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AS Creation Wallpaper – Wall coverings with style

AS Creation is a relatively young manufacturer renowned worldwide for wallpapers of exceptional quality and diversity. A.S. Création is based in Germany and specialises in creating high quality wallpaper designs with many practical applications. Because they have manufactured high-end wallpapers since 1974, A.S. Creation has gathered a vast expertise in design and production of wall coverings. 

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A.S. Création

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more affordable wallpaper with remarkable quality, all the way to high-end wallpaper with exceptional quality. A.S. Création designs are so vastly diverse that just about everyone will find the best covering to decorate their home.

Imitation wall coverings - Dekora Natur 6

Dekora Natur 6 is one of the bestselling A.S. Création lines. This line offers a lot of what is referred to as imitation wallpaper, which means designs realistically emulating wood and stone. These imitation wall coverings will be the missing link in decorating your house with that natural, homely feel. You can decorate your entire home, a few walls or just on big wall, depending on the style and feel you’re looking for. Naturally, the different designs can be combined, mixed, and matched endlessly to create the perfect atmosphere for you. You can also create an older feel with the brick wallpaper provided in this collection. It will look like an old house renovated with these beautiful wall coverings.

Classic look - Bohemian Burlesque

The name already gives it all away. This collection offers old looking wallpaper with floral designs. With this line you will be able to create a classic look, will loads of “patina” charm. The plain tones allows you to create a classic feel, but with a subtle and understated touch. Combining the floral designs with plain wallpaper opens the door to countless shades of colourful designs, but still with that classic feel. The striped varieties provided in this collection has a slightly more modern feel to it. By combining these stripes with something more classic you will have the best of both worlds and achieve a unique, and timeless look. Combine and be creative with the Bohemian Burlesque wallpaper line!

Wallpaper for kids - Boys & Girls 5

This collection is especially designed for our little ones. Kids’ wallpaper must be colourful and happy. Boys & Girls 5 managed this, and much more than that. This line of wallpaper for kids is perfect for in a nursery or a toddler's room. For both boys’ and girls’ bedrooms a lot of designs are available. For tough or adventurous guys A.S. Création offers dinosaur wallpapers, and designed with girls in mind, floral and butterfly pattern is available. This collection truly offers wall coverings for kids of all ages. There are also wood effect designs with text, which is especially designed for kids in this collection. The plain colours are bright and happy, and serve to accentuate the more elaborate designs, or tone down a room slightly, to prevent it from becoming to visually “noisy”.

Vintage wallpapers - New Classics

As the name suggests, this line is filled with classic wallpaper patterns and colours. Combining these two assures you of a classical, perhaps even nostalgic feel in your home. The floral patterns, for example, match beautifully with the available plain hues. Because these are very warm and calm in tone, you can combine plain hues and patterned wallpapers freely, without the risk of your space becoming overly saturated with colours. Vintage wallpaper designs are the upcoming trend, and they are now available in the New Classics collection.

A.S. Création wallpaper - Durable and high quality 

All the products offered in the A.S. Création line are durable and of high quality. The sun icon indicates that the light of the sun will not decolour the wallpaper under normal circumstances. These normal circumstances are in indirect sunlight and indoors. The icon with waves indicates that the wallpaper is moisture resistant, which means that a light damp cloth can be used to clean it. This is very convenient, for example, in a room for children or also in the living/dining room. Then there is another icon which shows you a brush with one wave. This means the wallpaper can withstand a lot of water. You can clean wallpapers with this icon with a soft brush and some mild soap. The high quality is also marked with the made in Germany logo. All these properties assure you that your walls will be a joy to look at, but will also last a long time.

Different types of wallpaper - discover the world of A.S. Création wallpapers

A.S. Création offers all kinds of wallpaper, made of different materials, for slightly different applications. Each material has its own specific properties, making it the material of choice in one situation or another. Choosing a wallpaper starts with finding which type or material best suits your needs. A.S. Création is fully aware of this and matches the design of the wallpaper to its recommended use. As such, AS creation has wall coverings for in the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom and many more rooms you wish to decorate.

