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Luxury Vinyl Tile: Style and Durability

Monday, 18 May 2015

Luxury Vinyl Tiles: More than just vinyl flooring

Tarkett Starfloor Click Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tiles or LVT is one of the leading and most popular flooring options in the industry. These vinyl tiles or planks are the perfect, modern floor covering. They are ideal for both new building and renovations. Both planks and tiles are crafted from hardwearing vinyl material, which make them pleasing to the eye as well as resilient and long-wearing. Luxury vinyl tiles and planks are easy to install, clean, and maintain. This makes them a great alternative to other flooring options such as hardwood and ceramic tile. Luxury vinyl tiles and planks are much more durable, resisting chipping, cracking, scratches, and denting. Whatever style flooring you are looking for, there is sure to be a luxury vinyl flooring to suit your flooring needs.

LVT is easy to install—often without the need of a professional installation

Self-adhesive vinyl planks possess an underlying adhesive film backing, making them exceptionally easy to install. To install, remove the protective film and firmly press the plank to the floor. The only preparation necessary for installation is to ensure that the floor is free from grease, oil, and dust. Once installed, the self-adhesive vinyl planks are easy to clean.

Senso Self-Adhesive Luxury Vinyl Tile
Luxury Vinyl tiles and floor planks can be installed using a unique click-system installation. These vinyl floor planks can be installed without the need of adhesives, tools, or professional installation. These planks fit perfectly together creating a seamless flooring surface. Because they don’t need professional installation, these planks are perfect for DIY renovation projects as well as residential and commercial projects.

Senso Lock Bridge Luxury Vinyl Tile
Glue-down vinyl planks are more challenging to install, requiring glue to be applied to the floor, but there are many advantages. The glue down planks are able to be thinner and more flexible, ideal for renovation work. The glue down planks are more robust and resilient, making them ideal for high traffic commercial areas. With the glue-down vinyl planks, you get the same advantages of other vinyl floorings such as easy cleaning.

Amtico Travertine Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Planks are great for both residential and commercial use

Despite being a recent innovation, the demand for Vinyl Planks flooring is strong. With this growth comes the inevitable availability of styles and colours. This expansion is owed to the fact, that Vinyl Planks has proven itself to be both a hard wearing and long lasting flooring cover in both a residential and commercial premises. Vinyl Planks has made its case as an ideal alternative to a parquet, carpet floor, or ceramic tiles. Vinyl planks is available in a variety of modern designs as planks, tiles or planks. All of planks, tiles, or planks are portable, durable, and equally succeed in creating a unique, visual appearance.

Gerflor Top SIlence- Luxury Vinyl Tile

BRICOFLOR offers the best quality vinyl floor tiles and planks from the best manufacturers

In our online BRICOFLOR shop, we stock many well-known brands and can offer an abundance of options. These flooring options are the best available products and are all offered at the best prices. Please peruse our online shop and find the perfect vinyl floor plank for your project. Vinyl floor planks are able to convincingly replicate wood, ceramic or mosaic planks, or stone with the benefit of being cheaper, more resilient, and easier to clean.

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