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Decor: What Colour Of Floor Covering For Which Atmosphere?

Friday, 19 May 2017

Tarkett Starfloor Click 55 "35950104 Scandinavian Oak Medium Gray" (19.05 x 121.10 cm)

Tarkett Starfloor Click 55 "35950104 Scandinavian Oak Medium Gray" (19.05 x 121.10 cm)

Your floor is the basis of your interior. Whether it is a laminate flooring, LVT flooring or carpet, colours are always successful to change the look of your room. Choosing the colour of the flooring is therefore not an ordinary choice. Indeed, different colours will refine your room giving it the wanted atmosphere.
But with so many colours, how to be sure to make the right choice?

BRICOFLOR is here to enlighten you on this case!

Before starting to give you indications on the colours and how to associate them, it is first necessary to distinguish what are the different categories. Indeed, there is a difference between warm, cold, and neutral colours. The colours play on our emotions and our feelings. For instance, blue reminds us of the ocean and the serenity, so it is a colour that is nice in a bathroom, living room or bedroom. Every single colour gives us a certain sensation by bringing a particular style to your home. If you are professional and want to renovate your commercial premises or showroom, think of using on the colour which represents your brand! This will strengthen your image and make it easier for you to identify publicly.

How to play with colours to highlight your room and get all the possible benefits?


Warm colours provide some energy in the room. They therefore bring a cosy atmosphere and good vibes. For example, if your room is small, a carpet-like floor covering with warm colours will brighten up your interior. If you are looking for a vintage atmosphere or rather sixties, choose warm colours. Be careful if you choose a type of flooring in these tints, avoid more than two bright colours in a room. You can also choose a bright colour for a wall face, below, you will find in detail each hot colour with tips to associate them and create a certain atmosphere.



If on the contrary you dream of an interior that reflects nature, calm and harmony, you should use cold colours. These tints are less sparkling but they still bring an undeniable softness and freshness to your room. A green LVT floor gives you an original and classy touch for a tropical ambiance.

You can choose Camaïeu, which is ideal to give a contemporary look to your room and avoid any mistakes by using three shades of the same colour, such as light blue, turquoise blue and navy blue.



Neutral colours are generally very popular and really liked for interior decorations. Indeed they are colours that are ordinary and also easy to combine with other, which will create a nice atmosphere avoiding taking too many risks. In addition, the warm colours will bring a balance to your room. Unmatched, neutral colours are a true ally that fits all styles.



Pastel colours, they are what you cannot miss!

If you choose a pastel flooring, it will be very easy to combine several colours. The powder pink, the sky blue and the tender yellow can very well unite together if you know how to highlight them. At the heart of the new trends, the pastel colours will give a Scandinavian and vintage style to your interior. This colour range is perfect for a bedroom, a kitchen, a baby room. Its light and sleek appearance gives a feeling of calm and tenderness, which is very nice in this type of pieces.

Tarkett Starfloor Click 55 "35950104 Scandinavian Oak Medium Gray" (19.05 x 121.10 cm)

Tarkett Starfloor Click 55 "35950104 Scandinavian Oak Medium Gray" (19.05 x 121.10 cm)


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