Paper wallpaper by A.S. Création – classic and versatile

All the paper wallpapers from A.S. Création are high quality products. They are made from recycled paper, which naturally reduces their ecological footprint. These wall coverings also have a high breathability rate, which helps them cope with moisture fluctuations in the room. These wallpapers also have a great lightfastness, which means that they do not change colour from being exposed to sunlight. This is an important factor in determining the quality of a product. High colour fastness is in indication of high quality. Being the most “traditional” of wallpapers, you will need to soak these products in glue before applying them to the wall.

A.S. Création's vinyl wallpaper – multi-layer, coated quality

The vinyl wallpaper from A.S. Création is based on multi-layered paper materials coated with vinyl. These are easy to install, because you apply the glue to the wall, rather than on the wallpaper itself. These high quality wallpapers are much more resistant to water than their plain-paper counterparts. This means they can usually be cleaned with a brush or a sponge, with or without soap. To make sure, you should always check at the packaging of the wallpaper. Convenient icons will tell you all the most important things in a single glance. However, because of these products’ resistance to water, it’s not easy to strip it off the wall during redecorating. On most of these wallpapers only the top layer is strippable, and the bottom layer should be stripped off with special tools.

Non-woven wallpaper by A.S. Création - easy to install and remove

Non-woven wallpapers have become more popular in recent years. Thanks to their excellent properties, these are the most produced type of wallpaper at the moment. All this is because it is easy to install and easy to remove during redecorating. During redecorating these wallpapers can be completely stripped off dry, and no residues will be left behind on the wall. Installing these products is easy as well. You apply the wallpapers to the wall, after having applied glue to the wall, and you do not need to cover the backing of the product in glue. This material is also washable, which makes dealing with light stains easy.

A.S Création Satin wallpaper – classic, rich looks for your home

Using satin to decorate wallls is one of the oldest methods there is. They remained popular because of the nice finish and look they have. Satin wallpapers also have a high colour fastness, which is another testimony to the quality. Also this material is scrubbable where you should always follow the advice of the manufacturer. Depending on the type of satin wallpaper they are completely strippable or it has a peelable layer. A peelable layer means that the top layer can be easily peeled off and the bottom layer should be removed with special products.


Installation of your next A.S Création product

The icons you find on the package or the product page also indicate how the installation of the wallpaper should be done. The offset match icon, for example, means that you do not have to consider the pattern of this product during installation. You can easily align the sheets at the top or halfway through if that is needed for a shorter distance. It also  means that the next sheet should be applied at the same height as the one before. 

A.S. Création and their sustainable products

A.S. Création surpasses the European and International standards and regulations when it comes to environmental standards. A.S. Création is committed to an A+ rating, ensuring extremely low pollution rates. The colouring for A.S. Création products is a water based paint, which is designed to be non-polluting. They also make efforts to produce their wallpapers using sustainable paper and take additional effort to protect the sustainability of forests. This is proven by the FSC Logo that can be found on the packages. When you purchase an A.S. Création product, you rest assured you are investing in an environmentally responsible company. All their wallpapers also have a CE logo, which means that the strictest fire safety laws are met. The wallpaper collections from A.S. Création even meet the German laws for fire safety, which is proven by the RAL logo. As German lawmakers pursue the highest of standards, their laws are the strictest of Europe.

A.S. Création wallpaper online at BRICOFLOR UK

Beside the few collections we decided to highlight here, A.S. Création has countless more in their extensive catalogue. You can browse through their entire assortment at BRICOFLOR UK because we can deliver you every product A.S. Création has to offer. As a special service, we offer free wallpaper samples to our customers. We charge a small fee to cover the costs, which will be refunded to you entirely in the event of a purchase. On our product pages, you will find a roll calculator, so you can easily find out how many rolls you need. In addition to A.S. Création, we also have numerous other brands for sale. Feel free to browse, compare, order samples, and ask us your questions. And thanks to our best price guarantee you will never spend a single penny too much. Promised!