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White Wallpaper: The Classic Decoration

It is impossible to imagine interior design without white wallpaper. White lends itself as a classic wall colour to make the room look calm and open. However, it doesn't always have to be the boring woodchip wallpaper in white, because different structures or patterns also lend themselves here.

£45.95 per roll £9.95 per roll
corresponds to £1.87 / m²
£16.11 per roll £11.50 per roll
corresponds to £2.16 / m²
£16.11 per roll £11.50 per roll
corresponds to £2.16 / m²
£17.81 per roll £12.50 per roll
corresponds to £2.35 / m²
£18.66 per roll £13.50 per roll
corresponds to £2.53 / m²
£18.66 per roll £13.50 per roll
corresponds to £1.27 / m²
£19.51 per roll £13.95 per roll
corresponds to £1.75 / m²
£20.36 per roll £14.50 per roll
corresponds to £2.72 / m²
£16.70 per roll £14.95 per roll
corresponds to £2.80 / m²
£15.15 per roll
corresponds to £2.84 / m²
£22.06 per roll £15.50 per roll
corresponds to £18.24 / m²
£22.06 per roll £15.50 per roll
corresponds to £2.91 / m²
£22.06 per roll £15.50 per roll
corresponds to £2.91 / m²
£22.91 per roll £16.50 per roll
corresponds to £3.10 / m²

Paste the wall wallpaper

Wallpaper 211798 Livingwalls Hygge
£22.91 per roll £16.50 per roll
corresponds to £3.10 / m²
£22.91 per roll £16.50 per roll
corresponds to £3.10 / m²
£23.76 per roll £16.95 per roll
corresponds to £3.18 / m²
£23.76 per roll £16.95 per roll
corresponds to £3.18 / m²
£23.76 per roll £16.95 per roll
corresponds to £3.18 / m²

Paste the wall wallpaper

Wallpaper 952813 A.S. Création Mix
£24.61 per roll £17.50 per roll
corresponds to £3.28 / m²


The special thing about wallpaper in white is that it can be used universally, for every style and every room. There is a good reason why most walls are designed with white wallpaper, because the plain wall coverings allow you to set individual accents and create an ambience that reflects your own personal taste. 

In addition, white design wallpaper can make the room appear larger, wider, and more open and has a very harmonious and calming effect. White can be combined with all other colours and sets a few resting points for the eye if the rest of the interior is very expressively designed. However, white wallpaper doesn't always have to be monochrome and boring, because a wide variety of patterns and structures surprise with unusual effects for the room.



The world of wallpapers is very rich and white wallpaper in particular is given a lot of scope here. In our online shop, for example, you will find a large selection of plain white wallpapers that are particularly suitable for simple and clean interiors. 

White paintable wallpapers offer the advantage that they can be used universally and can be easily painted over in your favourite colour if required. So, you can opt for that plain white wallpaper, if you prefer. However, the special structures and patterns allow the wallpapers to shine in all their glory even in white.

If you prefer something a little livelier and more unusual, you can also find numerous patterned wallpapers in white in our online shop. In some cases, the wallpaper in white is rounded off with a few bright and colourful accents or appealing textile or natural looks. Whether romantic floral wallpaper, elegant baroque wall dressings or exciting 70s-style wallpaper - numerous white wallpapers provide the perfect setting for a meaningful room design. You can also choose from white floral wallpaper to white brick wallpaper, so let yourself be inspired.



You can also choose between a wide variety of materials for white wallpaper. The backing materials are either non-woven or paper, which differ not only in terms of appearance and care, but also in terms of application. Paper wallpaper is an inexpensive type of wallpaper that impresses with its sustainability and good breathability. 

Non-woven wallpaper is very robust thanks to its ideal dimensional stability and is very uncomplicated to wallpaper. In addition, a non-woven white wallpaper is flame retardant and is also suitable as bathroom and kitchen wallpaper due to its water resistance and air and vapour permeability. If at some point you decide to buy a new white wallpaper from our online shop, the old non-woven wallpaper can be easily removed from the wall in dry conditions.



White vinyl wallpaper is one of the most robust types of white wallpaper. Here, heated and foamed vinyl is applied several times to a non-woven backing, which not only provides the special look and feel, but also makes the wallpaper scratch and impact resistant. Thus, a white wallpaper with vinyl coating is also suitable for the kitchen or bathroom, especially since a vinyl wallpaper is very abrasion-resistant

However, you should make sure to air it regularly when applying it in the bathroom. Thanks to the good light resistance of the wallpaper in white, however, you do not have to worry about a loss of colour intensity with constant sunlight.


