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Lutèce wallpaper - Real life design

Lutèce currently produces two beautiful collections of stylish wallpaper. In the two collections Lutèce offers, real-life motifs, such as wood and stone structures both of which are used a lot. These wallpapers for walls will be the finishing touch to your home, creating a great. Lutèce incorporated a lot of floral designs with a real life look. Lutèce is based in Paris, France, considered the capital of fashion and style. The style expressed in their wallpapers is ambitious, modern and also passionate. The designs are very diverse, from flower wallpaper to brick and wood designs. The designer wallpapers from Lutèce are modern and playful.

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Designs of Lutèce - Beautiful designs in two collections 

This collection includes the current wallpaper trend of natural (wood and stone) designs. These designs will lighten up your house with the natural feel they bring. Get the romantic patterns with flowers to create an exclusive lifestyle and a completely new living experience. The home wallpaper collections by Lutèce are divided into two lines. The Authentic walls line use real-life patterns, like bookcases and wine crates. The Soraya line, named after the princess of Iran, incorporates flowers and classic colours. Let this collection be the inspiration you need to redecorate your room.

Authentic walls - Wallpaper with natural designs

This line of Authentic walls decoration from Lutèce is all about creating a real-life atmosphere. Using bookcases, wooden structures and stone structures, these wall decors will brighten up your home. The special designs offered in this range vary from calm wooden structures, to concrete looks, piles of books, and a bamboo look. Lutèce even offers stone look wallpapers that can be installed in bathrooms; this will help you create a beautiful look in your bathroom, especially when combined with tiles. An urban feel can be created with the decorations including gravity and themed New York. This lines also offers grey brick wallpaper, which is currently getting more popular because it has an outdoor feel. It will look great combined with wood or any other natural material. This line could be the inspiration for your feature wall. Combining one of these designs with more the more plain wallpapers offered in the Soraya line is the perfect mix, for the perfect ambience.

Soraya - Modern and creative designer wallpapers

This line incorporates classic colours with both exotic and modern patterns. Among other things, the patterns include palm leaves, which will create an exotic ambience, and a croc leather look, and modern motifs to combine endlessly with the plain colours offered. The Soraya collection will give your home a creative and diverse look, that is calm and serene and the same time. If you are looking for contemporary wallpaper with a modern touch this is the line for you. With the soft lines and pastel kind of shades, you are able to combine a lot of them without overdoing it. The most used shades in this collection are natural, not only the colours, but also the patterns are based on a nature feel.

Characteristics of Lutèce wallpaper - High Quality materials

The Made in Germany logo ensures you that you have bought wallpaper of high quality. Only German manufacturers with top quality products get this mark. But this logo is not the only way to notice the high quality. The characteristics of the certain wallpapers will also show you how good the quality is. These are explained by a specific set of icons. The icons indicate the water resistance, how easy it is to remove and the colour fastness of a product.

Washable wallpaper - Convenient for every room

The wallpaper collections offered by Lutèce are non-woven materials. Some of these materials are washable, and you will sometimes be able to clean them with a brush. The label will indicate the different level of how easy stains can be removed; their durability and how well it can withstand water. The three waves indicates they can withstand water very well and you can clean it with a sponge; two indicate they can withstand less water but still able to clean it with a damp cloth. The one shoqing a brush means you’re able to clean the dirty spots with a soft brush and a mild agent. This is especially easy when you install it in rooms where walls could get dirty, like a kitchen or kids’ room.

Easy to remove - Making redecorating easy

The icons also indicate how easy it is to remove the wallpaper in case you are looking to redecorate. The strippable sign means it will come off completely and you do not need anything to remove it, it will come of easily. It does not leave any residues behind and it will not damage the wall you take it off from. The other one is peelable, which means you can split the upper layer from the layer underneath. The under layer is then removable, or can be chosen to be kept in place to serve as a layer protecting the wall, and ensuring the visual quality of the new wallpaper.

High Quality - Colourfast and will not fade

The collection has a high quality and thus will not change colour because of sunlight. We can see this with the icon showing the sun. The sun indicates that the wallpaper in this collection have a good colourfastness. This means that under normal circumstances that colours of the room wallpaper will not change. Normal circumstances are indoors and not in direct sunlight. The colour will hold up approximately 50 years. The whole collection has the FSC label, which means it is made with paper from responsible sources. The RAL label means high quality is guaranteed.

The Lutèce feel in your home - Available on

At BRICOFLOR UK you can buy Lutèce wallpapers online. This collection and many more collections are available in our web shop. As a special service to our customers, we offer free wallpaper samples. We also present a roll calculator for you to see how much you will need to buy. Please contact us if you have any questions! So take a look around our online shop and find beautiful wallpaper to decorate your home!