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Rigid Vinyl: The Ultimate Solution for Conservatory Flooring

Friday, 7 December 2018

Rigid vinyl is one of the newest concepts in the flooring industry, which has only just been introduced to the market in 2018! This exciting innovative range of vinyl flooring is the epitome of the rapid technological developments in the LVT market. Produced with new rigid board technology, this new generation of vinyl features advanced rigid properties which makes it able to withstand heavy loads, extremely resistant to scratches and dents, whilst maintaining strong dimensional stability under demanding conditions. This is what makes rigid vinyl a game changer for conservatory flooring solutions. In this blog post, we will explain to you what makes rigid vinyl the ideal choice for conservatories, and why it can be used for almost any renovation project.

Rigid stability with unbeatable properties

Rigid vinyl flooring is characterised by its ultra-light vinyl-stone composite. This means it is impressively strong whilst being super thin, making it easy to handle and lay. There are a multitude of reasons as to why it is one of the smartest and reliable investments you can make for your interiors. Especially in the case of conservatories, when exposed to direct sunlight, many conventional flooring can become deformed and discoloured. This is because the sun exposure creates heat fluctuations which can cause the vinyl plank to expand, contract and discolour. However, rigid vinyl flooring features an embedded rigid carrier plate which allows it to maintain an impressively stable structure, so not even increased exposure to sunlight or extreme heat fluctuations affect the stability of these luxury vinyl planks and tiles. This also results in no expansion joints or acclimatization necessary when installing.

Rigid vinyl also features vinyl support layers for superior performance, making it highly resistant to indentations. This not only indicates high-performance specifications when it comes to withstanding heavy loads, but it additionally opens up more opportunities for renovation - the rigid structure can be installed even over existing floor coverings like old ceramic tiles! Now, installing conventional LVT flooring on top of existing tiles is not usually recommended since the large grout joints often cause indentations. As time passes, the vinyl plank flooring can adopt the grooves and dents of the subfloor which is not ideal. Therefore, for optimum performance, subfloor preparation is essential to ensure that conventional vinyl flooring is installed over a smooth surface, removing any unevenness, dust and grease. However, thanks to the innovative rigid carrier plate, the dimensional stability of rigid vinyl allows for laying over imperfect floors.

The best features of laminate and vinyl combined


It could be argued that rigid vinyl combines the best characteristics of laminate and vinyl flooring into a superior-performance flooring. The rigid core of rigid vinyl is similar to the characteristics of HDF (High Density Fiberboard) featured in high-pressure laminate flooring. Both these features make the flooring extremely robust. However, when it comes to conservatories, rigid vinyl out-performs laminate, especially when the room temperatures can fluctuate between the conservatory and the connected room. Sometimes the difference in the air temperatures can cause moisture, and since laminate flooring is not water resistant, the high moisture conditions may damage the floor covering. Thanks to its wet room suitability, rigid vinyl has a place in almost every area of your home, including your bathroom and kitchens.

What’s more, the integrated footfall sound insulation made of cork adds to the silent ambience that rigid LVT designs can bring to each room. Not only are you assured of durability and robustness, but an overall pleasant walking experience.

Illustrious Designs that are Easily Installed


Another key advantage of rigid vinyl is the easy installation process thanks to the practical click system. No special adhesive is required to ensure a stable and permanent laying of these floors. The installation is made even easier thanks to the integrated impact sound insulation that eliminates the time required to select an insulation mat or underlay. You can lay the floors directly onto the subfloor and enter the room immediately after installation! Thanks to the

Rigid vinyl flooring is offered in a seemingly endless choice of stylish wood and stone optics. So no matter what your interior vision, there is sure to be a design and colour to fit your unique design taste. Not only that, but rigid vinyl features elaborate embossing techniques that create an authentic natural appearance.


Discover the brands that are paving the way for rigid vinyl on our online shop

We hope that we have showcased why rigid vinyl is one of the best investments you can make for your conservatory flooring. Selected collections available on our online shop feature wear layers of the highest class, making it durable enough to meet the demands of high traffic industrial areas! Explore the ranges from three renowned manufacturers: Hebbo, Tarkett and Ter Hürne and benefit from this premium LVT flooring!

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