allow a generous amount of excess for aligning the design - the excess can later be cut after the design has been aligned and the wallpaper strip has been glued.

To decide on where to start wallpapering, choose the most eye-catching corner of the room. Start hanging the wallpaper from one corner of the wall, working towards the opposite end. It is important to place the first trip straight, so prepare this first corner by using a spirit level and draw a straight vertical line to guide you when applying the first strip.

2. Apply the paste

a man in blue outfit applying a layer of glue on the wallpaper

Depending on the wallpaper type, you want to apply paste to either the wallpaper or the wall. If you paste the paper you must consider the timing. This is why many people overlap the edges to allow for shrinkage. TOP TIP: Apply a thin layer of paste to the wall before hanging the wallpaper. This can aid adhesion as the absorbent areas of the wall can soak in the first layer of the paste. This helps to ensure a full surface and even bonding. Using a normal wall paint brush, apply a generous amount of paste onto the wallpaper strip. Apply evenly, taking extra care around the corners, ensuring they are fully covered in paste.

3. Hang the first strip of wallpaper

a man sticking wallpaper on the wall

Hold the strip up vertically towards the ceiling and gently affix it to the top of the wall, ensuring it is straight by using the previous line you created and the wall corner to guide you. Once straight, firmly press the upper section of the strip in place. Then use the wide wallpaper brush with light strokes to smooth the surface eliminate any bubbles, and continue downwards to the end of the strip.

TOP TIP: Any excess paste can be removed with a damp sponge, don’t worry about getting the wallpaper wet, this will not damage it.

4. Cut the excess paper

a man cutting excess wallpaper with a blade

Using a bladed tool, either sharp scissors or a crafting knife, gently score a line where the wallpaper should end, in the junction between the wall and skirting board. Once scored, neatly cut the excess strip off.

TOP TIP:  When applying the second strip ensure first that the design is aligned, any excess wallpaper can be removed from both the top of the wall and the bottom end of the wall.

5. Repeat!

So that was how to hang wallpaper! Simply repeat the process for the next strips of wallpaper. Take extra care when nearing areas like wall sockets, switches and doors. When necessary, measure and cut the wallpaper to facilitate these areas, before applying.

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