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Engineered Wood Flooring: Flooring Meets Luxury

With all the natural beauty of solid wood floors, engineered wood floors bring extra strength and reliability. Engineere…
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Ter Hürne
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Excellent Value For High-Quality Real Wood Flooring

 This luxurious engineered wood flooring, made from real wood has always been associated with a high price tag. This isn’t always true. Even those who do not have or do not plan to use a large budget of BRICOFLOR find the best offer at the best quality/price ratio. The exceptional quality of the natural wood veneer plus the durability of the plywood layers make the floors a smarter and more practical choice.

A Versatile Piece of Nature For Your Home: Engineered Wood Flooring

The natural and raw materials that make up these engineered wood floors give their owners many attractive advantages. Not only does the genuine wood give a rustic and classic look and feel to the home, but it also gives you a sense of security and versatility. Engineered wood flooring is made up of a thin layer of hardwood veneer that tops layers of high-quality plywood. The multiple layers defy the typical standards of solid wooden floors. Yet, the floor can still be sanded a few times like a hardwood floor, depending on the type of wood, the floor thickness, and the structure. Also thanks to the make-up, these floors are significantly lighter than traditional wooden floors, making them easier and more practical for customers. These inherent characteristics of the wood and the modern machining methods are extremely promising and robust alternatives to solid wood floors.

Always Different, But Always Wood: The Uniqueness Of Engineered Wood Flooring

So many expect engineered wood flooring to be limited in its range of designs since its surface is a real wood veneer, but this is not true. For this exact reason, these floors are anything but barren. The special features of this floor are characterised by more and more exclusive and sought-after optic offerings. Unlike laminate which is made from a single, multiplied printed surface, engineered wood flooring is always varied. The real wood contains subtle differences in colour, grain and surface textures that unmistakably make it unique to the touch and authentic in style. Printed patterns cannot truly replicate the designs of Mother Nature, and these monotone printed pictures do not compare to the naturally occurring designs and colours of real wood. The coating seals and preserves the original colour and adds protection to the already durable flooring. The different processing methods never alter the natural look of wood floors and the use of environmentally friendly oils strengthens this coating ensuring different stylistic results.

A Large Selection of Parquet Flooring Ranges From Top Manufacturers

BRICOFLOR provides only the best quality flooring while giving a large selection of engineered wood flooring to choose from. The product ranges available are from well-known manufacturers that are reliable and produce quality floors. Each of the available brands has fascinating ranges that span various price segments. Manufactures like Joka, Tarkett and Ter Hürne are all available to purchase from BRICOFLOR.

Ter Hürne: Real Wood Flooring With German Quality

Ter Hürne offers three collections of engineered wood flooring that have something for everyone’s taste. These high-quality floors are offered in a range of prices, giving the option of high-quality flooring to those with all price ranges. These carefully curated collections in oak, walnut, beech and so on, all with colour palettes, levels of distressed textures and bevel options that can meet modern or traditional interior design preferences for any home.

JOKA: Extra Dimensions For Larger Spaces

With 8 different collections, offering both light and dark wood variations. The JOKA Calgary collections offer wider planks for open spaces. There are even collections that offer larger and wider planks of 2 dimensions. XL and XXL give you a larger selection and more practical options for certain spaces. JOKA engineered wood floors are offered in eco-friendly, three-layer parquet wood species such as maple, oak, ash, larch or walnut.

Benefits Of Engineered Wood Flooring

This wood floor has numerous benefits that make it more practical and beneficial than its solid wood counterpart. Enhanced stability provides more resistance to everyday wear and helps prevent buckling or rippling of the wood. Installing engineered wood floors also makes it a more practical choice for most, as there are multiple methods that can be applied. Floating, glue or nailed give a range of options to match your specific circumstances. The most notable advantage of engineered wood floors is these floors are more resistant to heat and moisture, allowing them to be versatile and laid in many different areas. You can even place these engineered wood floors in places such as bathrooms and basements.

Buy One Of Europes Best Engineered Flooring Ranges Online: At BRICOFLOR

BRICOFLOR gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of flooring options suitable for many interior design styles. Committed to only providing the best quality products, there are multiple manufacturers that contribute to our large selection with their collections and demonstrate the possibilities of engineered wood floors. With all of these options, you are sure to find the perfect flooring for any space. Request a sample and see for yourself the beautiful look and durable structure of the engineered wood floor. The BRICOFLOR online store offers a wide selection so you just have to decide on your favourites. For tailored advice or a personalised quote simply contact us today and we will be happy to offer you our expertise.

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