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The New Urban Jungle Decoration

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Would you like a touch of freshness and exoticism? Then welcome to the jungle! Everything is possible with the new Urban Jungle decoration trend!

Decorating one’s home has become a must in today's time. It is not enough simply to arrange its interior. You would rather like to create your own universe. The Urban Jungle universe is in vogue and is back for the spring and summer 2017 season. This tropical atmosphere offers a natural and warm touch while being in the era of time.

Before you get started, bear in mind two key points: your flooring and your walls. It all starts with this key step as they lay the foundation for your indoor world. In search of an Urban Jungle atmosphere, a engineered wood flooring for example, will allow you to give a natural wood look to your floor. Starting with this step is therefore not negligible and primordial for a decoration jungle.

Let yourself be surprised by this wild universe with the omnipresent green!


The term Urban Jungle refers to the jungle in another light. Indeed, the ever-popular urban style has been mixed with the natural and destructured aspect of the jungle. The goal is therefore to bring back a natural side to oneself that makes it possible to disconnect, in a certain way, from the ubiquitous urbanization. Wallpapers, textiles, floor coverings, plants and furniture are all set to display this atypical universe.

The Urban Jungle style emphasizes plants, natural colors, wood and any textile or floor containing natural components or the imitation of nature. In addition, these designs in flamboyant colors will help you to create your interior. To achieve an Urban Jungle style, you must follow a few rules while using your imagination. First, green is inevitable and comes in several shades: almond green, fluorescent green, forest green. Then those designs, and natural elements such as large exotic leaves are appreciated to sublimate this ambiance. Do not forget to opt for raw materials such as wood, concrete, marble to get the desired natural appearance. The trend Urban Jungle is composed of several styles: bohemian, chic, hippy chic and pop that applies in all the rooms of your home. For optimum success, play on the accumulation of the elements of your room to give an impression of almost total immersion. However avoid too many colors and patterns to avoid falling into something too kitschy.

 That is why, BRICOFLOR offers you a set of very wide ranges, which allow you to create your own inner jungle.


Before starting this interior design journey, you might want to choose a floor and wall covering that will give life to your room and create the atmosphere you are looking for.

 To achieve a jungle decorative style, BRICOFLOR offers you a selection of wallpapers manufactured by A.S. Création and Rasch that are perfectly representing this universe. For more designs, visit the BRICOFLOR online shop.


 Once your wallpaper is selected, focus on the floor of your interior to give a warm and authentic note while remaining in the Urban Jungle universe. To do this, choose laminate flooring or engineered wood flooring.


For a cozy atmosphere but still in the decoration jungle style, BRICOFLOR gives you the possibility to buy LVT boards, carpet tiles, and natural flooring to meet your expectations.

Pinterest, the top of trends

The floor and wall coverings obviously remain sensational by changing a simple decoration into a unique indoor universe. A touch of curiosity after reading this article? Do not wait and quickly check our Pinterest account on which you will discover our new trends including Urban Jungle style. Be creative and stay focused: the new trends are always at BRICOFLOR on Pinterest. Obviously, you can find all our floors and wallpapers on our BRICOFLOR online shop.

Do not hesitate to send us your reactions and any questions you may have, we will be happy to answer them and provide you with further information.

And now, dare the Urban Jungle!

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