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Vinyl Floor Tiles - A Stylish, Easy To Install & Water Resistant Flooring Option

These high-quality, water-resistant tiles are among the most popular flooring options for offices, bathrooms and kitchens alike. If you want to create an elegant and inviting atmosphere in your home, vinyl tiles are a perfect choice. Vinyl tiles are extremely durable, water resistant, low maintenance and help to improve insulation in your home. Their easy installation makes them perfect for bringing a fresh, rejuvenating look into your home.

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Vinyl floor tiles offer an excellent opportunity to transform your space into something that truly expresses you. With countless, beautiful designs and a brilliant durability, vinyl floor tiles are the smart choice to bring a breath of fresh air into anywhere they are applied.

LVT Flooring from Renowned Manufacturers

The most famous LVT manufacturers are Adore, Allure, Amtico, Gerflor, Hebo, and Tarkett. Gerflor, an international manufacturer, is well known for proving flooring solutions for events such as the Olympics and is trusted by large companies like Boeing. Their astounding achievements make Gerflor a top choice for durability, reliability, and trustworthiness.

Gerflor luxury vinyl tiles bring stylish choices of colour and designs together with durability and resistance. Gerflor also strives to be environmentally friendly by having all of their products be 100% recyclable at the end of their life. The LVT brand Tarkett offers a wide range of vinyl tiles of many inspirations and shades. The luxury vinyl flooring collections from this brand are greatly appreciated for the robustness and quality of the raw materials that make it so the tiles are an ideal choice for every need.

Lastly, the durable and stylish tiles from Amtico are famous for their quality and ease of installation. All of Allures vinyl products are versatile and adaptable: they are ideal for both residential and for commercial use and respond effectively to every need. BRICOFLOR offers many collections from manufacturers who are well known and have a record for excellence.  

5 Ways to Install: Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tile comes in a few different variations when it comes to the installation method. These different systems allow you to choose the process that is most suited for you, there is no need to hire a professional to do the job for you. It is so easy that even you can make it your own DIY project and transform your house into your dream home. With just a few simple steps it is possible to redesign your home and renovate your rooms.

The Luxury Vinyl Tiles come in 5 different installation types. glue-down, Self-adhesive, click system and loose lay, all which are simple and easy enough to install by yourself. These four systems operate in unique ways that provide everyone with the best possible solution.

Glue-Down Vinyl Floor Tiles: Durable and Sturdy 

Glue-down vinyl tiles are slightly more challenging to install, requiring glue to be applied to the floor. However, there are also many advantages to those glue-down vinyl tiles. These stick-on vinyl tiles are more flexible and thinner than those that do not require any glue, which makes them great for renovation work.

Furthermore, these tiles tend to be even more robust and resilient, making them a great choice for heavily trafficked commercial spaces. On top of that, glue-down vinyl tiles also come with the same advantages as other vinyl floor tiles such as easy cleaning, low maintenance, and a very pleasant feeling.

With a little practice, this durable installation technology is a fast and reliable solution even for amateur craftsmen.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tiles: Easy DIY Installation

One of the latest trends in the renovation market is the self-adhesive vinyl floor. Thanks to this innovative laying technique the redesign of your own home is to master even for those who have no flooring experience.

Self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles come with an underlying adhesive film backing, making them exceptionally easy to install. All you need to do is remove the protective film and firmly press the tile against the floor. Moreover, the only preparation necessary for installation is to ensure that the floor is free of grease, oil, and dust. It’s as simple as that! Once the entire room is lined, the renovation has already been completed - without long waiting or drying times.

After your brand new floor is installed, the self-adhesive vinyl tiles are extremely easy to clean. Simply mop the floor with regular water or add some detergent to remove stubborn stains. Also, these vinyl floor tiles tend to be extremely pleasant and quiet, which makes for a great ambience in your home.

Loose Lay Vinyl Floor Tiles: Simple, Quick and Easy 

This type of vinyl flooring is the perfect combination of a floating floor and glue-down LVT.

The reason is that even though it does not use any glue or adhesives, it strongly grips the subfloor underneath due to a high coefficient of friction. This system is so efficient and the vinyl planks and tiles “stick” to the floor so well, that it can fool anyone into thinking they were glued.

Nevertheless, no adhesives are involved in fitting loose lay vinyl tiles, making them suitable for a DIY fitting and leaving no residue after their removal. These tiles and planks can easily be adapted to any room dimensions and installed quickly and easily by any skill level.

Click Vinyl Floor Tiles: Your New Home in just a few clicks

Vinyl floor tiles can be installed using a unique click-system installation, usually known as laminate flooring. LVT flooring with click system is already a standard in the renovation market. This great system has been adopted because of the valuable advantages that come with it, such as they can be installed without any adhesives, tools, or professional installation.

With the use of a tongue and groove system, the click vinyl tiles can be easily interconnected. By individually placing the tiles together on the ground, your tiles are firmly anchored. In the installation, you can be sure that your tiles are fitted correctly when you hear them click together. These tiles fit perfectly together and create a seamless flooring surface, beautiful results guaranteed.

Once you have finished lining the entire room, the renovation is complete and space can be used as usual without having to wait. 

Interlocking floor tiles: Seamless and highly durable

Want an excellent, high-quality tile but fear the hassle of having to get a professional fitter to install it for you?

Well, fear no more, with interlocking floor tiles, installation is easy, so easy in fact, you can do it yourself! These tiles lock into one another, similar to jigsaw puzzle without the complexity, so installation is quick, simple and stress-free! No glue is required in most cases so the floors can be laid without any special products!

Minimal preparation of the subfloor is needed so this once again, a quick sweep is all that's needed, once again helping to cut down on your installation time! However, a gap of at least 5 mm should be left from walls to ensure a correct installation.  

BRICOFLOR Offers the Best Vinyl Floor Tiles on the Market

Luxury vinyl floor tiles can be found in BRICOFLOR’s online store in different variations. From a wide selection of authentic wood and stone designs, you can find mineral and abstract decors that will enhance any space.

Thanks to the various LVT collections available, you have an endless supply of flexible vinyl flooring to choose from. In these collections, you can find a flooring suitable for any space, including domestic and commercial uses, from living rooms to kitchens. Take a look at our fantastic online store, where we stock many well-known brands and can offer an abundance of options.

These flooring options are the best available products and we offer the best prices you will find. So, if you are in the market for high-quality vinyl floor tiles, this is the right choice for you.