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Patterned Vinyl Flooring: A Plethora of Renovation Alternatives

Thursday, 15 August 2019

It's not always easy to buy genuine patterned tile flooring or wall tiles; this type of luxurious tile is expensive and requires delicate laying and maintenance, as it is easy to stain. But you do not have to deprive yourself of this authentic retro-style decoration! Vinyl flooring manufacturers have thought of you. You can now find this style on any type of floor, some even imitating it to perfection. Patterned vinyl flooring is the choice for you!

In this article, you will discover all your options to integrate these beautiful tile patterns in your home, without the associated cost!

Patterned Vinyl Flooring: The Economic Solution

The patterned vinyl flooring features all the beautiful designs, printed in an ergonomic and economical material that will accommodate all needs and budgets. It's both easy to maintain and quick to install. It has the advantage, like any PVC based flooring, of being waterproof. This makes for an exceptional bang for buck ratio that will make it difficult for you to find a better deal. It is common to find great, durable patterned vinyl flooring for less than £20 per m².

We recommend the "Gerflor Senso Self Adhesive Premium", which comes in the beautiful Provence Grey, if you want a grey wallpaper, and the Provence Gold, which is a gold wallpaper that features the same design in the most luxurious colour. This line, being self-adhesive, also comes with its own perks! Self-adhesive vinyl flooring requires no glue and makes for an easy installation, which will appeal to all you lovers of DIY out there and makes this option even more economical, as it's easy to do without the supervision of a professional.

The Luxury Vinyl Tile: The Choice for Performance

A coating which combines sturdiness and aesthetics with ease of installation? The PVC tile will meet all these needs and more! It adapts to any type of space, but it is especially used for rooms that best benefit from its robustness and waterproof qualities, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. If what you're looking for is a simple and clean installation, a strong tile that also possesses the beautiful Moroccan vinyl flooring style, then you're in luck! You can find the click and loose lay versions in our online store.

Click LVT Tile: A Lightning-Fast Renovation

Most of you should be familiar with the famous click tile. Available in the tile format (close to a square), it presents a simple way to lead a lightning-fast renovation for DIY enthusiasts. The tiles will lock together thanks to their intuitive click system, meaning they need no glue, and the coating is instant, which means that you won't have to wait for the glue to dry. A great example of this is the Tarkett Starfloor Click 30 collection, which is available on our online store and sports the best patterned vinyl flooring in their "retro" version.

The Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring: The Easiest Installation

The ideal tile effect vinyl flooring should be as easy to install as it is elegant, so the loose lay vinyl flooring is the best choice for this purpose. Without requiring a click system or any kind of adhesive, this easy and fast method of floor installation will marvel all you DIY fans out there. Moreover, loose lay vinyl flooring allows the installer to reposition the tiles AFTER they have been set, making the installation fast and very forgiving.

What is our favourite loose lay tile? Tough question. One of our top choices is the PROJECT FLOORS LOOSE-LAY/30 "ST 920 L3". It's an extremely solid choice for a multitude of purposes. It works well for residential, professional and commercial installations as it has a very solid 0.3mm wear layer. This vinyl tile comes in a variety of designs, such as concrete, wood and tile effect, so that you will experience no shortage of choice when planning your interior decoration.

Project Floors Loose Lay 30

Laminate Flooring: A Practical Option for the Residential Customer

Vinyl is not the only choice to come with the intricate designs of mosaic tiles; Laminate flooring can also feature these dazzling patterns. With laminate flooring, you can enjoy a great design, easy installation and above-average sturdiness, all at a modest price point.

If all of this sounds good to you, we recommend the BerryAlloc Ocean range. This range features three different models of tile effect flooring with clear and refined colours. Make your match of grey, blue, black and white and get that elegant flooring design of your dreams.

This alternative is perfect for the renovation of residential and commercial areas with moderate traffic. This waterproof and strong coating is present in many ranges and benefits from the latest technological advancements in order to make its appearance more realistic.

Match your floors with your walls: Patterned Wallpaper

What's more important, the pants or the shirt? Or is it the shoes? Silly question, because they're all equally important! Just like a piece of clothing can complete a look, your walls are just as indispensable as your floor. Wallpaper also comes in these beautiful retro wallpaper designs that will help you get that perfect matching look. There are all sorts of different pattern and colour variations, from very colourful wallpaper to white, black and grey wallpaper.

Therefore, getting a good patterned wallpaper is the ideal renovation option for those who want to give a fresh breath to their home without having to pay too much. You should also have a look at our Moroccan style section for an assortment of tile style wallpapers. Additionally, there are vinyl and non-woven backing options to make an already installation even easier. How convenient!

Moroccan Wallpaper

Rugs: Small Change, Big Difference

A rug is a small item that can make a large difference in your room. Look at these reasons and you'll immediately see why!

  • It's the ideal way to echo your beautiful patterned flooring and Moroccan or Portuguese styled wallpaper and make them all sing together.
  • In addition, it's a great solution for smaller budgets. Those of you who do not want to deprive themselves of this endearing decoration piece should pay attention.
  • A rug is a great first step if you're attempting to bring change to your stale home. If you are afraid to overstep and spend too much, then a rug is what you should start with.


You can find many patterned rugs and other great rug designs on our online store!



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