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Engineered Wood Flooring: Which Surface Finish Suits Your Style?

Friday, 21 April 2017

BerryAlloc Lodge Kilimandjaro Oak

BerryAlloc Lodge Kilimandjaro Oak

The different types of surface finishes in engineered wood flooring are often unknown to the public. Thus, it is generally difficult to make the right choice. In this article we’ll help you to understand the differences.

Each finish has advantages and disadvantages. Factors that can influence your choice include: appearance, resistance, style, but also maintenance, which is certainly the most delicate process to perform on flooring.

Varnish your engineered wood flooring: simplicity and modernity combined

Depending on the type of varnish used, it is possible to obtain an appearance that is either bright or luminous, or satiny and matt, depending on the style you wish to have, either modern or contemporary. The varnish is a protective film, which makes the surface both transparent and water resistant. For the maintenance of the lacquered or varnished floating floor, we recommend the use of a damp cloth to easily clean the surface. The varnished floor requires a neutral cleaner or a metallised polish in order to slow the wear-and-tear but also give a new fresh look to your floor. As for repairs, if your impenetrable floor is damaged, you must renovate the entire surface by sanding and then polishing the parquet.

Oiling your parquet: a natural and aesthetic appearance

The oiled parquet highlights the raw wood, which produces a strong visual effect, which is rustic and classic at the same time. The oil is also a film; the only difference is that it goes into the wood fibres in order to protect it better . In case of staining an oiled parquet, use a natural black soap with a single-disc machine, which absorbs the washing-water. An oiled parquet requires only a new application of oil; it can be cleaned with a cleaning soap suitable for engineering wood flooring. But be careful, once your parquet has been oiled, you will not be able to change the surface finish even after sanding. As a matter of fact, the oil penetrates deep into the wood fibres of the wood, to protect your parquet. Once your engineered flooring is oiled, it is imperative to polish it after the oil has dried. Whether for maintenance or cleaning, please do not use water. You could dampen the wood, which would make it greyish. Avoid unnecessary sanding! If you aren't sure whether you can sand your engineered wood flooring or not, you might want to read our post about the difference between the engineered and hardwood flooring here.

Waxing your engineered wood floor: an authentic and rustic effect

The wax once used, gives the wood its natural properties, and highlights its traditional style. The parquet will give off a fragrance of wax, which is a very pleasant scent. The wax layer that is applied protects the surface of the floor by encrusting directly into the pores of the wood. Be careful not to put too much wax over the entire surface of your floor to avoid slippery floor. A waxed floor can be cleaned dry and in case of scratches with a layer of wax. Sanding is rarely necessary for maintaining waxed floors: you only have to wax your floor again. Sanding a waxed floor is only useful if necessary, usually you can simply perform a local repair using the wax of your choice.

To conclude: the oiled and waxed floors are very aesthetic and have a fairly traditional and authentic look. Waxing is a natural way to treat your flooring, even if requires regular maintenance. The varnished parquet is economical and easy to maintain provided you use a recent varnish to avoid any chipping or yellowing. In order to take care of your floors as well as possible, it is recommended to place felt pads under the feet of the furniture that you carry, move, or which may simply scratch your engineered floor.

The differences between varnish, oil and wax

The differences between varnish, oil and wax

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