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Vinyl click flooring – what you should pay attention to when buying!

Monday, 6 January 2020

vinyl click flooring

The practical vinyl flooring with click-connection is becoming more and more important for the general flooring market. With its luxurious advantages, the click vinyl is convincing the biggest critics of the floor. For those of you who have never experienced click vinyl before, here is a summary of the most important aspects you should keep an eye on when buying!

The advantages of vinyl click - outstanding properties of LVT

Wood flooring and stone tiles have been tried and tested by the general population and for many people, their qualities have been convincing for years. Although with time, more and more lacks have become noticeable in this classic floor. Wood flooring requires a lot of maintenance and stepping on stone tiles gives goosebumps. Luckily, there is a floor that eliminates these disadvantages: the click vinyl!

vinyl click flooring

The elastic floor covering combines the practical advantages of its optical models without copying their weaknesses. Due to the continuous research in the field of vinyl floors, the technical characteristics of Vinyl Click are always up to date. If you are looking for a floor that you do not have to compromise on, you should choose the elegant LVT with click connection.

Simple installation in the twinkling of an eye - a dream floor for DIY enthusiasts

Laying vinyl click is actually much easier than any other floor covering. The planks have to be simply inserted into each other and a clicking sound will confirm that connection is accurate. Most manufacturers have their very own click-connection, which always works according to the same principle. Usually, a vinyl plank is led up to the already lying plank at a 45° angle and then levered under. By gently tapping with a rubber hammer, the vinyl click will be securely connected and will form a joint-free surface.

vinyl click flooring

Some LVT has a connection called drop-down. Click vinyl flooring with this click variant can be laid without any tools. The planks just have to be clicked together on both sides. To do this, simply press the plank down horizontally. The quick and safe installation also offers non-professionals the opportunity to achieve an even and effortless result. Vinyl floor with click system guarantees a fast and safe laying!

The durability of vinyl click flooring

Falling objects often leave unattractive marks. With tiles, quirks and chipped corners, it can have a negative effect on the overall appearance. Even scratches on expensive wood flooring are certainly not pleasant to look at. With vinyl click flooring, you no longer have to worry about abrasion damage and scratches. The thick wear layer protects the decor from unattractive damage. As a result of a protective layer, the floor looks as good as new and absolutely flawless even after years of use.

vinyl click flooring

In rooms that are used intensively, it is easy to see the damage. In the case of vinyl panels, click can also be used in areas with heavy traffic, without fear of wear signs and tear, due to its enormous durability. The service class of a vinyl floor shows whether it is suitable for the load or not. A durable floor covering can be freely chosen according to the load available. It provides a beautiful appearance in the long term.

Risk of confusion with a vinyl click - authentic and versatile decors

The practical vinyl click often leads to unexpected mix-ups. Due to the lifelike surfaces of the LVT flooring, it is often considered to be a high-quality parquet or solid stone tiles. Visually, the floor coverings can no longer be distinguished from each other and the authenticity of the vinyl flooring is constantly increasing. Whether wood or stone imitation, the natural materials are taken over by the elastic vinyl click imitating the natural patterns down to the smallest detail. Fans of a wooden look used to have no choice but to turn to expensive real wood - that's not a case anymore! Vinyl flooring is able to present the structures of wood in a natural and convincing way. Even tile lovers no longer have to transport heavy packages. Stone and concrete materials are also presented with great credibility by the convertible vinyl.

vinyl click flooring

The first-class optical properties of LVT make it a wonderful alternative to affordable laminate flooring. Although the laminate impresses with its unbeatable low prices, it can easily be distinguished from high-quality wood flooring due to its cheaply produced surface. If you are interested in a noble floor covering which price-performance ratio is optimally balanced, then you should go for the all-rounder made of vinyl!

