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Home Office Wallpaper: 10 Design Ideas

Friday, 9 August 2019

Home Office Wallpaper It is that time of year again – you got over the jet lag, the tan is fading and you are buying new shoes for work. This is the perfect time to begin your home office wallpaper overhaul –  a fresh environment leads to a clean mind and so you can begin your road to success! In this blog, we will look at the popular office décor that is on trend this year whilst taking into consideration the psychological benefits of decluttering your environment.

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Scandinavian: The Trademark Nordic Elegance in your Home Office Wallpaper

Adding light wood to your home office will contribute to getting that Scandinavian office look. Nature and texture – these are the fundamentals of the Scandi style. Wallpaper in muted tones works perfectly for a rustic stripped-back look. Either plain pale wallpaper with embossing or grey tone printed wallpaper in unconventional shapes; either will give a more interesting background for your Nordic style furniture. Matching light wood floors with greyish tones will invigorate you and help get your day started.

A white or pale wood desk, such as oak or beech, will complement the cool hues on the walls. Throw a sheepskin rug into the mix and drape it over the back of your office chair, or pick a larger sized one and throw it on the floor to create your own Scandi office retreat, where you can block out the outside world while imagining you are beside a glassy lake on a Nordic mountainside.


Home Office Wallpaper

Scandinavian Wallpaperr

Minimalistic Home Office Wallpaper: A True Zen Experience

Declutter your desk and create your own sense of Zen. Carefully selecting the items that add the most value and disposing of piles of paraphernalia will help you to focus on the task at hand. For a minimalist home office, the less distractions you create, the better. One art print – perhaps of a forest or outdoor scene will do lots for your mental state before you even sit down. The perfect wallpaper for a minimalist room is a minimalist wallpaper! Plain wallpaper may sound boring but when you see it in contrast to the carefully curated objects you select for your room you will see its true power.

If you really hate the idea of plain paper but are determined to try out the minimalist style in your home, why not try a textured wallpaper. Embossed wallpaper is considered a luxurious option in the home and can add that extra detail when it interacts with the light.

Monochrome colours can have a huge impact in juxtaposition to your furnishings. So throw away your pantone swatches and make a beeline for the black, white or grey colours. Always in style and easy to change, should you get bored!

Swap an abundance of flowers and plants for a stripped-back leafless branch in a simple vase. Pale colours often work well in the minimalist haven – giving a sense of pristine clean. Add a very gentle contrast with pale to mid-brown wood look flooring with greyish undertones for your ideal minimalist home office.

Minimalist WallpaperMinimalist Wallpaper


Au Natural: An Escape from the Urban

A serene environment will lead to a peaceful mind. When you know you are surrounded by natural materials you can breathe in deeply with a sense of calm before setting about your tasks. When it comes to home office design, simply by adding a large house plant, cork flooring, wooden desk to your home office décor can really make a difference. Home office wallpaper with stone look or tone on tone neutral colours in nature-inspired patterns can help to create your natural haven.

Why stop at wallpaper? Inspirational quotes in frames are the perfect thing to pin the look together. Maybe you can even go one step further and have beautiful cork wall panels to surround yourself in a cocoon of nature. The more at ease you feel, the better you will work!

Natural WallpaperNatural Wallpaper

Geometric Pastel: Give a Touch of Retro to your Home Office Wallpaper

For something more out-there, pastels are not abrasive to the eyes, but when used with geometric designs they can be stimulating and unusual. Pastels don’t have to be limited to women – men too can opt for pastels for a refreshing retro style.

Pastel wallpaper is a very cost-effective way to create a dynamic look in a room without breaking the bank. Highlight with metallic accents in rose gold, silver or the classic gold look for a youthful, hip look. For such a bold choice, non-woven vinyl wallpaper is a must as it is easy to peel off when you need a change. Candied coloured wallpaper can relax even the most stressed student or office worker chained to their desktops.

