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Cushions - The Decorating Home Accessory For Every Taste!

With a cushion, living spaces can be made very tasteful and cosy in just a few simple steps. Whether on the couch, in bed or …
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Perfectly Round Off Your Personal Living Style With Cushions

In today's interior design, more and more cushions are being used to add the finishing touches to a cosy atmosphere. In trendy interior styles such as industrial style or Scandinavianian style, country house style or boho chic, cushions are often used to make a statement in terms of home decor and trend awareness.
Colourful patterns, trendy colours, tassels and fringes as well as fancy designs and different materials create a very specific appearance and play a major role in determining the room experience. In our online shop, you will find a rich selection of tasteful decorative, cushions and cushion covers, such as sofa cushion covers with which you can add the finishing touch to your personal living concept!

Cushion Covers - Cover Your Rooms In Variety!

In our online shop, we offer you a variety of cushion covers, with which an ambience can be designed in a particularly flexible way. The advantage of decorative cushion covers is obvious: depending on your mood, you can change the covers and try out new styles again and again. For example, seasonal cushions are a great way to create a varied ambience.
Furthermore, the cushion covers can be quickly and easily matched to other home textiles such as bed linen, tablecloths or curtains. In our online shop, you will find cushion covers in 50x50 cm as well as cushion covers in 40x40 cm as well as in 45x45 cm, which can be changed flexibly. Measure your existing cushions and inlets at home once, so that your new cushion cover will fit perfectly later. The cushion covers can usually be closed with a zip, which is hardly visible due to the clever insertion into the fabric.

Well-Cushioned & Appealing - Cushions For More Comfort Within Your Home

It is not only from a decorative point of view that a cushion provides more cosiness within the four walls of your home. The original purpose of a cushion is to combine a decorative cushion with stylish designs, unusual motifs and an appealing colour palette. Thus, a so-called decorative cushion is both a comfortable and visual statement, which is mainly used as a sofa cushion or also on the armchair. However, the use of a large number of bed cushions arranged in a creative way on the headboard is becoming increasingly popular. Decorating the bed with a variety of cushions provides that extra portion of cosiness and looks particularly inviting.

When using many different bed cushions or sofas, it is particularly important to follow a visual guideline. So you should not throw colours and patterns around too wildly but decide on a basic style and basic colour tone. For example, a modern country style is dominated by earthy tones such as beige, brown and taupe as well as cream and grey, while the Scandinavian style uses pastel colours. In contrast, boho-chic can be a little wilder and more colourful. In addition to patterned cushions, it is always best to choose a few plain-coloured decorative cushions. These create a visual point of calm and create a harmonious overall picture.

Appealing Design Meets Comfort - Materials Of Cushions & Cushion Covers

A distinction is made between the cushion cover and the filling, which is stuffed into a so-called ticking. If you decide to buy a cushion instead of a cushion cover, you should therefore pay attention to both the outer material and the filling material.

This is particularly important for allergy sufferers. But the individual materials also differ in terms of appearance, feel and care. In the case of cushion covers, materials such as cotton and polyester prove to be very popular, as they are not only inexpensive but also very easy to care for. In addition, some of the cushion covers and cushions in our online shop are certified by the Oeko-Tex seal, which stands for socially, environmentally and health-friendly production.

Thoughts On The Surface - Cushion Covers And Their Look

A high degree of cosiness is naturally achieved with soft cushions. However, when it comes to comfort, it is not only the filling that counts but also the feel of the cushion cover. Most cotton cushions have a very smooth texture and a relatively firm fabric and therefore also like to display intricate patterns and unusual motifs. With easy-care materials such as polyester, coarser structures are also more common. Many structures and textiles that had seemingly disappeared are now finding their way back into our living spaces.

More and more people are turning to corduroy cushions and velvet cushions. A decorative cushion made of velvet brings a noble look, but still promises a high degree of comfort. Cushions with a smooth, shiny surface exude a touch of luxury, while discreetly ribbed and slightly structured surfaces have a slightly more rustic look. Depending on the structure, the pattern of the cushion cover can develop its very own effect and sometimes even take on a sculptural look.

