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6 Reasons Why Milliken Pioneered Modular Carpeting

Friday, 1 July 2016


Millitron® – Digital Colour Placement

Millitron® is a high-resolution digital printing technology that was developed by Milliken’s Research & Development department. It facilitates complex textural effects and various colour combinations that are not achievable with any other carpet manufacturing technology. The brilliance of Millitron® is the limitless possibilities in creating astonishing designs from scratch or reinventing existing collections by adding an extra touch. When doing this you will not be confined to changing the pattern in a single carpet tile, but you can even construct a large-scale design that flows across the entire floor over a multitude of tiles. This technology ensures that the textures are produced with fine accuracy and clarity in a vast and constantly evolving colour palette. The possibilities range from bright and vivid to bold and subtly tonal.

Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN)

Solution Dyed Nylon is another wonderful technology available in Milliken carpet tiles. SDN yarns are compatible with most Milliken collections, such as Culture Canvas, Per Contra or Nordic Stories. This incredible technology offers increased durability and appearance retention, meaning that after many years of wear and tear the original colour of your carpet tile will not suffer from fading or discolouration. Probably the most distinctive feature of SDN is its bleach resistance. Most carpets are rather vulnerable to cleaning methods that include bleach. This Milliken technology is more resilient and can tolerate up to 10% of concentrated bleach solutions. Therefore, this type of carpeting can be extremely useful when working in sterile environments, such as healthcare.

Backing Options

Milliken emphasises strongly the importance of providing a proper backing for their carpet tiles. Performance, durability and appearance retention are very important factors that help stabilise the tile and provide acoustic, insulation and sustainability benefits. Naturally, different environments require different backing solutions and therefore it is crucial to choose the right backing for your floor. There are 2 types Milliken offers you. Comfort Plus® cushion backing is the standard option with all products. This amazing technology is comprised of 90% recycled content and provides you with multiple benefits, such as superior underfoot comfort, wear performance, acoustic, safety and installation. The other option Milliken recommends is TractionBack®, a high friction coating, applied during manufacture that keeps your carpet tiles in place without any need for additional adhesives or other type of floor preparation. Several benefits come along with this backing and can be listed as such:

-          Easy uplift and replacement

-          Improves indoor air quality

-          Reduces cost of labour and materials

-          Allows faster carpet installation

Improved Indoor Air quality

Nowadays, the excessive online stimulation and general high number of office jobs keep people oftentimes indoors. Some choose to spend as much as 90% of their time inside and thus indoor air quality is one the major environmental health concerns related to building interiors. Carpet tiles can help collect dust particles that usually would circulate in the air we breathe. Milliken has the largest in-house textile research facility in the world and continuously researches possibilities to promote indoor health quality.

Performance Enhancements

An important aspect for Milliken is to protect the carpets throughout their lifespan in terms of durability and appearance retention. Specifically for this reason they invented a technology called StainSmart®, a proprietary treatment applied to their modular carpet tiles to provide stain repel, soil release and stain resist characteristics. This state-of-the-art technology enables liquid and oil-based spills to bead up and be easily removed from the carpet. This treatment ensures a long term resilience over many years, even in high traffic areas.

Guaranteed Performance

Milliken is so confident in the performance of their products and processes that they offer an incredible lifetime antistatic warranty as well as a 15-year wear warranty. No other carpet tile manufacturer provides the customer with such an amazing proposal, which leaves Milliken at the top of desired commercial carpet tile producers.

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