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Leaf and Palm Wallpaper

– the Perfect Choice For Your Natural Habitat
Bring the essence of nature inside with a beautiful leaf and palm wallpaper designs. From oversized palm leaf wallpaper to petite and delicate leaf imagery – there is something to suits both the loud and subtle tastes. Create a luxurious exotic paradise or a minimalist escape with this diverse range of wallpapers.

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Leaf wallpaper

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Leaf and Palm Wallpaper– Shaping The Latest Trends

Whether you are looking for a statement room to create a central focus in your room or a highlight in a more neutral setting – there is a leaf wallpaper to suit many styles. A modern option for a nursery or a fresh look for a kitchen – any room can accommodate the geometric style of wallpaper.

Materials of Leaf and Palm Wallpaper
There are two type of materials when it comes to wood effect wallpaper. Vinyl wallpaper or structured wallpaper. Both are attractive options and come with various benefits that add a lot to both the design and technical features, some wallpapers even combine the two!

The sweet and simple designs that echo the sentiments that are a motif amongst the Leaf interior design style that is so popular these days. Be it pale mint green schemes or cool blue hues there are splashes of colours to highlight and play.

     Vinyl wallpaper as Leaf and Palm Wallpaper

If durability is a key factor in deciding your wallpaper then vinyl wallpaper is a great choice for you. It is extremely strong and very easy to clean making it an ideal choice for kitchens where some light staining may occur. This can then be scrubbed off with a sponge for effective and easy maintenance. 

     Structured wallpaper as Leaf and Palm Wallpaper

The luxury of structured wallpaper lies in the fact that it can truly emulate the look of a leaf textured wall in both the way it looks and feels. The embossing adds another dimension to the designs and creates an interesting and luxurious visual. The grained texture in some of the natural material aesthetic give it a superior realistic feel.

Installation of Leaf and Palm Wallpaper

The wallpaper in this category varies between two installation methods; paste the wall and paste the paper. You should always check the recommended installation method from the manufacturer before installing the wallpaper.

Paste the wall wallpaper Leaf and Palm Wallpaper

For paste the wall wallpaper you must paste the wall then adhere the paper to the wall by pressing firmly on the paper, smoothing out any bubbles. You must take into consideration your timing as you do not want the adhesive to dry out before you have a chance to attach the wallpaper.

    Paper backing wallpaper Leaf and Palm Wallpaper

Paper backed wallpaper is less expensive than vinyl however it can be a little bit trickier to deal with when installing. This is because it is can absorb the paste quickly and the dimensional stability can be compromised.

Featured Leaf and Palm Wallpaper Collections

The leaf and palm wallpaper from AS Creation comes in a wide variance of options. From palm leaves that will give the illusion of a hot summer getaway to the simple leaf design like the swiss style of minimalist repeat patterns. Nature inspires a fresh tone through the room and evokes feelings of calm and joy.

    A.S. Création……

The A.S. Creation Scandinavian Style and Life 4 Collections focuses heavily on natural motifs and friendly colourways. For examples, wheat, leaves and trees feature in some designs as well as some with more simplistic, geometric imagery such as semi-circles and triangles. With many interpretations to the style. A.S. Creation has excelled themselves in their vast options available. As a famous wallpaper manufacturer based in Germany that pride themselves on their wallpapers that are made in Germany with the highest quality.

Why buy Leaf and Palm wallpaper online?

You can assess the quality, colour and texture of the design you have chosen in the comfort of your home or office by ordering a sample. This protects you from having to commit to an order before checking it is suitable for your needs. Here at BRICOFLOR we always put our customers first, so should you require any assistance please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and our friendly team will be happy to help you. If you are a contractor or business looking for a bespoke offer for a large quantity order then contact our quotes team and you can receive a personalised quote for your order.