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Innova wallpaper – Contemporary designs 

Innova is a young and high quality brand of wallpaper. They are manufactured in Germany, and well known in Europe. The brand is known for their low prices and beautiful designs. Innova has a wide assortment of different designs, all of which have a floral and romantic flair. The plain wallpapers complement the patterns with their well-chosen hues. This is ideal to use for mixing and matching to create the perfect atmosphere in your room. The Memory 3 line from Innova is the third wallpaper collection they created. Have a look and be prepared to be amazed by this beautiful collection. 

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For the price conscious customer –  Innova wallpaper

With this collection, Innova thought about the price conscious customer.  But even though you do not pay the highest price with this cheap wallpaper, the quality of this classic line is excellent. We can notice this in the different characteristics the wallpapers have. Within this collection, Innova offers a wealth of different designs. All the colours offered in this collection are natural, warm and will bring a cosy feel to your home.

Memory 3 – Romantic colours and beautiful patterns

The plain wallpapers in this collection are calm with pastel hues, which will look beautiful and romantic in your home. The pastel wallpaper is complemented with an old yellow and red colour and a dark grey brown colour, which suggests concrete design. The striped wallpaper in this line is like the plain wallpaper, romantic and timeless colours except also combining lighter and darker shades. Combining either the plain or striped wallpaper with patterns will be the perfect match in your home. All the patterns in this collection are floral and colourful. Innova added a red shade to these already romantic colours, and the pastel shades also reappear in the floral patterns. The old yellow colours reappear in the patterns as well. They form a stark contrast to some of the baroque designs available as well. These gorgeous designs are also available in other colours. For example black and off white shades combined with a darker shade of the aforementioned colours. Some beautiful combinations you can find in this collection are light blue with off-white, black with gold, and off-white with gold. These all are excellent to combine with all the different plain shades they offer. Some of the baroque wallpaper designs have a look old because the darker colour is faded which will give a beautiful atmosphere to your home, and if you combine this with a lighter plain wallpaper a romantic atmosphere will surely come to your space. The designs in this collection are floral wallpapers, but they also offer a pattern with leaves. These are on an off white background and the leaves are lighter and darker shades of white. This is a subtle and beautiful touch to the design.

Non-woven wallpaper – only advantages

All the wallpapers in this collection are made from non-woven materials. This kind of wallpaper became more popular in the last few years, and currently, this is the most sold kind of wallpaper. This is because it has a lot of advantages. For example, the non-woven wallpapers are made from environmental friendly materials, and Innova is very strict on environmentally friendly products. They want everything to be sustainable and not harm the environment. So you can be sure that their wallpaper is not only great to look at, but also an ethically responsible choice. The non-woven material is also loved for its user friendliness. The material is lightweight but very strong, it will therefore not tear during applying. There also is no soaking time for this wallpaper, because it will not change in size when absorbing moisture. That is why it is easy to apply, and it is way quicker than other materials. Another aspect why it is so easy to apply is, you only have to cover the wall in glue. With traditional wallpaper material you needed to put the glue on the backside of the wallpaper, now you can just put the glue on the wall. Apply the glue to the wall, adjust the wallpaper if required, and you’re set. This streamlined installation process will save you a lot of time.

High Quality - Characteristics of Innova wallpaper

The material is also very breathable this will prevent mildew and it will prevent your wall from damaging. The light fastness of the material also is very high. This means that the colour will so little if any signs of fading over time. A property that is particularly desirable if you’re decorating a room with a lot of windows. In normal circumstances, you can enjoy the brilliant colours of your new wallpaper for a very long time. These normal circumstances are indoors and not in direct sunlight. When you decorated your room, you want it to look like you just installed the wallpaper for a long time: fresh, clean and neat. Luckily is this material washable. Because these materials are water resistant you can clean them with a sponge or a cloth and sometimes with a bit of soap. This washable wallpaper will be ideal in rooms where you eat of where children play. All these features will be mentioned on the packing of the product, and we advise you to read these carefully. If you are someone who redecorates a lot, this is the kind of wallpaper most fitting for you. Creating a brand new kind of look or atmosphere in your home this will be very easy because this kind of wallpaper is very easy to remove. It will not leave any residues and you will not damage the wall underneath the wallpaper. You also do not need any tools or chemicals to remove it: it simply comes off dry.

Pattern wallpaper – How to install

When installing your new decoration we advise you to carefully look at the instructions from the manufacturer.  On the packing, it will be stated if you should take the patterns into consideration. Free match means you do not have to take the pattern in consideration, straight match means you have to apply the next strip of wallpaper at the same exact height as the one before, this is mostly the case with damask wallpaper, and offset match will tell you how many centimetres you need to consider when applying. This is in order to match the pattern with the next strip of wallpaper. Lastly, reverse alternate lengths means that you should apply the nest strip of wallpaper the other way around, upside down, in order for the pattern to as good as the manufacturer intended. All these instruction will be mentioned on the packing of the wallpaper.

Durable and high quality wallpaper – Innova

The Made in Germany logo ensures that the wallpaper is of high quality. This logo is only given to manufacturers that really manufacture their products in Germany. The FSC logo means that the paper is made from responsibly sourced materials, which means that it’s environmental friendly often of recycled materials. The CE logo ensures that the wallpaper complies with the regulations regarding fire safety in Germany, which are some of the strictest laws in Europe.

Innova wallpaper at BRICOFLOR UK

Innova managed to design another beautiful collection with this line. This collection and so much more is available on BRICOFLOR UK. Feel free to take a look around in our web shop. As a special service to our customers we offer a free wallpaper sample service for you to look for the best match with your current interior. Also you can use it to mix and match with other collections and find the perfect combination to create the mood you’re looking for. In addition to the free samples, we offer an online calculator to calculate how many rolls of wallpaper you need to decorate your room. Take a look at other collections and find the most beautiful wallpaper for your home.