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Garage Floor Tiles – Fortelock Is The Best Solution

Friday, 9 June 2017


You want a floor covering that is resistant to all uses, adapting to a wide variety of supports, with a long-lasting investment and at the best price? Thanks to the efforts of the manufacturer Fortelock, this solution exists! Equipped with a clip system, the Fortelock Garage tile is the product that will make your life easier. This new collection comes in several models and can support two categories of use: Very intensive (Fortelock 2010, Fortelock 2020, Fortelock 2010 ECO and Fortelock 2020 ECO) and intensive medium (Fortelock 2050 and Fortlock 2060). New to the market, this range of LVT tiles for industrial use is the most suitable and versatile to put on the floor of your garage. Regardless of the floor area to be covered, the Fortelock garage tile adapts and does not require a specific installation. The Fortelock tile will surprise you! Indeed, your highest expectations will be satisfied!


In the next paragraph, we will discuss the technical characteristics of this series Fortelock LVT tiles and these particulars following the installation on your floor.

Hardly visible to the naked eye, those LVT tiles are fixed to each other with an embedding system. Fortelock LVT tiles retain the vast majority of noise and vibration, but not only! These materials are both "flame-retardant" and resistant to a load of up to 1.5 tons. From the date of manufacture, this floor covering has a 12-year warranty against wear and tear. With optimal maintenance conditions, the lifetime of this product can be up to 25 years. From a manufacturing of recyclable materials, Fortelock materials components are extremely competitive in terms of the costs of their production as well as their price on the market. On the other hand, the whole of the material is recycled when it is at the end of its life.



Are you looking for a floor covering resistant to stains or liquids coming from cosmetic oils, food products or chemicals? Fortelock LVT garage tiles are the right floor covering for your interior!

The Fortelock tiles have the Air-Flow system: each design of LVT tiles has a liquid drainage interlocking system for immediate flow of residues, not involving accumulation of fluids. These LVT floor tiles are designed to be "breathable" and even promote the evaporation of more liquid, avoiding the formation of damage over time. All LVT flooring designs differ for the back: solid (Fortelock 2010 and 2020 Fortelock, 2010/2020 ECO) or checkered (Fortelock 2050/2060). This little innovation will amaze you!


Are you wondering if this LVT is ideal for flooring your interior? Have no doubts with Fortelock! And yes, the range of LVT tiles differs according to design or flat surface structures of the Diamond and Skin collections and in various colors (red, green, blue, yellow, black and gray). At the same time, the ECO series is available in two modern and more discreet colors (black ECO or grey ECO) and is suitable for people with an ecological mind in their future investment. At your disposal, this LVT garage floor is suitable for all your installations, whether they are of the order of a limited space or a larger area. With Fortelock, you now have a multitude of choices regarding your flooring layout.

 The advantages of the Fortelock LVT are numerous and adapt to a large number of supports and rooms which we will list below.

As mentioned, standard flooring products (Fortelock 2010 and Fortelock 2020) as well as those of the ECO series (Fortelock 2010 ECO and Fortelock 2020 ECO) support objects, vehicles with a heavy load capacity. Their layout fits perfectly in spaces of type:

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing
  • Stations and Airports
  • Sports / Athletics Centers
  • Hangars / storage rooms
  • Military / police / fire-brigade barracks
  • Schools

In addition, the Fortelock 2050 and Fortelock 2060 models support medium weight objects and can be used in places like:

  • Car dealerships
  • Workshops
  • Nursery school
  • External courses
  • Fitness, body building and sports room
  • Offices
  • Public institutions
  • Factories / Factories
  • Shopping centers
  • Sea freight and warehouses areas
  • Stores
  • Exhibitions

You can now install this type of flooring in various spaces. These designs are exclusively in our assortment of products. Do not wait any longer and enjoy an easy-to-install installation, suited to your own needs!


Following the purchase of Fortelock LVT floor, you will notice that this product requires some specificities. We recommend that you pay attention, by following the recommendations made by Fortelock, you will be able to maintain your investment in the long term and in the best possible conditions.

For installation on the floor (floating), installation of the Fortelock equipment (standards or ECO) is done according to precise steps. Namely: the sweeping of your space, the separation of this area into several quadrants and then the joining of the LVT tiles using a rubber mallet.

46m² in 60 minutes, never seen before!

Fortelock Series - How to get more information and details?

You have difficulty visualizing a product of the range Fortelock? Do not be afraid, the BRICOFLOR team will be happy to advise you and guide you in your choice. And if doubts persist, samples are also available on order through our online shop. You can then visualize the object in question in your commercial or industrial surface and give you a more concrete idea.

Fortelock LVT tiles for garage - Flooring in your living space

LVT tiles are available in several models (see pictures above) and are ideal for protecting a work area or for defining a specific space. Fortelock LVT tiles are the ideal solution for your garage flooring, whether it be for parking your car or simply storing your equipment.

LVT flooring - The ultimate professional product

With a wide range of colors, Fortelock LVT tiles are suitable for commercial and industrial applications. These different colors of Fortelock color combine with different contexts: to orient the customer, to indicate the location of a stand, to facilitate access to a platform or a machine.

With a sustainable and reusable components, these multicolored LVT tiles improve the development of certain living spaces (daycare centers, shopping centers, etc.).

What about colors? Fortelock LVT tiles extend in a vast palette of colors. Check out those new colours: yellow, blue, green, red... You can also enhance your rooms with a lively and modern touch.

Fortelock Coins New Colours

Fortelock Coins New Colours

The investment in LVT Fortelock tiles is without contest the best concept for you and your floor! Discover the entire Fortelock collection from our website and do not hesitate to contact our team, who will be pleased to advise you in your choice.

Buy Fortelock Tiles Online: Only with BRICOFLOR

Fortelock designs are available at BRICOFLOR. With Fortelock LVT tiles, you’re only a single mouse-click away from the absolute floating floor! BRICOFLOR recommends you this LVT flooring if you want to equip your interior with a solid, classy and design floor.

Please notice that not all our products are on the website, but feel free to contact us to have more information, just call 01264 980370. We guarantee you the best prices, free samples and an individual offer with your order. Buy your flooring online at BRICOFLOR UK

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