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£31.90 per container
corresponds to £12,76 / 1 l
£31.90 per container
corresponds to £12,76 / 1 l
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£9.95 per order

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Product advantages

  • Modern wall paint Made in Germany
  • Matt emulsion paint for interior use
  • First-class opacity
  • Scrub resistant & low splash
  • Easy application
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Delivery iconShipping: 

£9.95 per order

Delivery time iconDelivery time: 

6-8 working days (NO FASTER DELIVERY)

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4. Technical data

Main features

  • Wet abrasionClass 2
  • Contrast ratioClass 1
  • Gloss levelMatt
  • Area of applicationInterior
  • ConsumptionCoverage for a single coat: 20-22 m²
  • ApplicationStir well before use. The surface must be solid, clean, dry and free from grease and dust. Sanding and absorbent surfaces should be coated with deep primer. Suitable for rolling and brushing.
  • Application temperaturenot below 8°C
  • Drying timedust dry after approx. 2-3 hours; can be recoated after approx. 6 hours.
  • DilutionApply primer layer diluted with 5% water of the total quantity. Then apply the top layer undiluted.
  • Densityat 20°C 8-9 /100.0 wt.%
  • Plasticiser-freeYes