Realise Individual Living Concepts With Cushions: Style Diversity Makes It Easy!

The world of cushions is rich. From plain cushions to unusual cushions with animal motifs to the hottest interior trends, you will find decorative cushions and cushion covers in almost every style in our online shop. The designers like to base their creations on current home trends and the hottest interior styles. Asian, Scandinavian, Oriental, Mediterranean, and picturesque as well as marine influences make the world of stylish room concepts perfect. The decorative cushions are also convincing when it comes to nostalgia - vintage cushions are particularly suitable for nature-affine interiors such as the country house style or romantic interiors in Shabby Chic. Popular motifs such as antlers, hearts and wood find their place on country house cushions.

To generate a harmonious overall picture, we recommend using matching products. In our online shop, for example, you will find wallpapers in the same design and colour scheme as our cushions. In the A.S. Création Metropolitan Stories 2 collection, for example, you will find some modern cushion designs. The coordinated products can be wonderfully and creatively combined with each other so that you can create an ambience with a red thread. In this way, even with lush patterns and a rich colour palette, you can create a harmonious room image that invites you to feel good. Also, discover our curtains and drapes to benefit from a unified room experience. You will also find some of the cushion designs in the curtains.

Maritime Cushions - By The Sea In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

A popular theme in home design is the sea. Maritime cushions are particularly suitable for designing rooms in which the theme of sun, beach and sea dominates. But vintage interiors can also be tastefully enhanced with anchor cushions or old depictions of sailing ships and compasses. In addition to Block-coloured; like blue cushions or white cushions, blue and white cushions are of course the most popular choice. If you prefer something a little more unusual, go for cushions with dog motifs or trendy fish designs.

Scandinavian Cushions For A Nordic Ambience

Scandinavian patterns of all kinds have become indispensable in the world of interior design. The cushions in Scandinavian style often score with an undistracted, yet modern design. Cushion covers with abstractly designed flowers find a place here just as much as geometric cushion covers in pastel colours. Not infrequently, the Nordic cushions are reminiscent of the last holiday in Sweden or colourful illustrations in Astrid Lindgren's book. If you like it a little more discreetly, reach for the sophisticated graphic designs that convince you with their relaxed look.

Trend Consciousness With A Natural Touch - Boho & Ethno Chic Cushions

Of course, Ethnic and Boho cushions cannot be missing in a trend-conscious online shop. The "Boho Chic" furnishing style lives from natural materials, the use of many palm trees as well as the combination of colourful, exotic patterns and natural colours. Colourful cushions, as well as fringed cushions, are wonderfully suited to this relaxed look. However, macramé cushions, which are decorative cushions with a special knot, are particularly popular and usually come in soft nuances such as taupe, cream and old white. Influences from different cultures play an important role in furnishing the four walls at home.

This can be seen not only in the popular Oriental carpet but also in the popular Japanese or Scandinavian style. The French influence comes to life in the noble saviour vivre, while Danish serenity makes its entrance with the Hygge style. Colonial style plays with elements of historical architecture and Mediterranean living concepts promise the use of terracotta and warm accents. These influences are especially popular for cushions and cushion covers so that you can perfectly round off any imaginable living style with a decorative cushion.

Cushions With Palm & Jungle Motifs - An Exotic Touch For Your Home

Exotic and tropical patterns are being used more and more, and not just for wallpaper. In addition to very colourful variations, cushions with palm leaves and jungle designs are increasingly dominating more muted shades such as mustard yellow, petrol and Bordeaux. A cushion in mustard yellow is a super trendy home accessory that can be combined in an inspiring way. Especially the cushions with jungle décor use unusual colour contrasts that turn the cushion cover into a real eye-catcher!

Set Floral Accents With Floral Cushions

In addition to the exotic decors, you will of course also find cushions with flowers in our online shop. And here, too, designers like to draw inspiration from cultural influences. Cherry blossoms, for example, create a subtle Asian flair, while large, abstract flowers have a more Scandinavian feel. The cushion covers with flowers are particularly suitable for welcoming summer or spring at home. In winter or autumn, the cushion covers can then be easily replaced with cushion covers with earthier nuances and geometric designs.

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