With a textured wallpaper in white, you can choose between non-woven or paper as the backing material. So, you have the choice between easy application and the cheaper alternative. A textured wallpaper also usually has a vinyl coating, but this has not been processed quite as elaborately as a vinyl wallpaper and is therefore not quite as hard-wearing. However, this wallpaper in white can also be cleaned carefully with a damp cloth and has good light resistance.


To attach your new wallpaper in white, you only need the usual commercial tools. Some of these you will find in our wallpaper tools category, so that you can conveniently order everything from the same place. 

Depending on the chosen backing material, the application of the white wallpaper differs slightly. Basically, you should measure your walls exactly before ordering your new wall covering in our online shop. Especially when choosing a white patterned wallpaper, it is advisable to plan for at least one more roll.


Regardless of the type of wallpaper you choose, you should cut the wallpaper strips with an addition of five centimetres at the top and bottom. You can cut this off later at the edge of the wall to generate a neat finish. When mixing the paste, make sure that no lumps form and make sure that your walls are as smooth and dry as possible. 

It is also worth taking a look at the data sheet, because if you have chosen white wallpaper with a drop set, it must be applied alternately upwards or downwards by the offset specification.


The special advantage of non-woven wallpaper is that you can apply the paste directly to the wall. This saves you not only soaking the wallpaper strips, but also setting up wallpapering tables. This is how you apply your new non-woven wallpaper to the wall:


Use a tassel to spread the paste as evenly as possible on the wall to be wallpapered. It is best not to work on the entire wall surface yet, otherwise, the paste will dry prematurely in the rear area.

Ideally, start wallpapering in the top left-hand corner of the wall. Take the first strip of wallpaper and place it exactly at the edge of the wall and ceiling.

Smooth the white wallpaper onto the wall from top to bottom using a wallpaper brush or sponge.

Proceed in the same way with the following strips of your new wallpaper in white, although if you choose a patterned wallpaper, you should make sure that the pattern matches perfectly.

Wipe off any excess paste on the wallpaper quickly and smooth out any scars or air bubbles with a scar roller and a pressure roller.


A little more care is needed when applying a paper wallpaper, as the wallpaper strips here need to be soaked with the paste for about five to ten minutes, which makes the wallpaper easy to tear. Make sure that you apply approximately the same amount of paste to the individual strips of white wallpaper and try to keep the soaking time as short as possible. This is how you apply white paper wallpaper to the wall:


  1.       Spread the paste evenly over the first strip of wallpaper with a tassel. The soaking time begins at this point.
  2.       Carefully lay the wallpaper into a package by placing backing to backing and surface to surface. There should be no folds here.
  3.       During the soaking time of the first strip of your white wallpaper, you can already work on the next strips.
  4.       As soon as the soaking time for the first strip of wallpaper has elapsed, first unfold only the upper part and smooth it onto the wall with a wallpaper brush or sponge. Only when this adheres well do you unfold the lower part and apply it to the wall.
  5.       When choosing a pattern wallpaper, you should pay attention to the respective design of your wallpaper in white for the following strips.
  6.       Here, too, you should quickly wipe off the excess paste from the wallpaper and make minor corrections with a grain roller and a press-on roller.



The classic white wallpaper is of course offered by several manufacturers. How do you find the right manufacturer for your new white wallpaper? In our online shop you will find a variety of tasteful white wallpapers from renowned companies, lifestyle and fashion brands as well as well-known designers. All of them attach importance to an individual wall design, so that every single wallpaper in white captivates with a characteristic that is typical for it.

At the renowned wallpaper manufacturer A.S. Création, for example, you will not only find a particularly large selection of stylish white wallpapers, but also wallpapers of a particularly high quality. The contract and premium brand Architects Paper impresses with wallpapers for discerning building owners, whereas the modern brand Livingwalls brings a breath of fresh air into your rooms with its innovative wallpapers.



You will definitely find what you are looking for at the renowned wallpaper manufacturer A.S. Création when it comes to designing walls in a particularly stylish way with a wallpaper in white. AS Creation wallpapers not only offers matching white wallcoverings in its numerous patterned wallpaper collections, but also impresses with its high-quality paintable wallpapers. A.S. Création not only attaches great importance to the appealing design of your new white minimalist wallpaper, but also to the careful handling of the resources used and constant quality controls.



Save yourself the search for the right wallpaper in white in a confusing DIY store and decide on your white wallpaper from our online shop from the comfort of your sofa. Thanks to our best price guarantee, you get affordable wallpaper with tasteful designs and high quality.


Use our sample service if you are not one hundred percent sure about the feel or design. And if you are planning a larger construction project, you are also welcome to request an individual offer and we will try to provide you with a bespoke offer.


If you have any questions, requests or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service. Call us during business hours, send us an e-mail or simply fill out our contact form. We will be happy to advise you on the topic of white wallpaper and look forward to hearing from you!


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