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A different look on the floor immediately changes the entire design of the room. If you would like to try out a different style or give the room a little more light, laying a new floor is always a good opportunity to reinvent yourself and your interior. In the BRICOFLOR online shop, you can choose freely between all kinds of floor coverings. With a wide range of suppliers, collections, and decors, we want to support you in your choice and ensure that you can soon hold your dream floor in your hands!

More comfort and cosiness - carpet flooring

Nothing feels as pleasant as walking on soft carpeting. Carpets immediately create a comfortable and luxurious impression. Especially in the bedroom, carpets give the room a unique ambience. In addition to the classic carpet areas, you can also furnish your dining and living rooms with soft materials. The different types of carpets create exciting effects that can be combined perfectly with the individual requirements of a particular area!

Carpet - the soft classic

After hearing the word 'carpets' most people will imagine characteristic rolls. The delicate yard goods can now impress with a whole range of technical advantages that make it a true all-rounder. The multi-layered structure makes the carpet particularly durable and helps it to last a long time.

The first layer is known as the pile or wear layer. It can be made of natural or synthetic yarn. The backing layer gives the carpet more support and makes it extremely stable. It is either made of fleece or textiles. The widely known foam backing is outdated and is hardly produced anymore.

Carpets are now available in a wide variety of colours, structures, and patterns that complement the comfort of walking barefoot with an outstanding appearance. Another important advantage of carpet is that it acts as integrated sound insulation. While laminate almost modulates to its own resonating body while being walked on, the carpet has outstanding sound absorption properties.
Do you still associate carpets with the old dust catchers of your childhood? Then you are wrong! In contrast to the frequently assumed opinion that carpet causes or promotes dangerous lung diseases, carpet is a true air filter. With regular vacuuming, the absorbed fibres are completely removed and not released back into the air. In this way, carpet reduces the fine dust level in a room by up to 50%!

Produced in Germany, Vorwerk carpets guarantee the highest quality and safety standards. They started producing carpets as early as 1883 and have grown to be an important global player. Vorwerk is constantly working on developing more eco-friendly technologies to improve the production and shipping of their high-quality products

Convenient and versatile - carpet tiles

The huge carpet rolls are too much of a hassle for you? Then simply reach for easy-to-handle carpet tiles! The practical yard ware is now also available as small tiles, which are particularly easy and quick to lay and take you to your dream floor in no time at all. The pragmatic tiles have a promisingly wide range of designs. In addition to different structures, surface qualities, and patterns, carpet tiles are also available in linear stripe patterns, geometric arrangements or classic organic natural decors.

While the laying of other floor coverings often takes days, carpet tiles are quick and easy to install. The best thing is that you no longer need to be a professional to achieve an attractive and stylish result. The practical tiles are available either as self-laying or self-adhesive versions, both of which are very simple.

Self-laying carpet tiles stick ideally to the floor due to their heavy weight. Thanks to a reinforced back construction, the self-lying installation helps to create a stable floor that does not slip. Self-adhesive carpet tiles have an adhesive back, which connects to the subfloor in a matter of seconds.

Simple handling is guaranteed with carpet tiles from Heuga. The manufacturer stands for the production of sustainable and environmentally friendly carpet tiles. A healthy indoor climate is just as important to Heuga as flexibility in technical design. That is why Heuga carpet tiles offer you beautifully designed products that have lasting, attractive decor and at the same time help to preserve nature.

Vinyl rolls - for dynamic living in all areas

In recent years, LVT flooring has once again gained popularity. Thanks to their ultra-modern equipment and ever-improving optical properties, vinyl floorings are increasingly being used on surfaces of all kinds. Whether in residential, commercial or even industrial areas, vinyl rolls withstand all obstacles and can resist even the greatest loads. They can imitate the natural structures of wood or stone down to the smallest detail and present them so realistically that they can hardly be distinguished from their original models. Whoever decides to purchase one of these practical coverings is rewarded with a gigantic selection of technical and optical advantages that will decorate any room in an outstanding way.