Geometric WallpaperGeometric Wallpaper

Industrial Chic: The Extravagance of the City

Add a cool, calm and collected tone to your home office design with a chic charcoal colour scheme. Grey wallpaper will never go out of style, modern and versatile this wallcovering can really make a bold statement in darker shades. Masculine and motivating. You can get stuff done with this colour on your walls to focus your mind and create a productive atmosphere.

Paired with an abundance of foliage you can get your creativity boost in this offbeat aesthetic. You should try to keep the floor light if you are opting for an anthracite wall – light woods. This will counteract the dark shades and still give a sense of balance to the room. Wire-frame or wicker furnishing work best for this style contrasting the masculine colours with natural materials. Bear in mind – you certainly should still avoid overcrowding with large floor spaces or wall spaces.


Stone Wallpaper

Brick Wallpaper


Urban Jungle: Green upon Green

Bring the palms leaves of the exotic jungles to your office with wallpaper that is as refreshing as a waterfall. Nothing says relaxing like the jungle foliage to brighten your walls, turn your fingers green as they fly over the keyboard. Add framed mantras to motivate you and get you into that can-do frame of mind.

White and black work well with every shade of green – natural light woods too. So if you are decorating a room with jungle wallpaper then opt for these choices to make a Havana for your home headquarters that looks like it was put together by Donatella Versace herself!

Jungle WallpaperHome Office Wallpaper - Jungle Wallpaper

Jungle Wallpaper

Tropical Twist: Bring Vitality to your Work Place

You don’t have to wait until retirement to get away from it all: Those who didn’t get the chance to live in a tropical paradise should certainly not deprive themselves of this radiant atmosphere!

Our solution? Get on board with the tropical trend, refurbish your office and get ready for a perfect cocktail of work and holidays! To that end, all you need to do is combine an exotic colour palette with the right tropical wallpaper and add a plant to that equation, just to make sure that your room emanates vitality.

Can you already hear the sun calling?

Home Office Wallpaper - Tropical WallpaperHome Office Wallpaper - Tropical Wallpaper

Botanical Beauty: Transform your Office into an Adventurous Garden

If you are looking for a paradise of exotic birds and insects amid intertwining trails of foliage then look no further. Such beauteous botanical wallpaper will give you the feeling of being whisked away to another century where men wore top hats and escorted women for afternoon tea on the veranda.

Add some brass-toned accessories with wireframes to accentuate the details. Recreate your own Alice in Wonderland office with playful designs that bring a sense of curiosity to your office.

Why not add some eccentric accessories such as a birdcage set on top of a corner table or a vintage drawing table complete with hidden compartments and leather writing boards. Similarly, compasses, Galilean thermometers, telescopes add to the story of your workspace; search out something unusual in small local shops and flea markets that will add that boost of the adventurer in you.

Home Office Wallpaper - Pattern WallpaperHome Office Wallpaper - Butterfly wallpaper

Geek Chic: A Style for those Most Scholarly

Put on your oversized glasses, grab your favourite book and get ready to imbue your office with the studious atmosphere that fits you… But with class, of course.

Get ready to fall in love with the charm of the English style and match it with a library wallpaper (If you don’t have a real one already), stripes, leather or plaid all match this refined look. And, above all, do not forget: Be proud of your intellect, put your books to good use!

Home Office WallpaperHome Office Wallpaper - Library Wallpaper

Art Deco Office: Adding Glow to your Workspace

Make room for a true “The Great Gatsby” feel in your office. Certainly, every day will be a feast for your senses! The Art Deco style has resurfaced and is a winner within the interior design scene.

Make it all sing together by blending gilding, glass, marble and velvet in your décor and embellish your walls with an art deco wallpaper: This type of cover is adorned with elegant geometric shapes, yet sometimes manages to be daring enough to add feathers and palm trees, dark and golden hues…

A luxurious wallpaper, a true tribute to the glamorous and decadent era of the roaring twenties!

Home Office Wallpaper - Floral WallpaperHome Office Wallpaper - Modern Wallpaper


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