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Architects Paper - Modern and classic designs

As an exclusive brand established in 2008, Architects Paper only designs high end and exclusive wallpapers, drawing inspiration and ideas from designers and architects. In the past five years they managed to get a lot of awards for the innovative ideas and unusual designs. Architects Paper only uses the best materials and ways of production to ensure the high quality they are renowned for. You will be amazed by the special and beautiful designer wallpaper they offer, as every collection Architects Paper releases is unique and diverse. This internationally established brand has been the partner of choice for a lot of businesses, and now this is available for you.

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Architects Paper

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Designer wallpaper by Architects Paper

In this collection of designer wallpaper, the motifs vary from calm structures, to plain looking white covering and concrete look wallpaper. To design this collection Architects Paper collaborated with partners like architects, interior designers and the design studio from Porsche. All the products provided in this collection are high quality wallpapers. This line is subdivided into AP 2000, AP Beton, AP Blanc and Luxury wallpaper. The whole collection offers beautiful designs and pattern, so if you are looking to decorate your home in a luxurious feel or very modern, this is the collection you’re looking for. The Porsche line is very modern and contemporary, and the concrete wallpaper line speaks for itself: concrete designs for a timeless look. Available are various beautiful hues of concrete to decorate your home in the look you desire. The line AP Blanc is offers all sorts of beautiful white designs and is also textured wallpaper, for an even better look and feel. This textured line truly gives an extra dimension to your space. The line of luxury wallpaper has a combination of plain colours and shapes that have a contemporary look, and can be combined freely.

Luxury redifined – Wall coverings with style

The designers of this line describe these wallpapers as diverse and of high quality, with exciting patterns. The modern designs include graphic styles combined with traditional wallpaper styles. This collection of posh wallpaper is completed with a few plain colours. These plain wallpapers make it easy to combine the different designs in all sorts of ways. For example, the pastel hues with small designs in them have a luxury feel. A lot of red, yellow (almost gold) and white is used in combination with a darker shade of anthracite. These colour combinations go with right about any interior you have, or might want to have. These wallpapers can be cleaned with a brush and a little bit of soap, which is yet another indicator of their high quality.

Durability and convenience of Architects Paper – Washable wallpaper

This collection has a vast array of excellent technical properties, aimed to make installation and maintenance as easy as possible. For example, the sun icon indicates that a product has good colourfastness, which means that the light of the sun will not cause the colour of the wallpaper to fade. Under normal circumstances, the colours should last up to 50 years, with normal circumstances meaning indoors and in indirect sunlight only. The next indication of high quality is the icon with the wave and a brush. This means the surface of this wallpaper is scrubbable with a soft brush or sponge and a light soap solution. This is possible because it is non-woven material that has numerous advantages over traditionally used materials. You will notice that it’s very convenient to have wallpaper that is easy to clean. In rooms where you eat or where you will be a lot, it’s a huge advantage that you can keep your wallpaper in like-new condition.

Hanging wallpaper – Installation of your new décor

All the wallpapers in this collection of Architects Paper are made of non-woven materials. This high-quality material has become more and more popular over the past few years. This is for a few reasons. One of them being that wallpapers from this material are so easy to apply. During installation, you apply the paste or glue on the wall and not on the back of the wallpaper, as how one would install traditional wallpapers. This is easier and decorating will go quicker a lot than with traditional materials. Moreover, this material is easy to remove if you want to redecorate after some time. It will leave no residues on the wall and it will not damage your wall either. You do not need any other materials to remove it, as the wallpaper comes off-dry. During the installation of your new wallpaper, you should pay attention to the icon that indicates how to apply them in consideration with the pattern and design on the wallpaper. If it has a certain pattern, it could be possible you need to change the height of the next line of wallpaper. Another possibility is that the next line of wallpaper should be applied upside down. This is also shown by one of the icons. In any case, it is always a good idea to follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

High-quality wallpaper – A sustainable collection by Architects Paper

This line of luxury wallpaper offers many opportunities to mix, match, and be creative. The label ´Made in Germany´ means that all the products are of high quality and manufactured in Germany. These wall coverings also have the label RAL which means that the products have been quality checked by a qualified German company, to insure the consistent quality you expect. They check for water resistance, washability, colorfastness and shock resistance. The CE marking attached to this product means that the manufacturer complies to the European rules. The FSC label means that the wallpapers are made with sustainably and environmentally responsibly sourced materials.

Wallpaper online at BRICOFLOR UK

Here in our online shop, BRICOFLOR UK, we offer all kinds of wallpaper. It does not matter what kind of style you want in your home, we can deliver. Not only Architects Paper could be the perfect fit to your home, perhaps you’ll find what you’re looking for in the many collections of other manufacturers whose products we carry. In addition to that, here at BRICOFLOR UK we offer free samples of all our products to our customers. This is very convenient if you do not yet know how your new wallpaper will suit your interior. Moreover, you also can mix and match and see if the different types of wallpaper fit together, and how they suit your space and existing interior elements. We also offer an online calculator for you to calculate how many rolls of wallpaper you need. Feel free to take a look around our online shop and all the different brands we offer.