Vinyl flooring - the versatile all-rounder with authentic design

After the initial enthusiasm for vinyl flooring, it quickly fell into oblivion. The harmful ingredients contained at the time reduced the popularity of LVT flooring and banished it to the sidelines. In order to maintain the many advantages of vinyl, research was continued and innovative solutions were developed to eliminate the problematic substances. Nowadays, vinyl flooring is not only completely harmless in terms of human health, but is also usually environmentally friendly and gentle.

Swiss manufacturer Forbo offers a vinyl floor characterized by eye-pleasing designs, innovative surface embossing and a wide range of functionality.  The high resilience and longevity of the floor coverings are the hallmark of the Forbo Allura vinyl flooring. The company is always following the latest trends, which despite their variety always have something in common: good workmanship and very high quality. 

To ensure that every surface has vinyl flooring that is designed to meet the individual requirements of the room, the practical floor covering is available in different versions and designs. The choices are endless. Many well-known manufacturers and great collections provide you with a comprehensive range of products, in which you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for 

If you are not familiar with the installation of vinyl flooring, or if you are one of the more experienced do-it-yourselfers, then self-adhesive vinyl flooring is the right choice for you! The installation is very easy. The vinyl planks have a self-adhesive backing from which only the protective film needs to be removed before they can be laid on the floor.

What is particularly important with self-adhesive vinyl flooring: is the correct preparation of the subfloor. This must be completely free of dust, grease, and unevenness, as these could be drawn through the thin material and subsequently leave marks on the surface. To achieve an even better bond between the cleaned substrate and the vinyl floor, an optional primer can be applied. Immediately after installation, the self-adhesive vinyl flooring is then rigidly bonded to the substrate. Without slipping, you benefit from the best grip and first-class designs that give your room a new shine!

The classic variant for more stability - glue-down vinyl flooring

One of the most popular installation methods is still glueing the vinyl flooring over the entire surface. This method has a particularly low installation height of often only 2 mm. This makes the flexible vinyl flooring the ideal companion for every renovation project, as doors do not have to be sanded down and there is no offset to other rooms. In addition, the thin material does not cause any tripping hazards, which is why glue-down vinyl flooring is just as practical for accessible use.

Another important advantage of glue-down LVT is its ability to withstand enormous loads. Since pressure points occur especially when the substrate is thicker and softer, vinyl flooring is extremely durable for glueing. It is, therefore, more suitable for use in highly frequented areas. Cafes, bars or even office buildings that are exposed to heavy daily wear and tear can be equipped with glue-down vinyl flooring. Furthermore, glue-down vinyl flooring is also ideally suited for use in bathrooms and kitchens. The water-resistant synthetic product offers pleasant alternatives to cool stone tiles in areas where tiles are typically installed, without swelling when exposed to moisture or wetness.

As with glue-down vinyl flooring, the preparation of the subfloor is an essential part of the optimal installation. The subfloor must be completely level and clean. Even the smallest particles can easily become noticeable on the thin surface and lead to permanent damage to the vinyl flooring. Afterwards, you should make sure that the correct amount of glue is used and that the planks are correctly positioned in the base. Once the glue has been applied and dried, you can rely on your vinyl flooring. Even on rough days, you will benefit from the durability of your glue-down LVT and even after several years, you will have a vinyl floor that looks as good as new and is completely level.

Success with just a few clicks - vinyl click flooring

In the case of LVT flooring, click-connection, in particular, is very popular. The vinyl click flooring is laid in no time at all and can then be walked on directly. Vinyl flooring is also available with the practical click mechanism so that the flexible planks can be laid on the floor just as easily and quickly. Although almost every manufacturer now has its own click connection with an impressive name, the principle always remains the same. At a 45° angle, a plank is brought up to an already lying plank and gently pressed down. The click sound that gives the floor its name confirms that it has been accurately and securely anchored so that you can achieve your dream floor with very little effort!

Vinyl click is usually strengthened with an HDF carrier board. This gives the floor covering additional height, which makes installation even easier. Because the individual planks are considerably thicker than, for example, glue-down vinyl flooring, unevenness in the subfloor can be simply laminated instead of repaired. Smaller holes or cracks are simply bridged by the material and become almost invisible. Vinyl click, therefore, offers the ideal solution if you want a quick and especially safe installation that will lead to a guaranteed good result!

