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Wallpapering with two different wallpapers: Mix & Match

Monday, 4 March 2024

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The world of different wallpapers offers an infinite palette of colours, patterns and textures that can completely change the feel of a room and be an expression of personal taste. With so many options to choose from, it's hard to decide on just one wallpaper.

The good news is that you don't have to! Two or more wallpapers can be perfectly combined. On the one hand, this has aesthetic advantages, because with the right combination, you can create much more interesting and eye-catching overall images. On the other hand, there are also practical advantages, for example, large rooms can be divided into several sections using different wallpapers, creating a more natural feel.

But what should you look out for when wallpapering with two different wallpapers? In this blog article, we explain everything you need to know.

Combining wallpapers: What to look out for

There are different ways in which you can combine two wallpapers and there are different things to consider depending on what you choose. Do you want to combine two or more patterned wallpapers? Or two plain wallpapers? Or a patterned wallpaper with a plain wallpaper? And what do you do with photo wallpaper and digital prints? The possibilities are endless.

Accent wall: one patterned wallpaper and one plain wallpaper

A single patterned wallpaper is ideal as an accent wall, especially in small rooms, as several could appear overwhelming and chaotic. Ideally, the shorter wall of the room should be chosen for this, as otherwise, the pattern will dominate the room. The remaining walls can be covered with plain wallpaper.

But even in large rooms, it can be worth combining a single patterned wallpaper with plain-coloured wallpaper, as this can provide an elegant contrast to a very busy pattern. Conversely, very plain wallpapers can also emphasise a less striking pattern even more.

Wallpaper 341235 Lars Contzen Artist Edition No. 1

When selecting the combination, it is best to use the colours of the patterned wallpaper as a guide. Choose one of them, ideally the most dominant, and select a matching plain wallpaper. If you are particularly confident in your choice of colour, you could even add another plain wallpaper in a different shade of the patterned wallpaper. The same also applies to the combination of digital print or photo wallpaper and plain wallpaper.

If you want to keep the plain wallpaper even simpler, it is also possible to simply choose a neutral grey or white instead of a matching colour. As a rule, you won't go wrong with this.

A little tip: The collections of the manufacturers of your chosen sample wallpaper usually already contain plain wallpapers in matching colours. This can make your choice much easier!

Combine two plain colours

Of course, you can also combine two wallpapers that only have one colour. There are various approaches to this. You can choose two matching colours from the same colour world, cobalt blue and sky blue, for example. Or you can choose contrasts: dark wallpaper next to light-coloured wallpaper.

Another popular option is to combine two complementary colours. This creates a varied yet harmonious overall look.

However, it is not only the colour tone itself that plays a role, but also the colour intensity. A very bright, eye-catching yellow is less compatible with a soft, pastel violet. But if both colours are soft, they go much better together.

Combine two patterned wallpapers: Only for experts!

Combining two patterned wallpapers is particularly difficult, but also particularly impressive if the result is successful. To avoid creating an aesthetically unappealing mess, a certain amount of dexterity is required. You can't just throw any two patterns together, you have to try to maintain a certain uniformity.

There are two ways to do this: You can either focus on the pattern itself or the colour. If you focus on the pattern, choose two wallpapers with the same pattern in different colours. This creates order but also ensures sufficient variety.

If, on the other hand, you focus on the colour, choose two different patterns in the same colour. It is advisable to use one larger and one smaller pattern and to play a little with the colour intensities, as this creates a more natural, harmonious and visually appealing overall look.

It is also possible to choose two different patterned wallpapers in the same style, for example with the design of an oil painting. Here too, however, care should be taken to ensure that the colours match.

Damask wallpaper grey 10159-31


Wallpapering with two different wallpapers is a bit of a science in itself, but with a few simple guidelines, it becomes a breeze. A single patterned wallpaper combines fabulously with matching plain wallpapers to create a visually appealing accent wall, while two or more plain wallpapers can complement each other in colour. Even two patterned wallpapers can be combined as long as you use the same pattern or colours in both.

We hope we have been able to answer all your questions about combining two wallpapers! Your team from BRICOFLOR, the wall & floor experts!

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