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Heuga Carpet Tiles – A Great Selection Of The Highest Quality

Founded in 1956, the Dutch company Heuga is the current market leader and inventor of carpet tiles. Heuga started out as producers of saddle cloth and felt hand warmers but founder Petrus Johannes van Heugten soon started to work on developing carpet tiles. The first carpet tile was produced 55 years ago and since then the company has continuously grown to become one of the leading, most innovative manufacturers of carpet tiles. On BRICOFLOR UK, you will find the widest range of collections from Heuga. With an enormous choice of colours, patterns and textures, Heuga carpet tiles will manage to beautifully complement every room and with almost endless scope for design. Due to their easy installation, Heuga carpet tiles are perfect for quickly breathing new life and a fresh look into any interior.

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A large choice of Heuga carpet tiles for all purposes

Heuga combine all important flooring properties in their attractively priced carpet tiles and offer an incredibly wide range of colour and design options at the same time. On BRICOFLOR UK, you can choose from 19 Heuga collections to find the one that meets your demands best. All Heuga carpet tiles fulfill the highest quality standards, are very resilient and withstand even the toughest strain. At the same time, they offer maximum comfort to create a pleasant atmosphere. The good sound insulation and impact noise reduction properties make for improved room acoustics and dampen noise – qualities that are valued in households with children and areas used for commercial purposes. Due to their outstanding persistence, Heuga carpet tiles are suitable for every area in the home and many collections are also suitable for installation in heavily frequented commercial areas.

The widest range of colours, patterns and materials

Due to the wide range of available colours, Heuga carpet tiles are extremely versatile. A great choice of different shades of grey make for a subtle, sober appearance. There are many natural, warm colours like Heuga ColorCollection “Camel“ or SoftSenses “Beach”, but there are also colder tones like WalkWay “Granite”. Many collections also cover light, modern pastel colours as well as bright colours, imitating fruit or flowers, to add some colour to your home or office. You can feel overwhelmed when confronted with this great range of colour options, but why choose only one colour, when you can choose as many as you like? Combine them to create chequered patterns, stripes, or anything else that comes to your mind. All these Heuga collections are very diverse: on the one hand you have very resilient collections like Heuga 530, which are less sensitive to staining, while there are also soft, comfortable collections like Heuga SoftSenses, which is very popular for domestic areas.  If you are looking for an affordable floor that is available in numerous colours, Heuga Colour Collection is the perfect choice for you. It comes in many different warm and cold, subtle and bright colours, allowing you to bring a personal note to every room. Heuga 727 is available in a whopping 48 colours and it is certified for heavy commercial use. These carpet tiles are extremely resilient, can withstand office chairs with castor wheels, and have extremely good anti-static and slip-resistant properties.

Quick and straightforward installation

Heuga carpet tiles are very easy to transport. They come in a handy size, making them an attractive alternative to conventional carpet, which comes in bulky rolls. Additionally, if a room is smaller than 30 m², you do not need to use adhesives when installing your new floor. All Heuga collections comprise loose-lay carpet tiles. Chalk, a measuring tape, a straightedge, and a carpet knife are everything you will need to lay Heuga carpet tiles. In order to ensure the best conditions for your new flooring, it is highly recommended you remove the tiles from their packaging a day before installation in order to give them time to acclimatise. You also need to make sure that the ground is hard, even and clean. Use the arrows on the back of the tiles to determine the intended direction of installation. The most common direction is "monolithic", but many collections offer different ways to lay the tiles, thus giving you the maximum creative leeway. To install the flooring, you need to figure out the exact middle of the room. Use the measuring tape to determine the length and width of the room and mark the middle with your chalk. Start in the middle and lay down straight rows of carpet tiles as you make your way to the edge of the room. To increase stability, you can make these ‘key tiles’ adhere to the ground. After that, simply fill in the remaining carpet tiles, always staring in the middle of the room. When doing so, please make sure that you install them in the right direction. If you are looking for added stability for your flooring, you can make use of the patented Interface TacTiles system, an extremely easy-to-use method. These thin lightly adhesive strips make sure that your individual carpet tiles stick together at their corners, so all you have to do is lay the TacTiles, and then the carpet tiles on top. Since these small strips are only lightly adhesive, they will not leave any residue behind, and you will still achieve a floating installation.

Easy maintenance flooring

All Heuga carpet tiles are very easy to clean and maintain, allowing you to concentrate on the more important things in life. Just like with a conventional carpet, regular vacuuming is sufficient to keep your flooring in a good shape. But since life can be busy sometimes, little mishaps are bound to happen. Luckily, most Heuga carpet tiles are made from stain-resistant materials. However, you should attend to stains as soon as possible to achieve best results. Use a paper towel to dap off liquid stains – do not rub, since rubbing might enlarge the stain and force it further into the material. Solid stains can be scraped off the surface, starting from the inside. If necessary, you can take out individual tiles to clean them with water or mild detergent. Please make sure that the tile has dried completely before putting in back on the ground with the others. If you cannot get rid of a particular stain, it is also incredibly easy to replace individual tiles, which is one of the biggest advantages modular carpeting offers over wall-to-wall carpets.

Heuga carpet tiles – a sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturer as an integral part of Interface

We have recently started to grow more and more aware of our responsibility in handling our environment and the resources provided by our planet. Nature preservation and sustainability continuously gain the centre stage and become more important for the foreseeable future. Interface are very concerned with this issue, and since Heuga is now part of the company, they apply the same principles to both brands. They work extremely hard to achieve their biggest goal, namely becoming completely sustainable by 2020 and making a contribution towards a brighter future. This project is called ‘Mission Zero’ and it covers production methods, as well as transportation.

All European Heuga factories run on 100% green energy and the production site in Scherpenzeel in the Netherlands even runs on energy from gas that originates from the fermentation of fish and other waste from the food industry. Since January 2014 this factory has also been running on a closed water loop system, meaning that all the water used during the production is recovered, purified and re-used. Because of this, the water consumption has fallen by 95% since 1996. In 2008, Heuga developed an ultrasonic cutting technology. With this new method, Heuga managed to reduce production waste by 80%, which translates to 310 tons of waste each year! There are many more initiatives to reach their goal, including the insulation of machines to fight heat loss, the installation of high performance boilers and the use of low-energy LED lighting.

Furthermore, Heuga are extremely committed to recycling and recyclables. They have recently started a project in the Philippines, where old discared fishing nets have been collected by local fishermen and turned into yarn for carpet tiles. This way, they are actively reducing waste in the ocean and supporting locals in the Philippines. Today, 49% of total raw materials used for Heuga carpet tiles are recycled or bio-based materials.

Buy Heuga carpet tiles on BRICOFLOR UK

On BRICOFLOR UK, you will be able to find one of the greatest selections of Heuga carpet tiles online, and for incredibly good prices. Heuga have vast experience in producing carpet tiles and you can be sure they only use materials of the highest quality. Their collections cover everything a lover of comfortable yet resilient flooring could possibly ask for – a wide range of colours, different thicknesses, varying pile structures and textures, and the ability to combine different products with each other. Feel free to browse through our online shop and order free Heuga carpet tiles samples to see for yourself.


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