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The wallpapers from the Dutch lifestyle label Djooz conjure up a romantically relaxed atmosphere. Soft colours such as light blue and rosé, dreamy designs such as flowers, poetic text elements and vintage collages create harmony and a discreetly nostalgic flair.

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If you are looking for wallpapers that bring harmony into your own four walls, then the Djooz brand is just the right choice. Created in cooperation with the renowned wallpaper manufacturer A.S. Création, Djooz wall hangings invite you to relax and feel good. The wallpapers and wallpaper borders of this fashionable brand turn your home into an oasis of well-being in no time at all.

Create a small peaceful midst of city noise and the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the moment. The designs and borders of this collection are not only suitable for redesigning a complete wall or an entire room. You also have the possibility to put individual parts of the interior wonderfully in the scene. If you have decided on vinyl wallpaper or fleece wallpaper from Djooz, you can also apply the wall dresses ideally in the kitchen or bathroom.


Djooz wallpapers are particularly suitable for friends of the classic country house style or for puristic Scandinavian-style furnishings. Especially the romantic floral wallpaper, which comes in warm and soft colours, creates a friendly atmosphere that you won't want to miss anymore. Round off your vintage style interior with the matching wallpaper from Djooz and create a nostalgic flair of the 20s or 30s. The tasteful floral wallpapers conjure up spring feelings all year round and provide a stylish, romantic and loving environment.

But not only friends of floral patterns get their money's worth at Djooz. For lovers of fine structures, minimalist design with a discreet rustic touch and a light used look or a pattern mix in patchwork style will definitely find here the right decor to perfect the interior. Create a synergy of harmony and friendliness in classic style and create a pleasant ambiance to relax in.


Djooz offers you in the collection Djooz Djooz 2 numerous wall dresses for light looks and an unagitated atmosphere. Choose Scandinavian wallpapers for a puristically relaxed style or create your individual style with the extraordinary pattern wallpapers in patchwork style. Here you will find light colours, flowery design, minimalist wallpapers with a spotted look as well as wallpaper borders and geometric wallpapers with a hint of a diamond pattern, which is ideal for bathrooms or kitchens.

Decide for more striking flower designs or soft and detailed flower wallpaper - flower magic is guaranteed at Djooz. The poetic text elements and the vintage collages always provide a slightly mysterious charm and a touch of mysticism and nostalgia. So put an end to the dreary and boring rooms and give your walls a new life with Djooz wallpapers.


When you buy your wallpaper from Djooz, you should pay attention not only to the design and the colours, but also to the materials. The surface of your new wallpaper plays an important role when it comes to the final appearance and care of the wall covering. Here you can basically choose between a vinyl wallpaper and a textured wallpaper, which differ not only in price but also in robustness. For the respective attachment of your wallpaper, it is crucial whether you choose a wallpaper with a carrier from paper or from fleece.

Paper wallpaper from Djooz is particularly inexpensive and impresses with its high breathability, which ensures a good indoor climate. In addition, a paper wallpaper is particularly environmentally friendly, since it consists of a large extent of recyclable materials. Non-Woven wallpaper is very robust and can also be easily attached to the wall, as you can apply the paste directly to the wall. The air and vapor permeability of the non-woven wallpaper and its water-resistance also allow you to hang the wallpaper in the kitchen or bathroom. If you decide to buy another wallpaper from our online shop at a later date, the old wallpaper is easy to remove.

A structured wallpaper is a wallpaper that has a noticeable pattern. Textured wallpaper is usually embossed, creased or gathered and can have a carrier of fleece or paper. A vinyl coating is also possible here, but this is not quite as hard-wearing as with a vinyl wallpaper, which captivates by optimal longevity. When placing your new wallpaper do not worry about the light irradiation. No matter how long the design is exposed to light, you don't have to worry that the warm splendor of colour will be lost or that the wallpaper will fade.


For the application of your new Djooz wallpaper, you don't need great previous knowledge and can still achieve a result from a professional. However, the application of a paper wallpaper differs slightly from the application of non-woven wallpaper. First of all, you should measure your walls to know how many rolls of wallpaper you should order from our online shop. When choosing a sample wallpaper, it is advisable to order one more roll, as there may be some blending. Cut the lengths of wallpaper according to the dimensions of your walls and leave about five centimeters to protrude, which you can separate cleanly if the wallpaper hangs on the wall. When stirring the paste, avoid forming lumps and make sure that your walls are dry and smooth.


With a fleece wallpaper, you have the advantage that you can apply the paste directly on the wall. Spread it as evenly as possible with a tassel and brush the wallpaper strips against the wall from top to bottom with a wallpapering brush. With sample wallpapers, pay attention to the appropriate design and smooth out scars between the strips with a scar roller.


With a paper wallpaper of Djooz, small soaking time is to be considered, which should lie with approximately five to ten minutes and should be held with the individual webs approximately the same. Apply the paste to the wallpaper strips and use about the same amount of paste for each strip.

Carefully fold the processed sheet into a small package and apply only after the application time has elapsed. First, unfold only the upper half and only when it is firmly in place, also attach the lower half. As with a non-woven wallpaper, you can even out scars between the strips with a scar roll. Note that paper wallpaper can tear more easily through the softened material.


The Dutch brand Djooz inspires with its delicate design in light colours and a touch of nostalgia. The tasteful monochrome wallpapers and sample wallpapers, which were designed in cooperation with the renowned company A.S. Création in an innovative studio for you, conjure up a natural and romantic aura without losing the modern charm.

Despite the classic wallpapers, the fashion brand Djooz also convinces with its contemporary flair. The different designs allow the realization of almost any style. With Djooz the country house style is in the foreground, which is suitable for its different interpretations also for a simpler mechanism. So choose the wallpaper that best suits your desire for a relaxed atmosphere and perhaps complement it with a matching wallpaper edge to round off the harmonious style perfectly.

In the spirit of a natural design, the discreet wall hangings are manufactured under environmentally friendly conditions and using modern production processes to ensure energy-efficient production. In addition, only water-based inks are used in gravure printing and the high-quality raw materials are sourced exclusively from ethical forestry.


Benefit from many advantages in our online shop. Take the time you need and think carefully about which decor really suits you. Thanks to our Best Price Guarantee, you can get Djooz wallpapers in our online shop at the best price.

Avoid the long journey to a DIY store and the endless search for an employee in long and confusing corridors. Simply choose your favourite Djooz wallpaper from the couch. You can also take a close look at material, colour and haptics with us, because we offer you a free sample service. We will send you a sample of your favourite wallpaper and you will finally be inspired by the fashionable wallpapers.

Take a look around during your order to see if you really have all the utensils you need to change your wallpaper. Should you notice that something is missing, then add it to your shopping basket without any problems via the "Accessories" item. Only when you really have everything you need for the new wall design do you conveniently complete your order with one of our customer-friendly payment options. Only a few days later you can start to give the room a new look with Djooz wallpapers.

If you still need expert advice for your wallpaper change, our customer service will be happy to assist you. Simply contact us by e-mail, telephone or use our contact form. We will be happy to help you and look forward to hearing from you!