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Livingwalls wallpaper – Modern and beautiful designs

Livingwalls is a modern brand based in Cologne. They are known for designer wallpaper and high end brands collaborating with them. Every once in a while they find another new, talented designer to work with. Sometimes from the fashion industry, sometimes a jewellery designer, just to name two of the many options. In the collection now presented they found both. 

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Mac Stopa, a designer and architect, and Jette Joop, a jewellery designer, both collaborated with Livingwalls to create this fine collection. Livingwalls produces exceptionally high quality products with modern designs. One can easily see that Livingwalls is young designer of wallpapers by their exceptional, special designs. In this collection we can find a lot of different wallpaper each with a unique beautiful design. The collection is greatly varied, as both classical wallpapers and more unusual designs can be found within. Anyone having a thorough look at this collection will likely be amazed by the different designs offered. Livingwalls has high standards for quality, so you can rest assured that your wallpaper will look like new for a long time. The Mac Stopa collection really does justice to the name Livingwalls. The designs are so bright and look like they are alive. The eye-catching colours and patterns are very different from the collection that Jette Joop designed. She designed a collection with calm colours and with a shimmering of gold and silver. Although a world apart from the Stopa designs, this collection has a distinct character that will surely strike the right chord. The use of gold and silver is a hint to her background, as she is a jewellery designer with an impressive portfolio.

Designer wallpaper – Livingwalls

This collection is modern and will fit excellently in any room: kitchen, living room, a child’s room, you name it. Thanks to their various designs and patterns you be spoiled with choice during your next renovation project. You will have so many choices and not enough rooms to decorate. This collection is so versatile that you can choose between floral, striped or plain wallpaper, or even combine them for a truly unique look. You can combine endlessly and have a different design in every room, just because there’s so much to offer. It does not matter what your favourite design is, they offer it all in this collection.

Around the world – A very various collection

This collection is very diverse. There are a lot of modern wallpaper designs with light stripes. These are offered in four calm colours, and largely inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle. A more contemporary design is also available, with small repetitive pattern with five beautiful colours which are almost natural colours. Some baroque designs are offered as well, which are more contemporary, and these are also available in crème colours. To brighten up this line, a small flower with a pink shade shines through. Brick wallpaper also pops up, and this life like design looks very real. This design is inspired by the vast African continent, as is a design of stacked crates. So, in this line is the whole world represented.

Jette 4 Pattern wallpaper – Jewellery meets wall decoration

This line in designed by Jette Joop, a famous jewellery designer in Germany. This is the fourth line Livingwalls and Jette Joop designed together. Knowing that she designs jewellery, you already expect a line consisting of beautiful modern designs. This is true, and so much more. In the collection you can also find the silver and gold themes and shades you’d expect from a jewellery designer. The whole collection is modern and with a youthful, elegant touch. Any room this collection is applied to will feel cosy and make your house a home. The patterns are baroque-like and form a stunning combination with the solid colours that are available. Also a striped wallpaper is available with the gold and silver colours, but also with lighter and darker shades of blue. You can combine the plain wallpapers with the patterned and striped ones. Combining within this collection will create a beautiful and sophisticated atmosphere in your home, and make it look like space luxury. The shimmering of the gold and silver hues in this collection is beautiful. These subtle decorations will complete any room.

Harmony in Motion by Mac Stopa - Geometric wallpaper

This is not your average collection. The unusual wallpapers created by modern Polish designer and architect, show him expressing his own style within this extraordinary line. Any one of the designs will make a strong statement in the room you decorate it with. The bright colours will brighten up your room and make bring happiness to anyone looking at them. One unique point of interest is that this collection uses 3D optics wallpaper technique. This makes it looks like the wall is bold and in constant, subtle motion. The patterns are honeycomb like and look endlessly dynamic. Harmony in Motion, the name of the collection, also perfectly sums up its mindset: the harmony of the patterns in static motion. The colours in this line are also very unusual, which is yet another contributor to the unique mood that oozes from Stopa’s designs. Bright and eye-catching colours fill this line with joy and will energize you, and vivid pink, blue red and yellow colours will be a strong statement in your home. The few plain colours offered in this collection are no exception, these are also very bright and vivid. This is an excellent collection for feature wall wallpaper. Make a bold statement with one bright and eye-catching wall. This part of the room will come alive and never bore you.

Moments – Classic wallpapers

In contrast to the previous collection, this is a very classical line with elegant wallpapers. The plain wallpapers are of calm colours and will be a romantic touch to your room. There are also a lot of floral designs in this collection, which will be a completion to every room. The plain designs are also available with a little bit of texture in them. This subtle textured wall covering design looks subtly different, and if you decorate a complete wall with it it’ll look vastly different from a wall with plain wallpaper. This subtle touch takes a plain, boring wall straight to amazing and interesting. There are also wall coverings without the little texture, and these are more calm in mood. The baroque designs are available in various colours with a combination of lighter and darker shades.

The advantages of non-woven wallpapers

Wallpaper made of non-woven materials only has advantages. Because it is made of environmental friendly materials, you are not only doing yourself a favour by buying this, but also the environment. The many great characteristics of this material show you the high quality of a product. There are a lot of advantages during applying, during use, and when you are looking to redecorate. It is very easy to apply and you only put glue on the wall. This material also has a high colour fastness, so it will not easily change colour under sunlight. A very good characteristic of this wallpaper material is that you are able to wash the wallpaper. This means that you can clean light stains with a damp cloth. Read the instructions of the manufacturer on the packaging to see how and what to use. When you are looking to redecorate the wallcoverings are easy to tear off and will not leave a residue behind.

Livingwalls wallpaper collection online at BRICOFLOR UK

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