The giant on the vinyl flooring market - Gerflor - impresses with an outstanding selection of vinyl clicks in various colours and formats. The French manufacturer is a specialist in vinyl floor coverings and is very familiar with the individual needs of people and also the environment. Quality products always prove their durability, so the Gerflor vinyl click flooring gives every floor a long-term modern and creative surface. Thanks to the simple click-connection, laying the floor is also a real piece of cake for the DIY enthusiast. Thanks to the durable wear layer, scratches and abrasion damage don't stand a chance and you get long-lasting and classically beautiful vinyl flooring with a click mechanism!

Design beautiful small surfaces - Loose-Lay Vinyl Flooring

Probably the simplest principle of laying the vinyl flooring is the 'loose laying' method. Here, the planks are simply laid next to each other on the subfloor without the subfloor being damaged by glue. Due to their heavy weight, the vinyl planks hold firmly to the floor and form a stable and attractive surface. Although this method of installation is not necessarily suitable for areas with heavy traffic, for smaller and frequently changing areas, loose-lay vinyl flooring is a perfect choice!

Flat display areas in department stores need a diverse surface design. Since loose-lay vinyl does not use any glue, the planks can be easily lifted and replaced when comes time to redesign the floor. Storerooms or attics are not usually subject to heavy wear either, so why invest a lot of time and effort in laying expensive flooring in these areas? loose lay vinyl is the ideal companion, especially for such sectors!

Resist loads with natural materials - rigid vinyl flooring

With rigid vinyl flooring made of natural materials, you can bring a piece of nature into your own four walls. Natural floor coverings provide you with beautiful looks and a pleasant room atmosphere. In addition to the high-quality surface structures, rigid vinyl provides you with top-quality products that help your surfaces to be more durable without losing their aesthetic appeal. With laminate and cork flooring, you can achieve classically beautiful floor patterns that will not lose their charm and evenness, even after many years.

Engineered wood flooring - the classy real wood version

You can give your room a particularly noble character by laying engineered wood flooring. The high-quality wooden floorboards always make a well-groomed and first-class impression, which is excellent with furnishing concepts of all kinds. Contrary to what many people think, flooring is often called pre-finished flooring. This describes the condition of the wood in which it is sold. Pre-finished flooring means planks that do not need to be treated or sealed afterwards but can be laid directly on the floor.

Overall, the family of engineered wood flooring is divided into two larger groups: Solid and multi-layer. Solid one consists of a continuous layer of wood, which stands out for its resistant and robust properties. Despite its great durability is somewhat more sensitive to moisture and wetness. More resistant is the multi-layer option. As the name suggests, it has several layers that significantly reduce the water sensitivity of the wooden floor.

Multi-layer engineered wood flooring is available with a different number of layers. The flooring can be composed of either two or three layers. Underneath the top layer of wood is a supporting layer in the opposite direction, which provides a more stable structure with small wooden sticks and is usually made of spruce wood. With three-layer flooring, an additional backing layer is added.

Engineered wood flooring gets its qualitative properties from the generous wear layer (at least 3.5 mm). This not only protects the floor from scratches and abrasion damage but also ensures that the respective surface can be sanded 2-3 times without affecting the appearance or functionality of the wooden floor. Depending on the degree of hardness of the selected wood species, this flooring can be used in more or less heavily trafficked areas. In addition, the classic flooring is available in both lacquered and oiled versions. Lacquer forms a suitably caring layer on the surface of the wood, while oil penetrates the wood fibres and maintains the natural structure.

With Ter Hürne's engineered wood flooring, you get an all-around carefree package. As one of the best-known companies for wood products, this famous manufacturer places particular value on quality with easy handling. The technically accomplished 3-layer pre-finished flooring convinces high-quality features and exciting wood decors. Almost every type of wood is represented by Ter Hürne and ensures a natural ambience in every room!

The solution for the small purse - is laminate flooring

As an inexpensive alternative to the classic wooden floor, the versatile laminate flooring offers multiple uses that not only benefit you but also your wallet. Available in the click or adhesive version, laminate flooring can be laid in no time at all and cuts a fine figure on almost any surface. Basically, laminate flooring consists of four layers.

