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Schatex Entrance First Quality And Practicality

Reach for the high-quality and most practical carpet tiles with a broad range of possible applications from the Schatex Entrance collection. They are an extremely diverse piece to work with when redesigning your space as their possibility is to be shaped into any form using their manageable square dimensions. This floor is designed to be installed in lightly trafficked commercial and industrial environments.

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Schatex Entrance

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Easy Installation with Schatex Entrance

These Schatex carpet tiles, now available in five chic colours, are aimed at a decent overall appearance that you can mix and match as you like. You can also get a selection of darker colours with decors in red, dark blue, brown, anthracite and black, which are designed to easily conceal light soiling.

If you want to easily maintain your area, then Schatex Entrance is the best choice for you. The practicality of commercial carpet tiles plays a major role when it comes to maintaining any area. With the heavyweight of some ranges, they do not require adhesives to be installed and can easily be removed and replaced. Whether you place them in an office, they can be laid on a raised floor. In this case, all the cables run under the floor will save a lot of space in the office. If you need access to the cables, you can simply lift up single tiles, allowing easy access.

Therefore, Schatex Entrance is a popular choice for entrance areas to decrease the amount of dirt that is carried into buildings. Moreover, the regular format of 50 x 50 cm enables the textile tiles to be laid next to each other effortlessly, making the use of several different decors no problem. The commercial carpet tiles can be combined with underfloor heating, and they are suitable for chair castors, keep their shape, and are much easier to clean because of their antistatic surface.

Industrial carpet tiles have another benefit as they are self-installing. That means you don't need liquid glue to professionally install this flooring. The modules hold mainly because of their increased own weight and a dimensionally stable backing that has a fibreglass cover. It makes it easy to try out different installation designs and colour combinations, and you can also change the decors later if required. What is more, you can lay the office carpet tiles much faster this way. Moreover, the alignment can always be corrected, making the installation less prone to errors, which makes Schatex Entrance ideal for DIY enthusiasts as well.

Schatex Textile For Your Projects        

The professional floor covering is particularly impressive in commercial areas and offices due to its suitability for chair castors and its antistatic surface, not only making cleaning easier but also preventing the occurrence of discharge sparks. The Schatex Entrance carpet tiles are room sound-insulating, impact sound insulating and can be combined with underfloor heating systems. The contract carpet tiles are assigned to fire protection class Bfl-s1 (DIN B1) and are therefore flame resistant.

The climate-neutral carpets are mostly made of recycled materials and are produced with renewable energy sources. The GuT seal as well as the CRI Green Label confirms the environmentally friendly and

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