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Nordic Stories – A Captivating Milliken Collection

Thursday, 16 June 2016


Oftentimes carpet tiles are necessary to fulfil a certain purpose. Therefore, many collections provide rather unimaginative designs and colour combinations. Nowadays though, more and more people see not only the usefulness of these products, but also the creative and artistic side. According to this trend, manufacturers have adapted and now create more collections that reflect a theme. Nordic Stories by Milliken is the perfect example. This assortment depicts the Northern countries environments, including nature as well as culture. The beauty of these fascinating areas is demonstrated within 4 sub-collections:

 ● Milliken Extreme Contrasts

 ● Milliken Hidden Plains

 ● Milliken Isograd

 ● Milliken Tectonic

 Intriguing stories from the Northern Hemisphere 

Travels can take you to extreme environments: The surreal contrasts of Iceland, a country representing geological drama at its best, a place where isolation and dark winters create the backdrop to a unique breed of creativity. Remember these words while you browse through Milliken Extreme Contrasts, a collection entirely reflecting upon the gloomy yet comforting ambience you might find yourself in, when sitting in your warm and cosy home in front of a beautiful fire place. Just by having these carpet tiles you can imagine yourself in a different place without actually having to be there.

In contrast, there is the gentle landscape of Denmark. A country peppered with archipelagos and home of 21st Century design, where form and function meet Utopian ideology. A magnificent reminder of Milliken Isograd and Milliken Tectonic. Both assortments offer a rich display of modern culture and textural landscapes. Imagine hiking through the hills and countryside of a mesmerising Norwegian scenery, whilst sitting in a calm office environment relieved of any kind of stress or pressure.

Muted natural tones, volcanic rock, blue lakes, graphic land forms and bold architecture are interpreted through specific patterns, providing a sensory experience to interior environments that is uniquely Nordic. If you are desperately looking for a flooring solution for your working space that resembles the beauty of nature and all its intricacies, Milliken Hidden Plains provides the comfort, tranquility and subtleness you would deem necessary to enhance the productivity of your workforce.

Are you excited by this compelling collection? Then visit our BRICOFLOR UK website and find all Milliken Nordic Stories collections and available colours. Take your time to browse and you will find the perfect match for any type of commercial setting with a sense of taste and elegance.

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