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Carpet Tiles – Unleash Your Inner Designer

Friday, 6 October 2017


Drab, dingy floor getting you down? Tired of walking on rough, cold floors? Don´t worry, there is hope! Carpet tiles are being known as the next saving grace to almost all flooring problems. They´re available in any colour, any style and any design to choose from. Installing a carpet these days usually requires a fitter, which is an extra cost no one needs. With carpet tiles, you can install them yourself, even if you don´t have any experience! They´re just the right thing for your next DIY home renovation project, and they won´t break the bank either. Thanks to their innovative loose lay method, all you´ve got to do is lay them down on your floor. Thanks to their heavy weight, they only move when YOU want them to!


Since carpet tiles from the same collections are all the same size, this opens up a whole new range of decorating possibilities. Unleash your inner designer and create a floor that will be the envy of all of your neighbours! Mix and match different colours to create cool patterns like stripes, checker board, or highlight certain areas of your space. The possibilities are endless! When you get tired of your design, just lift up the tiles and rearrange them all over again. Are you a renter, or planning on moving house soon? You can take your carpet tiles with you! Pets or kids staining your carpets? Replacing the tiles is easy, since they don´t require any adhesives. Just replace the tiles that are damaged!

Although the famous Heuga carpet tiles have been discontinued, here at BRICOFLOR, we´ve still got them! Since carpet tiles from the same collections and manufacturers are the same size, this makes it really easy to mix colours and designs together. Play around with colours, mix neutrals together, or go for a nice, bright look! Schatex is another carpet tile manufacturer available on our online store. We´re in love with their Elégance collection, with is all about lush, plush carpets that dreams are made of! A warm Light Beige, masculine Anthracite, and a dark Green are some of our favourite shades.


Take a step forward in home design and choose a carpet that´s got you in mind! Schatex and Heuga carpet tiles are available now in BRICOFLOR´s online store. Getting your home to look like it´s from an interior design magazine doesn´t have to be mission impossible. With endless designs and colours in carpet tiles, as well as super easy DIY installation, there´s no reason why you shouldn´t give your space that new, modern look you´ve been wishing for. Contact us at BRICOFLOR today for your quote!

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