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One Step To A “Greener” Home: Wineo 1000 LVT Flooring

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Wineo 1000 Canyon Oak

Wineo 1000 Canyon Oak

Decoration is your new friend for the preservation of the environment. Eco-design, organic materials, recycling, plant wall, deco-responsible is the trend 2017 to adopt urgently!

But how can we combine “ecological" and "aesthetic"?
BRICOFLOR has thought of everything and gives you all its secrets for a beautiful 100% organic interior!

“Flower power”?

Who says "Green" obviously says plants!

Nothing is more useful than inviting the nature into your home and then enjoying all the benefits of indoor plants. Indeed, in addition to being beautiful and providing you with a feeling of well-being, indoor plants have many virtues. They renew the quality of the air and reduce the air pollution inside your house.

One of the main activities of plants is the filtration of air through photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide, which is harmful to your health, is absorbed and transformed into oxygen.
Also other harmful gases, chemical particles (cigarette smoke ...) and other pathogenic microorganisms are filtered and transformed into nutrients beneficial to the good development of your plants. Plants also regulate the level of humidity in the ambient air and reduce the chance of suffering from skin and throat irritations. Plants even provide a slight sound insulation.

The presence of plants in your home lowers noise levels because it provides you with some additional acoustic insulation. They absorb the electromagnetic fields: indoor plants have the ability to neutralize electromagnetic fields generated by electrical appliances, appliances and computer equipment harmful to health.

You don’t garden at all? No problem!

Today, there are many 100% natural and ecological products, which require no maintenance. Forget about water, compost, potting, light, etc. They will always keep their natural freshness. From the simple green plant to the vegetal wall, it is the green touch essential to your decoration!

Recycling and tinkering are the basic principles of deco-responsible. Indeed, the overconsumption is guilty of the depletion of many resources in our planet. It is however very simple to avoid it and to work for the preservation of our environment by offering a second life to the old objects. Browse the flea markets and get treasures unsuspected, put back your old trinkets, create your own paintings… Your imagination is your only limit!

Opt for healthy materials!

Numerous studies show the presence of pollution both inside and outside your home. Paint, synthetic products, volatile organic compounds are the main sources. Allergies, migraines and fatigue can happen very quickly! But how to avoid those?

- Choose decorative objects and furniture with “green” composition (bamboo, wood from sustainable forests, recycled LVT, etc.)

 - Limit the use of chemicals or certain harmful candles.

But where can I find a biological and beautiful floor covering?

On BRICOFLOR UK of course: Wineo 1000: The LVT clip-on board of the future!

Wineo 1000 Stone

Wineo 1000 Stone

You dreamed of Organic LVT, Wineo created it! The renowned German manufacturer created a whole new dimension of flooring options by offering you a revolutionary floor covering: The slideable organic LVT Wineo 1000.

This imitation wood or stone vinyl, in addition to its indisputable realism is entirely made of ecologically sound materials. They are entirely biological LVT boards without plasticizers or solvents and manufactured with respect for environment.

Their innovative composition allows the Wineo 1000 organic LVT planks to not retain dust and limit the proliferation of bacteria. Also, this LVT floor will find its perfect place in every room of the house, including the baby room.

Suitable for installation in damp rooms and underfloor heating systems, Wineo 1000 organic LVT slides are also easy to clean. A moist microfiber mop is enough to keep your floor clean and ensure the longevity of your coating.

In addition to guaranteeing an environmentally friendly and healthy environment (Class A+), Wineo 1000 Wood ensures comfort and sound insulation. What else could you ask for? And you know what? BRICOFLOR offers you this floor at the best price.

A wide selection of Wineo 1000 on BRICOFLOR UK

If our presentation of the Wineo 1000 has made you want to renovate your floor, you can discover all our LVT floors on our BRICOFLOR online shop. To help you with your renovation and purchase process, you can order samples to choose the Wineo 1000 LVT floor that is right for you! Please notice that not all our products are on the website, but feel free to contact us to have more information, just call 01264 980370 or send us an email at We guarantee you the best prices, free samples and a customized offer on request.

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