Always warm feet - optimum walking comfort in every room

The morning walk into the bathroom triggers a lot of chills. Being barefoot on the cold tiles suddenly awakens you and enormously reduces the general well-being. Click vinyl offers a pleasant alternative. The soft material presents itself with practical foot warmth and provides more comfort.

vinyl click flooring

But it's not just the foot warmth that improves the pleasant feeling while walking on vinyl click. The individual grains and structures of wood and stone are carved into the surface of the vinyl click in a way that the floor covering cannot be distinguished noticeably from its original.

More variety in the bathroom - Vinyl click with wet room suitability

In bathrooms, you can always see the same dull stone tiles. When it comes to variety, there is not much to choose from the classic floor covering. If you have had enough of this and would like to design your bathroom as exciting as the rest of your rooms, then vinyl click flooring is the perfect choice for you. The modern vinyl click can easily be installed in damp rooms. The plastic product accurately prevents the unattractive swelling caused by moisture penetration. In addition to rustic wood decors, vinyl click is also available in a handy tile format! If you don't want to do without the characteristic tile look, but still want to enjoy the advantages of vinyl floors, then the best choice for you will be the vinyl tiles with a click mechanism!

vinyl click flooring

Despite the water-repellent properties of LVT, it is recommended that the vinyl click will be glued over the entire surface of the bathroom. Due to the complete sealing of the gaps, moisture has no chance of settling under the floor covering or between the click connections (which would slowly cause the damage).

High quality at fair prices - the optimum price-performance ratio

Anyone who thinks that a floor covering with such advantages must be expensive is mistaken! Vinyl click captivates with a load of optical and technical advantages and at the same time protects your wallet! Although the affordable laminate flooring is still a lot cheaper, in the long run, you can save a lot of money with a practical vinyl click. Due to its cheap production, laminate shows serious damage after only a few weeks and then has to be replaced with a big cost. The purchase of vinyl flooring is somewhat more expensive but offers a beautiful long-term flooring solution.

vinyl click flooring

Although it's hard to tell the difference in appearance, vinyl click is still a lot cheaper than parquet or stone tiles. The two hard floor coverings often exhaust the purse to the maximum and leave no money for further renovation work. In addition, compared to the vinyl click floor, they have some disadvantages like - they can't be easily repaired. LVT is much more recommendable and customer-friendly in has an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Say goodbye to prejudices - the false image of vinyl click

For a long time, the reputation of the vinyl click was rather negative. In the media, accusing words were circulating about the health aspects of vinyl products. But when it comes to the right choice of vinyl click, you don't have to worry about negative health effects at all. Vinyl click flooring is actually equipped with a variety of properties that are beneficial to your health!

vinyl click flooring

In addition to the use of plasticiser alternatives to improve the indoor climate, most vinyl click floors are also easy on the joints. Due to the soft and elastic properties, the footbed is pleasantly flattered and optimally adapts.

Avoid plasticisers - buy LVT from Europe!

The use of plasticisers is essential to maintain the characteristic elasticity of the vinyl floor. Most of them are basically harmless. Only the addition of phthalates should be avoided as this substance is characterized by increased emissions. Well-known manufacturers, a long time ago removed completely the phthalates from their flooring to make their vinyl click floors completely healthy to live in. Those who want to be on the safe side are advised to choose products from Europe.

vinyl click flooring

Vinyl click floors from Gerflor, Tarkett or Forbo are produced in Europe and therefore are completely free of harmful plasticisers. The manufacturers use suitable alternatives to keep their vinyl click flooring as healthy as possible. In order not to expose yourself to any risk, you should use local products from the European manufacturers.

Observe the right criteria

When buying vinyl click it is recommended to pay attention to some criteria in order to get the maximum quality out of the floor. If you want to enjoy one of the most popular design floors for a long time, you should make sure that the favoured vinyl click fits your requirements. Not only can you avoid annoying mispurchase, but you can also save a lot of time and money!

