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BerryAlloc The Ocean, Ocean V4 and Ocean Luxe Laminate Flooring Collections

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The Ocean Collections : Designed With You In Mind

In the BerryAlloc Ocean, BerryAlloc Ocean Luxe and BerryAlloc Ocean v4 collections there comes a variety of these wood appearance options such as an authentic weathered design for a more rustic decor. Alternatively, you can find a selection that comes in a fresh looking clean finish, all of which you can almost smell the salt in the breeze as you imagine your perfect beach abode. With HydroPlus technology, the laminate flooring can even be used in wet rooms and their heat conducting properties allow you to combine them with hot water underfloor heating systems.

Details To Make The Difference

A range of cool off-white, grey and brown tones are available in the inspiring BerryAlloc Ocean collection that gives a peaceful and airy ambience to your room. With no bevels you can have your dream modernist flooring with a smooth, uniform finish. These are available in lots of designs with a cottage style finish including retro patterned stone looks and beautiful beach washed wood looks.

In the BerryAlloc Ocean v4 selection, which features four bevels to accentuate the effect of actual wooden planks, there comes much warmer and vibrant colours that give a cosy, intimate feeling to the room. With a selection of sleek stone-look options you can also create a modernist mecca.

The BerryAlloc Ocean Luxe Range features some richer, more rustic hues such as BerryAlloc Ocean Luxe “Teak Brown” and BerryAlloc Ocean Luxe “Texas Light Natural” with warmer undertones. With more accentuated knots and authentic wood details these elegant designs come with four bevels that emulate a real wooden floor.

The Best of Belgium Design

Made in Belgium, a country renowned for its design and innovation, and with a lifetime residential guarantee you cannot question the quality and belief BerryAlloc possess in their products. These are certainly products that are built to endure the rigors of life. This laminate flooring range has a wear class of 23/32 with an abrasion resistance rank of 32 AC4 in accordance to the European Standards, which means it can withstand a commercial grade of traffic as well as the residential standard, which is an impressive claim.

One aspect that really shows off the high standards of the laminate flooring by BerryAlloc is the luxurious 8mm thickness which is essential to the longevity of the flooring and is incomparable in most competitor laminate flooring.  Another benchmark that the BerryAlloc Ocean collections ranges surpass is the authentic wood design that is used. This involves taking a wide variety of wood images to create the effect of diversity throughout your floor with more images being unique. BerryAlloc excels in the realms of their Real Wood Structure that is created by embossing the resin before it sets to make the texture feel similar to real wood surfaces.

Quick And Easy Installation With Patented Click System

The Duo Lock system is a patented lock system that ensures an easy installation with simple to follow steps.  Not only are the floors very easy to install, they are easy to maintain. Floating installation means there is no need for glue or many tools. All you need is  BerryAlloc underlay, BerryAlloc laminate flooring, BerryAlloc skirting materials and a saw. In three easy to follow steps you can complete your laminate flooring in no time. Place your  BerryAlloc underlay on the floor. High quality underlay is important to ensure absorption of impact when you are walking on it. This results in effective sound insulation by isolating the noise.  Follow the installation method that comes with your flooring and then the final step is to add polish. 

Sustainable Flooring Solution

BerryAlloc hold sustainability high in their priorities and their floors all meet the PEFC Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. This is an international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Sustainable Forest Management. With an A+ certification for emissions rating you can be sure your BerryAlloc flooring is ecofriendly flooring.

BerryAlloc: From BRICOFLOR, For You

BRICOFLOR offers a thoughtfully selected range of BerryAlloc products for an excellent value. We can provide you with complimentary samples in order for you to ascertain the most suitable colours and textures to compliment the desired tone in your space. We have a strong belief in every manufacturer we supply and we hope you will place your trust in us. For any further information don’t hesitate to contact us and we will assist you with your needs.

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