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Ceramic tiles - a diverse flooring solution from manufacturers all over the world

In recent years the universal interest in ceramic tiles has shrunk and made space for floor coverings such as carpet, parquet, laminate and various types of vinyl floorings. Many people of the younger generations associate the term "ceramic tile" with old and unsightly interiors that could have been presented to you by your grandparents. 


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What many do not know, however, is that ceramic tiles are highly modern and can be used for much more than creating a 1950s, 60s or 70s style bathroom design. With our manufacturers from Germany and Italy, you get access to an incomparable product variety and a list of breathtaking innovations. Immerse yourself into a world of modern and elegant wall and floor coverings and be inspired by the unique looks of the tiles.

Learn more about the manufacturers we carry and be enchanted by the fashionable collections. Whether you prefer a classic design, look to imitate fine stone patterns or combine the fine grain and timeless looks of a wooden floor with the technical advantages of ceramic tiles, such as unprecedented robustness and a diverse offering, our online shop will surely have what you're looking for! Surely have a look at the German tile giant Agrob Buchtal. This proud European company has centuries long history, and plenty of know-how when it comes to offering high quality at a fair price. As a relatively young company, Mirage grew explosively thanks to its quality and innovation-driven company philosophy.

Durable, environmentally friendly and a joy to look at - get the best flooring with our tiles

Ceramic tiles have quite a few advantages over other available floor coverings, which makes them an attractive alternative for every room. Whether for outdoor or indoor use, private use or commercial purposes, with ceramic tiles you can always get the best solution. The tiles are not only convincing thanks to their fashionable design and timeless style, they also stand out with their excellent material properties.

Robust and hard wearing

High quality ceramic tiles are very durable and robust. Minor impacts have no effect on the tile, the surface is very scratch resistant, and only violent contact with heavy objects can lead to cracks in the material. Luckily, in the unfortunate event of this happening a single tile can easily be removed and replaced. The tiles are also refractory. This makes them extra suitable not only for use in a kitchen but also practical in other living spaces, such as a living room. If one accidentally drops a cigarette, match or candle on the floor, no damage will be done and the risk of fire is minimal.

Hygienic and clean

In addition to being robust, ceramic tiles are a very hygienic floor and wall covering. Tiles are tasteless and odourless and are therefore suitable for living rooms and kitchens. The smooth surfaces are easy to clean with conventional cleaning agents. And thanks to current-day printing techniques, you don't have to worry about "cleaning" off the decor.

Heat-storing and energy efficient

Ceramic tiles, like their stone relatives, can store energy in the form of heat. This makes them a very efficient flooring solution for use in combination with underfloor heating systems. But even without underfloor heating, tiles help to store and retain heat in the cold months, not allowing the heat to leak into the ground and be wasted. Similarly, they pleasantly cool a space during warm months and provide pleasant breathing air.

Good-looking decors for every taste

Long gone are the times when ceramic tiles looked either like concrete slabs or a small handful of enamel colours. This day and age ceramic tiles can bear the looks of almost anything. For example, the looks of a solid wooden floor, but with all the practical advantages of ceramic tiles.

Natural, environmentally friendly products

Another reason to choose ceramic tiles is that they're made of all-natural materials. During production no artificial materials are added, so the final product consists of clay and water, bound by only heat and pressure. This makes the tiles' production more environmentally friendly, and discarded tiles can easily be recycled or naturally degraded. Here at BRICOFLOR, we care for the environment, and therefore only carry manufacturers that share our eco-mindset. We, as well as the manufacturers we carry, ensure that environmental standards are adhered to minimise our impact on the ecosystem.

From a pack of tiles to your dream floor or wall in just a few steps

Have you found the tiles that suit your style and application? Congratulations! The most difficult part of the journey is behind you. Now that the time has come for installation of the tiles you can either hire a professional or take matters into your own hands. If you prefer to be active yourself, don't hesitate. Keep a few things in mind and carefully follow the right steps, and you will most likely obtain a great final result.


The first and arguably most important step is often overlooked: preparing the substrate. Before installation can really start, it's important to make sure the substrate is level, solid, clean, permanently dry and perfectly planar. If these conditions are not met, the tiles might fail to adhere, crack spontaneously or worse. Optionally you can add another layer of cement. This has to be thoroughly dried before advancing to the next step.


The next step is to apply glue to the substrate and spread it out evenly with a trowel. Mind the glue manufacturer's instructions, as too little glue can cause adhesion problems while too much glue can visually compromise the final result. Place the tiles in the glue bed in the desired pattern. It is recommended to start in the middle, especially if the chosen pattern involves a large number of cut-to-size tiles. If visually less appealing cut pieces occur, these can be used at the edges where they are less noticeable. Make sure to remove any traces of excess glue before it has dried, to avoid stains and traces.

Finishing the seams

Once the glue has dried thoroughly, you can begin applying the mortar for the seams. Spread the mortar evenly using a rubber grommet until all joints and seams are filled. Remove any excess mortar from the tiles before it has dried, to avoid stains and traces. For the transition from floor tiles to wall tiles, we recommend a more flexible sealant, such as one based on silicone.

Do not hesitate to ask friends and family for help or advice. In addition to the above guide, video tutorials may be found online. Please note that the above steps are only a guide and may not completely cover your specific situation. When in doubt, consult an expert.

Agrob Buchtal and Mirage - the brands and manufacturers at a glance

Our international manufacturers show you, with their facetted products, that choosing for ceramic tiles does not mean limiting yourself - on the contrary. Each one of these manufacturers values quality, innovation, and sustainability, with the aim of continuously improving their products and creating new possible applications for ceramic tiles. Find out how these manufacturers combine passion and competence to ensure maximum comfort in all situations. These companies look ahead, into the future, together with you as a customer and end-user.

Made in Germany quality from the robust Agrob Buchtal tiles

As part of the Deutsch Steinzeug AG, Agrob Buchtal is a tile brand that can look back on a long and rich history of ceramic tile manufacturing. The Deutsche Steinzeug AG is the name under which the Deutsche Steinzeugwarenfabrik and Cremer & Breuer GmbH, both founded around the year 1900, joined forces in the twentieth century. This ceramic giant acquired several other companies specialising in ceramics, further consolidating their stand in the world of ceramics and creating a multi-layered group of companies.

Agrob Buchtal is one of the daughter companies of the Deutsch Steinzeug AG, manufacturing almost anything ceramic for building applications. Their product range includes unique tile designs for all residential areas, of stoneware and fine stoneware. From small mosaic tiles to innovative decorative elements and large-format terrace tiles, Agrob Buchtal makes everything you could wish for. With patented technologies such as the HT and Protecta coatings, the Deutsche Steinzeug AG competently leads the German tile market. As a pioneer in indoor safety, the GRIP slip safety seal is one of the many ways in which Agrob Buchtal brings optimal safety to your home.

The best tiles from all over the world - of course, at BRICOFLOR

Discover a whole new world of ceramic tiles and draw inspiration from the countless colours, shapes, decors and technical innovations. Order the floor and wall coverings of your dreams today, at BRICOFLOR. Buy one or more free samples to compare different products, right from the comfort of your living room. Once you've chosen which floor suits your style and application best, shop online in our convenient online store, while covered by our best price guarantee. If you're looking to purchase a larger area of a floor, we can offer you a special price. Contact us for all your questions, inquiries and quote request. We're on standby to help you out, and looking forward to your inquiry!

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