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Vinyl Click Flooring or Laminate Flooring : What Should I Choose?

Friday, 26 July 2019

Vinyl Click Flooring UK Manchester London Leeds

Laminate flooring or vinyl click flooring? At first glance, these two floors, the first consisting mainly of an HDF panel combined with a decorative sheet, and the other vinyl, seem relatively similar. In particular, they share the click installation system (floating installation) which allows them to be laid easily and quickly. We compare the two flooring options in 5 points. Which is the most suitable for your application?

Laminate Flooring UK Manchester London Leeds

Click LVT Manchester London Leeds

Resistant Properties and Applications - Laminate Flooring or Vinyl Flooring 

The performance of both flooring solutions is measured differently. Vinyl flooring is usually coated with a protective layer called the wear layer which varies in thickness depending on the intended area of use, which thus ensure an increased resistance to wear, scratches and abrasions. Laminate flooring is also protected by several finishes, but its strength will be determined by its AC classification (Criteria of Resistance to Abrasion) ranging from 1 (very low) to 6 (very intense).

Laminate is the most sensitive to shocks and scratches and thus has a shorter life span than vinyl flooring; unless you choose a laminate flooring of excellent quality, this flooring is preferred for applications with lighter use. Both laminate and LVT flooring nevertheless highlight models suitable for residential as well as commercial applications, whilst luxury vinyl flooring is also suitable for industrial uses too. 

For conservatories, it is strongly discouraged to install a laminate floor as it is much more likely to be deformed from the high-temperature fluctuations. In conservatories, glue-down vinyl flooring is the better option, but the most superior choice would be rigid vinyl flooring, because of its superior rigid core, it is particularly resistant to temperature changes.

Rigid Vinyl Manchester London Leeds

Waterproof Properties: LVT Flooring or Laminate?

Due to its vinyl composition, luxury vinyl flooring is impervious and therefore perfectly adapted to a bathroom or kitchen installation. This is not the case for most laminates! Their wood fibre panel does not mix well with moisture: it is therefore strongly discouraged to choose laminate for the renovation of damp rooms, at the risk of your floor swelling and warping.

Nevertheless, some manufacturers have managed to overcome this disadvantage: many laminate floors are now equipped with water-repellent technology, which prevents water from infiltrating! This is an innovation that of course has a higher cost than conventional laminate flooring but will give you the assurance of a durable floor for many years.

For cleaning, vinyl flooring will offer the simplest maintenance. Conventional laminate flooring will require more attention - it is advisable to dry the floor after washing, especially because the water can leave streaky marks.

Vinyl Click Flooring Manchester London Leeds

Design: What Decors and Optics are Available?

Laminate flooring and LVT flooring are both champions of imitation and replicating the true nature of multiple wood species. Mainly specialised in oak parquet optics, the two floors also replicate mineral designs from concrete, stones and marble tiles. Unexpected variants of textile, cement tiles, exotic woods and herringbone arrangements are also available on the market. Both floorings will offer you realistic, warm and trendy flooring in keeping with the rest of your interior style, without sacrificing your favourite styles!

Discover our new favourites of this year!

Vinyl Click Flooring Manchester London Leeds

Gerflor Senso Clic 30 - a new Gerflor vinyl flooring collection specifically designed for the home, combines ease of installation, high design, high resistance and comfort all in a single product! It’s hard to resist the sweet price and natural Scandinvian-inspired decors!

Quick-Step Majestic, also ideal for a residential renovation, will charm you with its authentic wood designs and generously sized planks. Very resistant, this laminate flooring has everything to offer since it can even be installed in the bathroom!

Laminate flooring UK Manchester London Leeds

Sound Impact Insulation: Which Flooring Offers the Better Acoustic Properties

Laminate flooring is known to be very loud when walking over it. For example, in a flat, sound can travel through rooms below. Luckily it is possible to remedy this by installing acoustic underlay.

With vinyl flooring, your floors are more effective against impact sound. It does not emit “hollow noise” like laminate flooring and will guarantee improved acoustic comfort

Installation and Renovation Ease 

Vinyl Click versus Laminate FlooringBoth laminate flooring and vinyl click flooring can be installed without glue and are generally compatible with underfloor heating. So long as the subfloor is flat, smooth, strong and dry, you can install it over a variety of substrates. LVT flooring generally has a thinner composition than laminate flooring, which allows you to avoid sanding down doors when installing. 

Does the floor require underlay? For laminate flooring, underlay is necessary and definitely recommended! For vinyl flooring, this is often optional, and information is also provided by the manufacturer.

Price? Laminate flooring is often the cheaper option, nevertheless, an entry-level laminate is far from offering a satisfactory and long-lasting quality/price ratio. With both vinyl click flooring and laminate, you will need some investment to obtain a long-lasting performance coating.

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