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Beauflor Moonlight Cushion Vinyl - Discover A Special Kind Of Vinyl Flooring Rolls

With Beauflor Moonlight cushion vinyl flooring, you can specially design your living spaces. Numerous unusual designs open…

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Beauflor Moonlight - Standing Out Has Never Been So Easy!

The vinyl roll goods from the Beauflor Moonlight collection attract all eyes with their numerous unusual looks. Make a conscious decision against mainstream flooring and instead opt for a special floor covering from the Beauflor Moonlight collection! Choose an authentic vinyl floor covering roll in wood look, natural stone look, or tile look and create a stylish ambience in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

You can set special accents with the cushion vinyl flooring roll in a 3D look, which creates real eye-catchers with motifs such as sandy beach, flower meadow, and fish pond. They will make your rooms shine in a completely new light. The environmentally friendly manufactured and 100% recyclable rolled vinyl is available in attractive wood, stone and 3D looks, so there is a suitable design for every taste.

If you prefer a more natural look, the "Beauflor Moonlight Sonora Oak Natural" version is certainly an option for you. The authentic wood look adds a graceful touch and can be easily combined with any interior style. Take a look at the entire Beauflor collection in our BRICOFLOR online shop and let yourself be enchanted and inspired by the special floor patterns!

These Technical Advantages Await You with Beauflor Moonlight - A Practical All-Rounder for Every Day!

The vinyl flooring rolls from Beauflor Moonlight have a total thickness of 2.50 mm, with the wear layer being 0.25 mm thick. To ensure that the design layer is not affected by external factors, there is a wear layer above it as well as a PUR surface finish. The latter contributes to improved resistance to chemicals and ensures particularly good resistance to dirt and everyday wear and tear. This also has a positive effect on the cleaning time.

Even installation on underfloor heating is no problem. On the contrary: in the cold winter months, you will be able to benefit doubly from the foot-warm and heat-insulating nature. In addition, the vinyl flooring by the metre has a high degree of lightfastness. This ensures that the colouration of the floor does not lose its intensity despite direct (or indirect) light sources in the form of daylight or other light sources

Existing concerns and questions regarding safety aspects can be put to rest thanks to the flame-resistant (see fire protection class one), slip-resistant and antistatic properties. With the rolled vinyl in 4m width from Beauflor Moonlight, you can be on the safe side in all situations.

Beauflor Moonlight Proves Its Capabilities In These Areas - Cushioned Vinyl Flooring Uk

The vinyl roll material can withstand the intensity of use in heavily used residential areas as well as moderately used commercial areas (see Nk 23 and 31). These include rooms such as corridors or children's rooms, but also small offices, conference rooms, or boutiques. You will find them for children's rooms with colourful screen carpet motifs in this unusual collection, as well as retro designs in the style of the 1950s, which are ideal for shops and cafés. Become a trendsetter with Beauflor Moonlight and give your room individuality and recognition potential!

Proper Installation Made Easy

First roughly cut the Beauflor Moonlight cushion vinyl, leaving a margin of 5 cm for finishing. Now lay the cut flooring against the initial wall so that the pattern runs parallel to the wall. Make improvement cuts at the inside angle, outside angle, and around irregularities (heating pipes, etc.). When the material lies flat all around the fittings and angles, the final cut can be made along the length of the wall.

In principle, they can be laid loosely for a room size of up to 20m² A suitable double-sided adhesive tape is used for this. For the other installation variant, the rolled vinyl must be glued down. A suitable dispersion adhesive is used for this.

Carefully fold over half of the rolled vinyl and apply the double-sided adhesive tape or dispersion adhesive to the substrate. Now return the PVC to its original position (if using a dispersion adhesive, follow the manufacturer's instructions). Proceed in the same way with the other half of the sheet.

Beauflor Moonlight - Make an Environmentally Conscious Decision!

The well-known manufacturer Beauflor not only wants to convince customers of the high product quality of its PVC floor coverings but also to draw attention to the issue of sustainability by striving to implement clean, renewable energy sources in the production of its floor coverings and constantly working to optimise energy consumption. For the sake of the environment and your health, the Beauflor Moonlight collection also completely avoids the use of heavy metals, solvents, formaldehyde, and harmful plasticisers.

Beauflor Moonlight - Choose Your Favourite at Bricoflor Today And Create Something New!

The overall concept of Beauflor Moonlight PVC flooring convinced you? Then choose one of the 14 versions today and start your renovation project soon! You can get the vinyl roll goods in our online shop at the best price guaranteed! In other words, you can use our sample service to convince yourself of the special PVC flooring and request an individual offer if you should need a larger quantity of PVC flooring.

If you still have questions, you can of course contact our competent team of employees by phone, via our contact form, or by e-mail and receive individual advice. We will be happy to advise you on all aspects of vinyl flooring by the metre from Beauflor Moonlight and look forward to meeting you!


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