The core is formed by an HDF core board, which is provided with special swelling protection for longer durability. In addition, there is a backing of resin-impregnated paper which balances the tension to the overlay on the upper layer. The melanin overlay is highly abrasion-resistant and its properties strengthen the entire structure of the laminate flooring. Immediately beneath it is a decorative layer which imitates the natural structures of wood and stone with high-quality printed decorative paper.

Laminate flooring is so popular above all because of its unique combination of high durability, attractive appearance, and unique price-performance ratio. The service life of a laminate depends on the thickness of the panels, which is decisive for its resistance. In order for you to know exactly which impairments your laminate can withstand, small numbers on the product data-sheet indicate the respective durability.

BerryAlloc laminate opens up a wide range of possible uses thanks to its skilful combination of appealing design and high functionality. The floors are easy to install, last, a long time, are simple to clean and require minimal maintenance. For a more traditional, cosy ambience there are plank options with bevels that accentuate each plank. Collection with the HydroPlus coating makes the planks less sensitive to moisture, so small amounts of liquids do not directly cause material deformation.

The so-called service classes indicate the areas in which you can get the most out of your laminate flooring. Service classes 21-23 stand for the living area, whereby laminates with service class 23 can be used in areas with a correspondingly higher load, while floors with service class 21 can be used in areas with a lower load. The numbers 31-33 testify the same for the commercial sector, and the service classes 41-43 for the industrial sector. So you can choose laminate flooring that suits your personal requirements and promotes the individuality of your areas. 

Cork flooring - the power of nature in your own four walls

Cork flooring is a floor covering that protects the integrity of the environment and at the same time has an excellent appearance. Made from the bark of cork oak, this robust material is being used in more and more rooms to protect people and nature equally. Every 9 years the cork oak can be peeled without the tree having to be felled or damaged.

The production of the material is therefore particularly gentle and always carefully designed to preserve the natural material donor. Since it is a natural product, floors made of cork are completely recyclable and can be returned to the natural cycle without any objections. In addition to the typical cork designs, sustainable floorings are also available in a wood or stone look.

A protective layer of environmentally friendly vinyl is laid over the cork core, containing the design. Many of the reproduced surfaces are then provided with a texture that is synchronously imprinted, giving the floor more authenticity. Hardly distinguishable from their optical models, you can give your surfaces such a new look that will give you and the environment many years of joy.

You will find comfort and creativity, especially from the Portuguese manufacturer Granorte. The cork floors are made of 100% natural cork and make the most of the advantages of this unique material. Thanks to their (dimensional) stability and durability, Granorte cork flooring can be laid in almost any room and at the same time do something good for the environment. The natural cork structure is excellently exposed and presented in its most beautiful form. Get versatile cork floors for your four walls and equip your floor with a natural layer of cork!

Tiles - essential in kitchen and bathroom

What for a long time was considered outdated is now ultramodern again! The ceramic tiles are true all-rounders and convincing with a durable and environmentally friendly appearance. While tiles are often associated with bathrooms and kitchens, modern stone tiles can also be laid in other areas. In bedrooms and living areas, even in your café or your own workshop: Tiles can look good on any surface thanks to their robust material.

One of the biggest advantages of tiles is that they can be laid in wet areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. Thanks to the complete sealing of the joints when laying tiles, they can cope well with large amounts of water. Unlike wooden flooring, which can swell under the influence of moisture and dampness. Avoid any compromises and simply bring the advantages of tiles to your home! Benefit from the durability and resistance of the versatile tiles and be surprised by the design outlook!

Explore floorings - new interior design possibilities with floors from BRICOFLOR!

Are you planning a renovation project and don't know where to start? Then browse through the huge range of different floor coverings in our BRICOFLOR online shop. From carpets to tiles and vinyl, you will find a large selection of manufacturers and decors to help you find your dream floor in no time at all!

If you need any further help, just contact one of our friendly and competent employees. We are happy to assist you by phone, e-mail or via our contact form and advise you in all matters concerning your new flooring. For the purchase of larger quantities, we will be happy to make you an individual offer, naturally at our best price guarantee! Do not hesitate and start creating your interior design dreams from the comfort of your own home with just a few clicks. Secure your favourite with BRICOFLOR today!

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