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Vinyl Flooring Utilisation Classes: Which Vinyl Flooring Can be Used Where?

You want to lay LVT vinyl flooring in your home, business, or industrial sight, but you're not sure what's in your favor? Our contribution should help you navigate the world of technical data for floors. In this blog post, we will explain the vinyl flooring usage classes and what to look for.

What is a Beneficial Class?


The secret of which is the best vinyl for you is hidden in the small number that is most often indicated on the product data sheet: the use or utility class. It hides more than the layman suspects: it provides information about what the flooring can tolerate and how it can be burdened.

Depending on the location, there are strong distinctions in this respect, which may become important a few months after the relocation. Because with the wrong choice, the flooring can be worn down quickly and lose its valuable properties.

The classes of use according to DIN EN 685 indicate how robust and abrasion-resistant they are for both laminate and vinyl flooring.

In the following we explain what the numbers from 21 to 43 mean, how they are composed and where the floor coverings can be used with the respective classification.

Private Living Area: From Storage Chamber to Entrance Area

The floor coverings, which are marked with a use class beginning with the number 2, have a suitability for the living area. In the manufacturer's information, you can also see if the floor is moisture resistant and therefore suitable for the kitchen and bathroom, which is usually the case with vinyl  flooring. Typically, the wear layer thickness of such in the living area between 0.20 mm and 0.30 mm.

Utilisation Class 21 – For Low Frequent Areas

This classification applies to the less frequented area, such as the storage rooms, basement or guest room. Since the floor is rarely used in these premises, it is sufficient to choose a collection with a wear layer thickness of about 0.20 mm.

Utilisation Class 22 – Normally Used Rooms

If the flooring has the marking 22, it is ideally suited for private residential areas with normal use. This room includes living and dining room, but also the inner corridor of your apartment.

Utilisation Class 23 – For Entrance Area and High-Loaded Rooms

With use class 23, a floor covering is suitable for the heavily frequented living area. Especially in the entrance area and in the kitchen one tends to turn on the heel. Even the nursery can be exposed as a place of playing a high load. Therefore, in these rooms, the stress is higher than in the rest of the living area, which, especially if you have larger families, should respond with the right choice of flooring. Also for the staircase that all parties of the house use, you can use this vinyl.

The Suitable Design Cover for the Object Area


If you want to equip an object area with a design floor, make sure that the first digit of the use class starts with a 3. Floor coverings of the occupancy class for office areas are significantly more resistant than those for the living area and are usually also equipped with a higher wear layer thickness of approx. 0.30 mm to 0.50 mm. Again, graded depending on resistance.

Utilisation Class 31 – For Easily Used Offices & Home - Office

Would you like to lay a vinyl floor in a hotel room, small office or in a conference room? Then the marking 31 is the right one for your needs. These spaces are usually more crowded than living spaces, but not as strong as shops. Even your own home office can be equipped with these coverings due to the castor wheel load.

Utility Class 32 – For Small Shops & Office Rooms

For normal-size offices or boutiques, a 32-finish LVT flooring is particularly good. Especially in these areas, it is often important to be able to use a collection with natural realistic and stylish surface, which nevertheless withstands all the demands of everyday life.

Utilisation Class 33 – The Ideal Solution for Bigger Commercial Areas

When it comes to the highly frequented commercial space, it is worthwhile to use a durable vinyl with use class 33. Among the areas that really many people use regularly are, among others, department stores, warehouses and classrooms. Also the burden of a fair holds this classification, where you can use for example Loose-Lay Vinyl. Who can resist such a heavy-duty floor covering with a beautiful surface structure?

Utilisation Class 34 – The Special Advice for Hardening Cases

These floor coverings were designed for the very heavily used property sector. These are then laid, for example, in much sought-after shopping centers or the like.

The Right Vinyl Floor for the Industrial Area

GERFLOR CREATION 70 "0565 SHERIDAN" (18.4 X 121.9 CM)

If the first digit in the indication 4, it is a specially made for the industry floor covering. This strain is designed for particularly high demands.

There are also different gradations for the industrial sector. If you ride a floor with a forklift, it's worth using one of the thicker layers of utility, so you can enjoy your floor for a long time. The wear layer thickness moves here in the ranges 0.7 mm and 1.0 mm.

Utilisation Class 41 – For Easy-Worked Workshops

In the case of an establishment that is predominantly occupied and where there is occasional traffic with forklift trucks, it is recommended that a floor covering with service class 41 be laid.

Utilisation Class 42 – For Smaller Storage Rooms & Medium-Loaded Areas

For predominantly-standing work and regular traffic it is recommended to choose a collection of this service class. Vinyl design coverings of this type are even more resistant to abrasion and ruggedness and thus optimally withstand the conditions.

Utilisation Class 43 – The Premium Class for All Areas

If the collection is to be relocated to a production or warehousing facility where traffic is actually high-frequency, then you should use Class 43. This is the strongest of the usage classes in the entire market. Floors that receive such a rating are usually bonded over the entire surface, as this is the most stable method of fixation and therefore more secure. With a design floor of this level, you do not need to fear damage due to heavy loads.

Is the System of Utilisation Classes Downward Compatible?

Yes that's it! If you see a 32-bit flooring but you want to use it for the living area, you do not have to worry: the higher the number, the more areas the floor will include. So you can easily use a Class 32 vinyl flooring for the 31, 23, 22 and 21 areas.

We hope we have been able to provide you with an answer to your vinyl flooring usage class questions. Now you should be able to easily determine which floor with which marking for your project in question.

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If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us. We're here to help! Just use our contact form and we will advise you.

Until next time. Your team from BRICOFLOR, the No. 1 for wallpaper & flooring!

Friday, 9 November 2018

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