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Bathroom Wall Panels

Are you looking for bathroom wall panels for an elevated look to your bathroom? This selection is deemed suitable for bath…

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Bathroom wall panels

These are panels that are affixed to the wall as a luxurious alternative to wallpaper. They are also much easier to maintain and clean than other options presented for bathroom walls. Giving you the feeling of being in an expensive hotel, you can turn your bathroom into a room you can show off to your guests. Coming in either plain or stone appearance you can decide which suits your aesthetic the most.

BerryAlloc Bathroom Wall Panels

The bathroom wall panels from the high-quality Belgian manufacturer BerryAlloc come in a variety of colourways. Pristine white panels for a fresh and pure ambience in your bathroom. Beige tones in both plain and stone look for a neutral colour palette. Charcoals and blacks for a sleek and modern feeling to your bathroom, also in a plain design or a stone look.

Cleaning and maintaining bathroom wall panels

Cleaning your bathroom walls has never been easier. Decorative wall panels are the most hygienic choice of wall covering in your bathroom as they are so easily cleaned. To clean this simply wipe down with bathroom cleaning wipes or a damp cloth with some bathroom cleaning spray. Should you damage your wall panel, it can easily be replaced instead of having to redecorate your entire bathroom walls again.

BRICOFLOR: Renovating made easy

Here at BRICOFLOR, we have our customers at the forefront of our processes.  For large quantity orders, you can also enquire as to whether you qualify for a bespoke offer from us – simply contact our quotes team in the contact form. 

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