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Tarkett Viny; Flooring - Versatile Flooring for Any Need

With over 130 years of experience and an extensive line up including many integrated flooring solutions, That's why the co…

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With more than a century of expertise in the production of reusable, chic, and hard-wearing floors in all familiar areas, Tarkett vinyl flooring helps every day to continually improve both the quality of life and the financial situation of its clients around the world.

The Ultimate Flooring Experience: Tarkett Leads the Charde in Innovation

When designing its integrated flooring solutions, Tarkett LVT strives to fully meet the individual needs of its buyers. All of these options are unique in their own right and make an important contribution to improving the quality of life of every customer - at home, in the workplace or in the leisure sector. While asset managers and property owners benefit from the high performance and exceptional return on investment, private users can enjoy increased comfort, well-being, safety and confidence in a comfortable environment.  Whether in official or sports facilities, commercial or residential, for the construction of new or modernization of old buildings - with their functional, haptic and eco-friendly attributes, Tarkett's innovative floors contribute to the outstanding success of any project.

The Pure Inspiration Source - Tarkett iD Inspiration Click LVT 

A source of inspiration can be found in the quality Tarkett iD Inspiration Click. Through a wide selection of naturalistic wood decors, she gives her audience an accurate idea of how versatile wood can be. This diversity opens up a precise perspective for the new or redesign of the rooms to be renovated and provides an incentive for creative endeavour. With wood decors, such as iD Inspiration 55 Click "Antique Oak Dark Grey", Tarkett gives you an idea of how high-quality, detailed and, above all, natural-realistic vinyl click flooring is today. The rustic brown-grey wood decor invokes urban charm in every room. Thanks to the plank format of 122 x 20 cm, the installation creates a realistic room image that is almost indistinguishable from real wood flooring. The Tarkett iD Inspiration Click flooring, for example, has the perfect durability to meet even the most demanding needs while maintaining easy maintenance and cleaning.

Tarkett Loose-Lay Vinyl Flooring - It's just so easy

Loose-Lay vinyl flooring is probably the easiest installation option. In addition to the general preparatory measures (cleaning and balancing), the carpeting must be adapted only to the room dimensions to be clad. For this purpose, the vinyl planks or tiles along the room boundaries may need to be shortened or cutouts made. Then the Tarkett Loose-Lay Vinyl can be placed bumper-to-edge, creating a closed surface. And already the renovation project is completed. Due to the very high weight of the planks or tiles, the flooring remains in the composite, without having to be glued or the like.

The Perfect Mixture: Self-Adhesive Vinyl Flooring

With the Tarkett Starfloor collection, you will find a self-adhesive vinyl floor of high quality. This variant combines durability with an extremely simple laying practice. For this purpose, the planks or tiles made of vinyl on the bottom are equipped with an adhesive layer, which is initially protected by a film. So you can lay the vinyl floor easily like the self-laying variant. Only the protective film that fixes the vinyl to the substrate must be removed from the ready-to-lay surface before final placement.

Realistic Touch and Feel

Floor coverings such as brand Tarkett vinyl have been engineered to pamper all our senses, creating a comfortable environment that is overwhelmingly high in quality of life. The countless different designs, shades, and patterns of the topping finish make a perfect choice aesthetically in every area and for every occasion, while the flawless acoustic aspects and the splendid comfort of the parquet alternative guarantee your absolute well-being. Treat yourself to the luxury of Tarkett vinyl plank flooring - you will not regret it!

Tarkett Flooring and It's Commitment to the Environment

Tarkett's development department is constantly looking for innovative and profitable ways to further increase the percentage of recycled materials used in its popular flooring. At the same time, the company was able to come up with many practical methods to continuously reduce the waste produced during production and thus the waste of resources. Tarkett's Dangerous Slip Preventive and Antistatic Floors nowadays make a valuable and indispensable contribution to safety in buildings where they have been laid, while their low and negligible VOC emissions also optimize the indoor climate. Thanks to the responsive cleaning properties and the lowest possible consumption of water, cleaning agents and electricity, the market leader has also succeeded in decisively reducing the ecological footprint of its floor coverings. So if you can warm yourself for a Tarkett vinyl floor, are you doing your health and Mother Nature a treat - so what are you waiting for?

Renovate Your Space with Tarkett Vinyl Flooring at BRICOFLOR

Best prices, free samples and a nice consultation via phone or e-mail - you can expect all this in the online shop at That's why the visit to our virtual flooring paradise is worthwhile, but are constantly updated, great selection of different products inspires our customers from many European countries. So, if you choose one of our offered floor coverings, you can be sure that you are making a profitable purchase while always being supported by a knowledgeable team

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