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Heuga Carpet Tiles – The Finest Quality, Best Designs, and Respect For The Environment

Heuga describe themselves as the world’s largest manufacturer and forward-thinking brand of carpet tiles. With their strategi…
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Heuga prides itself on constant innovations when designing unique carpet tiles, both visually and productively. They are constantly updating their product ranges and collections by following the latest trends in the home as well as commercial interior design.

Meanwhile, due to their commitment to quality and sustainability – Heuga’s products are heavy-duty and whilst made from recycled materials. These carpet tiles will provide you with the most efficient flooring, continuing to withhold the highest quality. Although some of the more popular collections such as Interface Composure, Heuga 727, or Heuga 530, are available on our online shop, you can also find other product lines boasting the manufacturer’s trademark quality and design. Feel free to browse through our catalogue and take advantage of the free carpet tile sample service to help you choose your ideal flooring.

A Rich History Of Heuga Carpet Tiles

Ray Anderson originally founded Interface in 1973 with the name of Carpets International Plc., as he envisioned the practical carpet tiles as a solution for commercial spaces and offices, as wall-to-wall carpets were generally hard to transport and manoeuver. Anderson figured that a more flexible and resistant design for flooring would be more suited for high-traffic areas. The company soon grew its popularity and revenue, and by 1983 Interface grew to be a more recognisable name. In 1987, the company was reborn under the now famous and respectable name of Interface, and after their acquisition of Heuga, Interface undeniably became the world’s largest carpet tiles manufacturer. Interface has been growing and expanding ever since, acquiring more than 50 smaller companies and consolidating its title as the world’s largest carpet tiles manufacturer.

Sustainability, Mission Zero and Net-Works – Interface’s Promise For a Better Tomorrow

It was sometime in the mid-90s when Ray Anderson realised the importance of preserving the environment and decided the company should advocate sustainability and economic ability - just as much as producing innovative carpet tile designs of the highest quality. In 1996, Mission Zero was born; this programme was designed to regulate Interface’s production methods and materials, allowing them to become fully sustainable by 2020. Given their astounding progress by 2013 – greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 80% and water usage reduced by 87% – Interface is on the verge of achieving its long-time goal. As part of Interface’s dedication to environmentally friendly products, they currently have more than 450 colourways of recycled carpet tiles with 100% recycled yarn and this number continues to grow. Additionally, for the modular flooring produced in Europe, recycled carpet tiles contain a maximum of 71.4% of total recycled content.

Apart from Mission Zero, in 2013 Interface also established a programme called Net-Works, through which they procure discarded fishing nets and process them into nylon yarn for new carpet tiles. Villagers in these poorer countries collect the nets and exchange them for money – enabling them to provide for their families. Interface is not only helping the environment through this recycling programme but also the locals in these impoverished areas. So far, 67 tonnes of discarded nets have been collected, which helped provide more than 230,000 meals for local families. Due to Interface’s tireless initiatives for sustainability, they have been the recipients of many awards in this regard.

The Best Styles of Carpet Tiles From Heuga

Apart from Heuga’s noted respect and dedication to the environment, produced by Interface - this company also makes providing their customers with the best carpet tiles their number one priority. Taking inspiration from nature as their sustainability mission, Heuga manage to design and manufacture the finest-looking carpet tiles. As they repeatedly win design awards across the globe. Heuga is certified master of carpet tiles design. Below you can find a short overview of the different types of carpet tiles Heuga produce.

Heuga Carpet Tiles In a Square Format

Most of Interface’s products are carpet tiles in a regular 50x50 cm format. A few examples of sterling quality are Interface Composure, Heuga 727, and Heuga 530. As is usually the case with modular flooring, their most notable advantages are the incredibly practical format that allows for easy packaging, transport, installation and maintenance. As to the different installation layouts, square carpet tiles do not allow for much creativity. Most Interface carpet squares are installed in either a broadloom monolithic, non-directional or checkerboard quarter turn pattern. Naturally, this gives you more leeway to be original within your flooring – combining different shades and textures – the possibilities are endless. Some collections are also available in a 1x1 m format.

Skinny Planks – Interface Carpet Tiles Reborn In A Rectangular Shape

As the design masters they are, Interface realised that square carpet tiles are not ideal when it comes to styling a unique flooring. Thus, they came up with the idea of making carpet planks, or ‘skinny planks’. These planks essentially retain all carpet tiles’ advantages, adding more freedom when it comes to installation layouts. In addition to the normal broadloom seamless pattern, you can try a herringbone layout if you’re searching to mimic a parquet design and achieve a 3D effect. Also to create an ashlar installation resembling hardwood flooring. While Heuga has a few collections exclusively composed of planks, such as Walk the Plank or Urban Retreat, there are also collections that contain both planks as well as tiles. For example, Interface Net Effect comprises Net Effect One, containing 50x50cm carpet tiles, and Net Effect Two, which only includes the skinny planks. Nevertheless, that does not mean you can’t get creative and combine planks and tiles to design your own original flooring. You get all the creative liberty you need. Skinny planks are widely available in a 25x100 cm format, but a large carpet tile of 50x100 cm cut is also possible.

Entrance Matting From Heuga

Interface and Heuga are renowned for creating heavy-duty carpet tiles perfect for any commercial area. In addition to the indoor modular carpet tiles, they also provide entrance matting, a great product that should be part of any company’s maintenance programme. Entrance matting is an extremely resistant carpet tile composed of scrapers that are capable of capturing and trapping dirt on contact. In order to prolong the life of your flooring, entrance matting can be fitted around your building to keep your indoor flooring looking better for longer. Heuga provides three product lines for entrance matting, namely Interface Foyer, Barricade One and Barricade Two. These different designs vary depending on the needs suitable to you – all made available on BRICOFLOR UK.

Buy Heuga Carpet Tiles Online On Bricoflor UK

BRICOFLOR UK has the widest range of office carpet tiles from Interface and Heuga. While you can find most of these collections online, there might be products that are not available in your local carpet store, or even offers the colours we provide on our website – most popularly our grey carpet tiles, black and blue tiles – at Bricoflor, we do our best to keep our products under high demand fully stocked in order to provide our customers with the best service. If you have a large order we will be able to provide you with free shipping to the mainland UK, with unbeatable quotes, so don’t hesitate to get in contact. Additionally, take advantage of our carpet tile samples to make an informed choice when shopping for your perfect design!

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