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How To Clean Engineered Wood Flooring

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

If you have just installed your engineered wood flooring, you spent a lot of money on a beautiful product, and it is certain you want to keep your floor this way. You want it to last for 5, 10 or even 20 years. It is therefore very important you take care of your flooring in a special manner. Here were offer some tips on how to clean and what else you have to do in order to keep your flooring beautiful.

The small daily tips, such as using a doormat that prevents stones and sand coming in your home, is an obvious fact. It is also a good idea to take your shoes off when you come in, so that sand or small stones will not damage your floor.

However, what should you do if there is severe damage to your flooring? Moreover, how do you clean engineered wood flooring? We have compiled a list of the most useful tips and actions you should keep in mind when taking care of your flooring.

In the daily maintenance and cleaning of the wooden floor, little water should be used as the wood may swell otherwise. Make sure the mop or cloth you use is only moist, not wet! After mopping you can dry the floor, in case you are afraid that you have used too much water. Also, make sure that spilled drinks are dried immediately, because it may damage the floor or cause ugly stains. When using a vacuum cleaner, a parquet brush should be used. Not using the soft brush will cause scratches. A sweeper must have a soft brush. You can also use a microfiber wiper to remove dry dirt quickly.

Do not use strong cleaning agents, as they may damage the surface (finish) and the wood. Instead, use a detergent advised by the manufacturer or a type especially made for wood flooring. Often, a wooden floor has a longer warranty if you use the manufacturer's recommended supplies. Tarkett even has environmentally friendly options when it comes to cleaning products. You can usually find the instructions for use on the detergent's package.

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Before choosing the right cleaning detergent, you need to know what kind of coating has been used; oil, wax or lacquer. This coating can also be redone after a while, which will restore your flooring to its previous, like-new state. An expert can do this maintenance, sanding down and replacing the top layer. You could do this yourself to save on costs, but be sure to consult the manufacturer’s information before you start.

Prevent scratches and other damage while moving furniture and other heavy objects, use felt pads under the legs of the furniture that are often shifted around and do not move heavy objects without protection. Replace the felt pads when they are heavily damaged, and make sure that the furniture with castor wheels has the right type installed; they must be soft and should be able to carry the weight. If necessary, use a protective mat for heavy objects or heavily used chairs. For scratches and small cracks, a repair pen can be a quick help, which is often available in many different colours. In case of major damage, repair materials can be used such as paste or resin. There are also special repair kits to repair the damages. Repairs must be done as soon as possible before damage is permanent, for example, when water penetrates into the wood.

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