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Heuga Carpet Tiles - The Pioneers of High-Quality Carpet Tiles

Founded in 1956, the Dutch company Heuga has established itself as a pioneer in manufacturing carpet tiles. The company has continuously grown each year, to stay as one of the most innovative manufacturers of carpet tiles of the highest quality. On BRICOFLOR you will find a large array of collections by Heuga with a seemingly endless choice of colours and compositions for your interiors.

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A Carpet Tile Collection for Every Purpose

Heuga incorporate all the important flooring properties into many ranges of carpet tiles differing in design and colour schemes, all at an affordable price! Whether you’re searching for the perfect colour of bedroom carpet tiles, or perhaps you were looking for a suitable collection of kitchen carpet tiles, Heuga offer a suitable range of products for residential applications. What’s more, if you were looking for commercial carpet tiles for either your retail outlets, hotel lobbies or offices, Heuga also have an impressive and wide selection of commercial carpet tiles. Each product by Heuga is made to the highest quality standards; resilient and able to withstand even the toughest demands, whilst providing comfort. Other qualities that are valued in many applications include the great sound insulation and impact noise reduction properties. These Heuga carpet tiles can provide a calm and quiet environment for your homes and commercial spaces. The commercial carpet tiles are extremely resilient, can withstand office chairs with castor wheels, and have extremely good anti-static and slip-resistant properties.

A Selection of Colours, Patterns and Materials Suited for Your Vision

Heuga offer an extremely versatile collection of carpet tiles. Create warmth and calmness in your home with the soft hues of beige and sand colours. Go for cooler light and pastel colours like the light grey carpet tiles to create an atmosphere of relaxation and openness. Other bright and pastel colours are available to add a subtle and understated pop of colour to your interiors. Get playful with these square carpet tiles and experiment with different laying arrangements. Perfect to inspire creativity in your children’s play room! Your bespoke carpet flooring lies within these collections by Heuga!

The Great Convenience of Heuga Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles include many convenient benefits that make them an excellent alternative to conventional carpeting. The square formats of the carpet tiles make them a handy size to transport and manoeuvre from different locations and rooms, which directly results in a hassle-free and easy installation process. The loose-lay carpet tiles from Heuga can simplify the entire renovation process, and thanks to the squared format, there is a significant reduction of excess cutting waste since the carpet squares can be adjusted easily to the dimensions of every room!

Installation with Heuga Carpet Tiles

If the room is smaller than 30 m², you do not require any extra adhesives when installing your new floor. All Heuga collections consist of loose-lay carpet tiles. Chalk, a measuring tape, a straightedge, and a carpet knife are everything you will need to lay Heuga carpet tiles. In order to ensure the best conditions for your new flooring, it is highly recommended you remove the tiles from their packaging a day before installation in order to give them time to acclimatise to room temperature. You also need to make sure that the ground is completely even and clean. Use the arrows on the back of the tiles to determine the intended direction of installation. To install the flooring, you need to figure out the exact middle of the room. Use the measuring tape to determine the length and width of the room and mark the middle with your chalk. Start in the middle and lay down straight rows of carpet tiles as you make your way to the edge of the room. To increase stability, you can make these ‘key tiles’ adhere to the ground. After that, simply fill in the remaining carpet tiles, always starting from the middle of the room. When doing so, make sure that you install them in the right direction, indicated by the arrows on the back of the tile.

For added stability for your flooring, you can make use of the patented Interface TacTiles system, an extremely easy-to-use method. These thin lightly adhesive strips make sure that your individual carpet tiles stick together at their corners, so all you have to do is lay the TacTiles, and then the carpet tiles on top. Since these small strips are only lightly adhesive, they will not leave any residue behind, and you will still achieve a floating installation.

Cleaning and Maintenance Couldn’t Be Easier

All Heuga carpet tiles are very easy to clean and maintain, allowing you to concentrate on the more important things in life. Just like with a conventional carpet, regular vacuuming is sufficient to keep your flooring in good shape. But since life can be busy sometimes, little mishaps are bound to happen. Luckily, most Heuga carpet tiles are made from stain-resistant materials. However, you should attend to stains as soon as possible to achieve best results. If necessary, you can remove individual tiles to clean them with water or mild detergent. If you cannot get rid of a particular stain, it is also incredibly easy to replace individual tiles, which is one of the biggest advantages modular carpeting offers over wall-to-wall carpets.

Heuga Carpet Tiles – Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Since they are a part of the Interface group, Heuga uphold the same corporate social responsibility principles. The manufacturer works extremely hard to achieve its biggest goal: to become completely sustainable by 2020. This initiative, dubbed “Mission Zero” signifies the company’s contribution towards a cleaner, more eco-friendly future, and is implemented into the production and transportation process.

All European Heuga factories run on 100% green energy and the production site in Scherpenzeel in the Netherlands even runs on energy from gas that originates from the fermentation of fish and other waste from the food industry. Since January 2014 this factory has also been running on a closed water loop system, meaning that all the water used during the production is recovered, purified and re-used. Because of this, the water consumption has fallen by 95% since 1996. In 2008, Heuga developed an ultrasonic cutting technology. With this new method, Heuga managed to reduce production waste by 80%, which translates to 310 tons of waste each year! There are many more initiatives to reach their goal, including the insulation of machines to fight heat loss, the installation of high-performance boilers and the use of low-energy LED lighting.

Get Heuga Carpet Tiles from BRICOFLOR Now!

On BRICOFLOR UK, you will be able to find one of the greatest selections of Heuga carpet tiles online, and for incredibly good prices. Heuga have vast experience in producing carpet tiles and you can be sure they only use materials of the highest quality. Their collections cover everything a lover of comfortable yet resilient flooring could possibly ask for – a wide range of colours, different thicknesses, varying pile structures and textures, and the ability to combine different products with each other. Feel free to browse through our online shop and order free Heuga carpet tiles samples to see for yourself.