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Vinyl Flooring for Bathrooms – The Technical Features That Make Vinyl a Top Contender for Your Bathroom

Monday, 17 December 2018

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, one of the most transformational features is the flooring you opt for. Whilst there are many stylish options on the market, few flooring solutions can provide the optimum practicality is vinyl flooring for bathrooms . In this blog post, we will explain the technical features that make luxury vinyl flooring the ultimate choice of flooring for your bathroom, and how LVT flooring makes for an ideal renovation partner.

Through years of refinement in the production process, LVT is now higher quality, more durable and more stylish than ever. From additional water-resistant properties to stronger protective coatings this flooring solution is the top of its game.

Waterproof Designs to Meet the Highest Requirements in Your Home

Ter Hürne PerForm Stone Choice "Stone Monaco Anthracite"

Performance and style go hand in hand when it comes to bathroom vinyl flooring. One of the main reasons luxury vinyl tiles are ideal for wet-room areas is because of it’s plastic nature which creates water resistant properties comparable to no other.  Whilst some laminates are treated with a water-resistant surface layer, any increased exposure to water leaks can cause moisture retention and damage which is not ideal. In relation to waterproof laminate flooring or vinyl flooring rolls, luxury vinyl planks and tiles are superior in terms of durability and robustness. Take, for instance, the Ter Hürne PerForm collection, this high-class range of LVT flooring features a rigid support plate that enables it to maintain strong dimensional stability even under large temperature fluctuations and exposure to moist environments.

Vinyl Click Tiles are Exceptionally Easy to Install – Even over Old Ceramic Coverings!

There are multiple installation methods available to lay your LVT floors. With the options of glue-down and loose-lay and click system installation. Whilst glue-down vinyl flooring has the advantage of a permanent and strong surface bonding, and loose-lay vinyl flooring creates a fast and simple laying process, vinyl click flooring proves to be the perfect partner for DIY and home renovation projects. Click vinyl tiles are characterised by integrated click technology which can half the time required to renovate your bathroom. Not only that, but no special equipment or additional adhesives are needed! A simple laying process for luxury vinyl flooring – what more would you need to renovate your bathroom floor.

Another great advantage of rigid vinyl flooring in particular, is it’s ability to maintain a strong and consistent shape, which means that you can lay your new LVT coverings over old ceramic tiles without the worry of an uneven surface or the gaps in the ceramic tiles influencing your new floor.

Slip Resistant with Additional Protective Coatings

Wineo 800 Stone XL | Click Vinyl "White Marble"

When it comes to bathroom vinyl flooring, the protective surface coatings are a great benefit especially for use in bathrooms. With a PUR surface coating, vinyl floor tiles are exceptionally easy to clean with the use of household cleaning agents, this is particularly ideal for bathrooms since they require regular cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, many luxury vinyl flooring feature a slip-resistant surface which ensures that your bathroom vinyl flooring is a safe surface for you and your family.

Heat Insulation and Acoustic Properties

Vinyl floor tiles feature excellent heat conductivity, making many collections suitable to be installed over underfloor heating systems. This creates a luxurious feeling of comfort and warmth for your feet, especially during cold winter months – a feeling that is second to none! To further illustrate the well-rounded walking experience, vinyl flooring have great acoustic properties. Depending on the sound insulation layer, some vinyl floors have the ability to reduce footfall sounds up to 18dB.

Beautiful Wood and Stone Imitations

Gerflor Senso Lock 20 "0672 Stone 2"

It is clear that there are many technical features that make luxury vinyl flooring excellently suited to bathrooms, and just as essential are the decors available. Our homes are like our sanctuaries, and accordingly so, we would like to create rooms that reflect our personal styles and tastes. With that in mind, vinyl floorings come in a huge array of styles and colours which allows us the freedom to create the atmospheres fitting for our homes. Vinyl planks and tiles featuring sophisticated embossing techniques that capture any aesthetic you can imagine. From natural wood designs, authentic stone appearance to beautiful rustic patterns. The possibilities are endless allowing you to use your creativity to design the bathroom of your dreams.

Discover High-Quality Vinyl Flooring Bathroom Solutions on BRICOFLOR

We hope we have convinced you as to why vinyl flooring is one of the most recommendable products on the market for bathroom flooring, due to the many technical benefits incorporated into the designs. Explore our online shop and get inspired by the collections available to transform your bathroom into the ultimate spa-like ambience for your home!

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