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Deck Tiles – Easy to install and hard wearing

From gardens and balconies to fitness studios and garages - the plastic tiles in our online store are designed for use in the…
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Explore Interlocking Deck Tiles Now!

As mentioned, some of the plastic tiles can even be laid in heavily used areas such as garages or industrial settings. A particular advantage lies in the simple and time-saving installation. For example, the plastic click tiles can simply be slotted into each other without the need for expensive equipment or adhesives, creating a resistant, even surface.

For the perfect finish, you can get the matching corner and edge solutions as well as cable and marking strips in our online store. In addition to their heavy resistance to high pressure, the plastic floor panels are characterised by many other positive properties such as UV resistance, weather resistance and a pleasant feel when stepped on.

Plastic tiles: weatherproof, robust and easy to clean

In our online store, we offer 100% recyclable plastic tiles. Depending on the collection and product, the respective load limits vary. Temperatures between -30 and +70 ° C can withstand the interlocking deck tiles without any problems.

Thanks to their non-slip surfaces and low flammability, these floor coverings are perfectly safe to use both indoors and outdoor. The UV resistance also means that you can benefit from a consistently beautiful appearance. The floor covering is made of plastic panels often used on terraces and balconies. Thanks to the ergonomic properties and pleasant walking feeling, some of the plastic tiles are also increasingly used in gyms or playhouses. Some of the plastic floor tiles we sell here have a water drainage system, which also contributes to ventilation and mould prevention.

One material, many uses

The deck tiles are not only multifunctional, but they can also be stylish in appearance. Customers can also combine individual tiles in various colours to not only mark out work routes but also to distinguish different areas from one another in terms of colour and to create individual designs to suit their authentic style!

Outdoor Interlocking Tiles: To withstand any weather!

Deck tiles are particularly popular for outdoor use. The plastic material means that these deck tiles are very resistant to weathering and successfully withstand a wide range of influences. Plastic patio tiles are becoming more and more popular. Deck tiles for balconies, terraces and gardens impress with their time-saving and simple installation and high functionality. Some of the floor tiles can be easily cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner.  As the tiles are simply slotted into place, it is also very easy to replace.

In addition to residential outdoor areas, the range of applications of these tiles extends to many other areas. Camping chairs find better support on a floor made of plastic tiles. In pool areas and on boats, the tiles provide good support and optimal water drainage, in garden sheds the plastic tiles also impress with simple maintenance and cleaning possibilities as well as UV resistance.

Plastic tiles indoors - the practical solution for busy areas

Plastic tiles are also a good solution for indoor use, especially for areas exposed to heavy traffic such as a garage or workshop. Due to their good temperature resistance, plastic patio tiles in wood look in particular are a very good choice for installation in saunas.

These deck tiles are great for events and trade fairs as they can be utilised and taken away and reused many times without any headaches! Because of the simple, floating installation, the event or trade show floor can usually be installed without interrupting operations. A point that is particularly interesting for commercial projects. Thus, the plastic tiles are often installed in department stores, warehouses, exhibitions or showrooms.

Amolock plastic tiles are the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor use.

In our online store, you will find a rich selection of plastic tiles from Amolock. The manufacturer's range covers every conceivable area of use and offers you practical flooring solutions even for heavily used areas indoors as well as outdoors. For those who value a natural and beautiful appearance, the Amolock Easy Wood collection offers the right plastic patio tiles in a wood look or sauna floor.

Amolock Easy Classic and Easy Design - multifunctional tiles for your project!

In the Easy Classic and Easy Design collections, you can expect multifunctional plastic tiles with a wide range of applications. Resistant to temperatures between -30 and +70 ° C, the polypropylene tiles can be installed in different latitudes. The load limit of the floor tiles is 110 tons per square meter. Available in a practical 30 x 30 cm format with a total thickness of 12 mm and a colour palette of six attractive shades, there are numerous design possibilities.

The flooring can be laid on old as well as new subfloors and equipped with a time-saving click system, the plastic deck tiles can be installed quickly without any prior knowledge. Highly resistant to wear and tear, Amolock Easy Classic and Easy Design plastic tiles are ideal for areas where above-standard resistance to impact and abrasion is required. The ingenious lattice-like design not only has an attractive appearance but also allows water to run off and dry quickly. This prevents mould from growing and protects the subfloor. After installation, you get an even and resistant surface with a durable bonding system.

Explore the design freedom with plastic tiles

In our online store, you will find a wide selection of plastic tiles with a subtle but stylish grid-like design. However, the mesh-like decor is not only attractive from a visual point of view, but also from a technical point of view it allows for ventilation and water drainage. Ideal also for pool and swimming pool areas.

The wood-look deck tiles are also the ideal choice for tasteful yet functional patio and garden design. Thanks to the simple interlocking tile system, you can also combine different colours and, for example, lay checkerboard patterns or highlight individual areas in the indoor or outdoor area with colour. With the matching edging strips and corner solutions, we offer you a neat finish.

Laying plastic tiles: what to bear in mind

When laying plastic tiles, there are a few points to bear in mind if you want to benefit from optimum laying results. For example, the subfloor for most of the plastic floor tiles should be as hard, flat and clean as possible. When laying plastic tiles in the garage, it is recommended to anchor the first row of tiles on the floor with screws. If the expected stresses exceed the load limits given in the respective technical specifications, additional measures may be necessary.

Before laying, the plastic tiles must be stored for 48 hours at a temperature between 18 and 26 ° C in the area to be laid in stacks of about 11 pieces. The plastic tiles should not be installed at a temperature below 15 ° C.  Please also note that you should maintain an expansion joint of 10 to 15 mm between plastic tile and any rising objects in the room to prevent the expansion of the plastic tiles.

Quick and easy to the new floor: this is how!

The plastic tiles all inspire with the uncomplicated interlocking system and thus an installation that can be carried out quickly without the need for a professional. Before laying, it is important to prepare the subfloor as well as possible. Tiles can also be cut using a knife or saw. Please refer to the technical data sheets for the installation direction to benefit from an optimal result.

Order plastic tiles online at BRICOFLOR now!

Are you looking for a flooring solution for an area with heavy, continuous use? Then the plastic tiles from our online store are a perfect choice. Hassle-free and delivered directly to your doorstep, you will also benefit from our competitive pricing.

Want to see how amazing these deck tiles are in person? Feel free to take advantage of our sample service where you can compare different decors and check the plastic tiles under varying light sources. Once you have decided on a product, you can also request a competitive bespoke offer from our offers team.

If you have any further questions or require flooring advice or recommendations, please reach out to our friendly customer service team who will be happy to assist via e-mail, telephone and chat. We are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you!

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