Service classes for different areas of application

For both vinyl and laminate flooring, you will find the small numbers on the product data-sheet which are referred to as service classes. The number indicates how much the floor can be permanently stressed. This also indicates the areas in which the flooring can be laid.

vinyl click flooring

The service classes for the living area always begin with the number 2. Here the thickness of the wear layer starts from 0.20 mm and ends at 0.30 mm. Vinyl flooring has the number 21, so it is suitable for residential areas with a low level of traffic. Vinyl click with service class 23, on the other hand, can also be laid in heavily used entrance areas.vinyl click flooring

If you want to equip your business or office with a click vinyl floor, the best choice is a vinyl with a utility class between 31 and 34. These are ideally suited for low and heavy-duty commercial premises. The usable layer thickness is considerably thicker than in the living area and amounts from 0.30 mm to 0.50 mm.

Vinyl click floors, which begin with the number 4, can withstand the highest loads. Layer thicknesses from 0.70 mm up to 1.0 mm ensure enormous stability, even with the highest possible impact. They are particularly suitable for industrial use.

Choosing the right decor

Once you have determined for which area you need your vinyl click and have decided for a suitable service class, the appearance is of course very important. In order for a vinyl floor to match your interior perfectly, you should take your time to choose decor that suits you perfectly. The possibilities are endless! The wide range of manufacturers and designs offers an excellent design for every taste. In addition to the classic wood look, the vinyl click is now also available as a first-class imitation tile. Due to the immense authenticity, the vinyl replicas can hardly be distinguished from their optical counterparts.

vinyl click flooring

To avoid any nasty surprises after purchasing a large quantity of vinyl click, you should always order a sample in advance. The images that are presented to you on Internet pages can always contain minor deviations in color and material. In order to make sure that the selected vinyl floor really meets your expectations, it is worth making use of samples. At BRICOFLOR you always benefit from our free sample service and can compare your favourites from the comfort of your home!

Better walking sensation with suitable footfall sound insulation

One of the most important criteria is the choice of an essential impact on sound insulation. Anyone who has ever walked over a laminate floor with high heels knows that the right acoustic insulation is very important. The footfall sound insulation makes a substantial contribution to a pleasant walking feeling.

Vinyl click with an HDF carrier board usually has integrated sound insulation. This is often made out of cork offering the best acoustic properties. In the case of vinyl, separate impact sound insulation usually has to be purchased. If you are going to choose a click vinyl floor, you should pay attention to whether the sound insulation is included or not.

vinyl click flooring

Vinyl click leader - the most popular products on the vinyl market

The growing enthusiasm for modern design floor coverings is attracting more and more manufacturers with a wide variety of products to the market. The choice is huge, the possibilities are infinite. There is a suitable product for every interior design concept and the most diverse styles can be achieved by using the vinyl click. Keeping the overview is not always easy! Based on our many years of experience with an LVT, we have selected and summarised the best products for the home and contract sector for you.

Furnishing your own four walls - vinyl flooring for the living area

The vinyl click floors from Gerflor arouse great enthusiasm. The Gerflor Senso Clic 30 and Gerflor Virtuo Clic 30 collections provide your living area with the best possible chic design flooring. From wood to tile optics, everything is represented in the series of the renowned manufacturer, so that no wish remains unfulfilled. Ter Hürne also offers suitable vinyl click floors for the living area with its various collections. In addition, the Wineo 400 collection of the German manufacturer impresses with the highest quality and best designs, which fit well into all interior concepts.

Shining in the business - Vinyl click for the contract sector

The somewhat more frequented contract segment also benefits from Gerflor's versatile products. The Gerflor Senso Clic Premium and Gerflor Virtuo Clic 55 collections can withstand even the heaviest loads without any problems and provide the best possible durability in all areas. The Ter Hürne Compact collection is just as reliable. It is also suitable for use in the contract sector and retains its attractive shape even under the most severe external influences.

vinyl click flooring

Benefit from our experience with a vinyl click and get the practical vinyl flooring delivered directly to your home! Here at BRICOFLOR, we are confident of the versatile all-rounder! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, e-mail or via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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