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Different Types of Carpets – Which Carpet Best Suits Your Flooring?

Friday, 30 November 2018

Although carpets will build a world of distinction in your home, it doesn’t mean that each kind of carpet in your house is created with the same method. You have to settle on a high quality carpet that matches with the environment around your home. There are several exciting kinds of carpet choices with completely different carpet fibres for you to feature into your home, which range from eco-friendly carpets for the environment, high-end carpets for that special  end, to more durable carpets for high traffic areas. Carpet is one in every of the softest flooring materials offered, providing a cushioned surface for your feet in almost any place.

Carpets - How it's made

Made with a spread of artificial and natural fibres, the four most common materials being nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and wool, carpet is made by looping yarn through a backing material in a movement like stitching a button on a shirt. These loops will then either be left intact or cut at varied angles and lengths.

To figure out a carpet is to learn about the fiber.

Fiber is that the basic material that a carpet is formed of. Over ninety percent of all of the carpet created nowadays is formed of synthetic fibre. The rest is natural fiber, most commonly wool. First, let’s scrutinize the foremost common synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers are sometimes made from one among 3 materials: nylon, plastic or polyester. All 3 are created by similar chemical processes with oil and gas.

Nylon carpets - extremely soft, durable, immune to stains and abrasion

The extremely resilient fibres are restored by steam-cleaning to revive most of their original loft. Nylon is the most preferred carpet material and is employed in roughly three-quarters of all factory-made furnishings like the Heuga 727 collection which is highly rated for heavy commercial use, making it great for both the home and the office. They are particularly great for office use due to their anti-static design, slip resistance, and suitability for castor chairs.

Polyester carpets - known for its ability to carry lively, fade-resistant colours

The fibre is also non-allergenic. In several cases, this material is created from recycled plastic bottles, creating it eco-friendly. The most popular Abingdon Love Story Deep Feelings carpet collection is 100% Polyester, this durable yarn material has several advantages as a carpet fibre, it is highly stain resistant and extremely softer than any other carpet fibre. Furthermore, it is ideal for high-traffic areas, and it is highly resistant to moisture, fading and staining. Polyester by nature has a high lustre appearance, which translates into carpets of beautiful colors.

Polypropylene carpets - as soft as a feather

Polypropene fibres are like natural wool and are usually used as an artificial wool substitute. This fibre is very stain-resistant however is vulnerable to soiling, or holding onto oils that, in turn, collect dirt. It is additionally not as resilient as nylon, therefore is usually used for loop-style carpets, such as Berber. The Abingdon Stainfree Majesty collection is 100% Polypropylene Being incredibly resilient, this Saxony carpet can be installed in most areas of your home, including bathrooms, hallways and stairs.

Wool carpets - A natural, luxurious and long-lived material

Wool is the softest carpet fibre you can ever come across. Unfortunately, low-grade wool is more liable to staining, while high-grade wool is extremely expensive. Some manufacturers mix wool with synthetic fibres to form a carpet with the advantages of each. Mr Tomkinson is a well-established and renowned company, known for is high quality wool carpets. The warm and cosy carpets by Mr Tomkinson Twist carpet collection is 80/20 wool-synthetic blend to create an extremely durable yet comfortable carpet. The thick wool of this carpet insulates your home thermally and acoustically, meaning your energy bill is lower and you hear less unwanted noise.

Loop pile carpets – highly resilient and long lasting

This uncut carpet pile leaves the complete yarn loop intact on the surface of the piece. These carpets tend to be extremely sturdy, easy to clean, and resistant to stains, making them perfect for high-traffic commercial applications. Uncut pile carpets additionally do not show indentations caused by footprints and vacuum marks. Vorwerk Strada collection is the perfect example of a loop pile carpet, it can be used in high foot traffic areas due to its rigidness which makes it a perfect choice for office use.

Saxony carpets – Elegant, soft look and feel

This carpet pile is formed of individual strands standing straight up and right down to create a lush, fuzzy surface. The term saxony carpet describes a carpet characteristic with a delicate and soft look and feel. A saxony carpet adds a way of magnificence and lavishness. A saxony carpet could be a superb selection for bedrooms and conjointly for formal rooms. This carpet is usually thought to be superior and is equated with a prime quality product that's notable for its comfort and softness. Vorwerk Safira is a soft saxony carpet for your home, Being a part of the popular Fascination range, this collection is the ideal choice for almost all areas in your home and can also be installed on stairs.

Twist pile carpets – rigid and tough

Twist carpets are manufactured when one or more fibres are twisted in the tufting process, so that in the finished carpet they appear to be bound together. Twist carpets tend to have a shorter pile and a tighter construction, giving the finished article a smooth, velvety appearance. Twist indicates to how tightly the fiber (carpet yarn) has been twisted. The tighter the yarn is twisted, the higher the carpet can rise up to crushing and matting. Abingdon Stainfree Twist collection is a super soft carpet with twisted tufts which will keep your feet warm all day long making your room a more comfortable place where you can even sit on the floor and play with your children on the soft carpet, the tufts used also reduces the sound from walking.

Frieze carpets – Hard wearing and strong

Frieze is characterised by long fibers that have a high twist. In several frieze designs, the fibers are twisted so they really begin to twist back upon themselves, within the same method, that string or hair twisted in your hand would. High sturdiness is perhaps the most important advantage of frieze. A large part of a frieze's sturdiness is because of its high twist. A strand of carpet is strongest on its sides, instead of the tip of the strand. Vorwerk Merida is a good example of Frieze carpets, this premium carpet collection that is very luxurious and extremely durable at the same time. Being a frieze carpet, Merida by Vorwerk does not flatten when crushed by feet and other objects, outperforming standard cut or loop pile carpets.

Polyamide - Hard wearing, luxurious and resilient

This material is a syntheic fibre which is popular for its sturdiness, high rersistance and comfortability. It is suitable for busy homes with high foot traffic, if you have children or frequent visitors, Polyamide carpet can withstand it without compromising on comfort. This material is naturally soft, and the bounce back sensation is created due to the twisting of fibres. The Vorwerk Corvara range is 100% Polyamide this collection is the ideal choice for modern homes. The carpet’s fluffy texture is supported by a soft look, which is achieved by combining well-matched nuances.

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