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Laminate In Vintage Style : Create Shabby Chic Style

While some trends come and go, others can prove their worth over the long term. This includes the vintage style, which brings the charm of bygone days in apartments and properties. It is particularly easy to implement by choosing a suitable floor. Why laminate in particular is suitable for a retro-style interior and what you should pay attention to when designing your room, we have put together for you in today's blog article.

So Why Choose Laminate Flooring Over Other Floorings For This Style?

Especially in the living area, laminate is still one of the most popular flooring options. The great popularity is not only due to the low price, but is also due to the practical properties of the planks. Laminate floors are characterised by superior durability, which makes them useful in a variety of applications. In addition to heavily used living spaces, some collections can even adorn objects such as shops or offices without being detrimental to their appearance. Particularly robust designs can be recognised by the HDF carrier plate, which lies inside the planks. This has a higher density compared to MDF middle layers and can thus withstand even greater loads. Despite their remarkable resistance, the floors require little care - usually a regular cleaning with the help of a vacuum cleaner is sufficient. In addition, they are the ideal partner for home improvement, as they are easy to install. Modern products are usually equipped with a click system, so that the installation can be done completely without adhesive. That's why you can install the floor at your own pace and correct any mistakes without problems.

Immerse Yourself In Authentic Retro Look Thanks To Special Manufacturing

Floor coverings in the vintage style gives the impression, visually, of having been laid several decades ago. This is created by a clever combination of natural colour differences and supposed signs of wear, which, however, by no means come through real damage. Instead, manufacturers use a variet

Ter Hürne Breeze Line Altholz Vario A11 Ter Hürne Breeze Line Altholz Vario A11

y of techniques to create the appropriate design without negatively impacting functionality. On the one hand, a laminate floor is given the appealing look by choosing the right décor picture, which is applied below the wear layer. In addition, a textured surface can provide an authentic feel. For this purpose, the top layer is refined with different methods, whereby, for example, a brushed structure comes to light.

Particularly striking, is the effect in the case of synchronous embossed versions, such as those available from ter Hürne laminate. In these variants, the surface structure is perfectly matched to the decor, so that overall a realistic result is created. The manufacturer from Münsterland also presents a large selection of different planks, which are colour-coded in four collections. Thus, when designing your home, you can adapt to your own ideas and determine the overall effect of the room by choosing the floor covering: bright finishes exude the feeling of lightness, while planks in dark brown score with a luxurious flair.

Setting Up In Vintage Style Made Easy – Simple Shabby Chic

If you have chosen an aesthetic laminate flooring, it is important to combine it by filling your rooms with a stylish retro look. A central role is played by the furniture used. In order to create a harmonious appearance, you should also attach importance with your furnishings to a vintage look. There are two options available: On the one hand you can use modern furniture, which are designed in a corresponding style. On the other hand, you can take advantage of equally well-preserved older tables, chairs and upholstered furniture and benefit from their natural effects. Often these are stored in cellars, so they quickly fall into oblivion - a request with relatives or acquaintances can sometimes pay off. But even on flea markets or your local charity shop you can find something.

A believable vintage look lives from reduced colours, so you should limit

Ter Hürne Vitality Line Altholz Mix Beige B04 Ter Hürne Vitality Line Altholz Mix Beige B04

yourself to subtle shades of beige and grey or white in the wall design. If you still want a little more colour in your home, you can use unsaturated blues and greens. These create a calming atmosphere in which you can relax without worrying. For the final touch you can use decorative elements in the form of potted plants and pictures in gilded frames provide. The latter can provide you with elaborate frames and thus bring a uniform retro style to life.

We hope to have given you some suggestions for the design of your premises on the way. If you are still looking for a suitable floor for a vintage-style décor, then take a look at our range. There is a wide range of premium laminate flooring available from manufacturers such as BerryAlloc or ter Hürne, which impress with their tasteful design and outstanding specifications. If you have questions about specific products, you can reach us using the contact form. Our service team will be happy to advise you and help you choose your new laminate.