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Michalsky Living – Wallpapers for walls

This wallpaper collection is designed by Michael Michalsky, a German fashion designer. He worked for well-known brands, which is why he became one of the most influential fashion designers in Germany.  After being in the fashion industry for many years, he launched Michalsky Living wallpaper in 2013. He creates wallpapers with an exceptional style. Now available are three collections that show the urban lifestyle with a modern outlook. With these wallpapers he shows us that he wants your room to be adorned with patterns, rather than only white walls.

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Michalsky Living

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Designer wallpaper – Influenced by current and future trends

The influences of Michalsky’s background are very easy to notice. The patterns are beautiful and have a lot of variances, from fixed lines which look very modern, to floral wallpaper with happy designs. The colours in this collection are very calm and warm. There are just a few exceptions with plain wallpapers with a small pattern. This pattern make the wall coverings look antique. There are also some bright colours in the striped wallpaper. They are then again combined with a soft and warm crème shade. The patterns are divided into two main categories: modern and floral.

Metropolis wallpaper by Michalsky Living 2

This collection of 50 different wallpapers is divided into five lines, the have the names of districts in big cities. This also explains the name “Metropolis”. In addition to the five lines with patterns, Michalsky Living offers a variance of plain wallpapers with an antique feel. Also a small striped wallpaper is offered these are combined with a light white colour.  There are also bigger striped wallpapers, with a beautiful subtle line in between. The colours in this pattern are the same as the other plain colours and the stripes. One individual wallpaper that is offered look like a concrete wallpaper. All these wallpapers with a subtle pattern or the plain wallpapers are very easy to combine with the line Michalsky Living offers. You can freely combine all of them without creating a visually too noisy environment. The five different themes are very different from each other, but complement one another wonderfully. 

The Chelsea line is a patterned wallpaper with a 3D-like cube, which is also the main picture of this collection. These cubes look like a 3D optical illusion, and look beautiful as a feature wall wallpaper. If you decorate one wall with this, you will make a bold statement. The pattern is available in two shades of grey and a crème white colour. The greys are lighter grey and an anthracite colour. You will have an urban feeling getting this design in your home. 

The Hollywood line also has a 3D optical illusion. It will look like your wall is active, and in combination with the colours on offer, this look is very modern. The colours offered are the same as in the Chelsea line: light grey, anthracite and crème. All in combination with a white background.

The Mayfair line has a small flower incorporated into the design. This is a very subtle variation in the otherwise plain white colour they offer. It looks like a textured wallpaper with darker white flowers and a lighter white background. When the flowers are coloured this is a very active wallpaper, and on a black background the pink flowers jump out at you. The other two colours are more subtle with a yellow shade background and brighter yellow flowers, and a pink shade background and pink flowers. These floral wallpapers are totally different from the previous two lines, which makes the Michalsky Living collection fun and diverse. 

The Soho line is a baroque like pattern. The white decoration with a white background makes it a look like a textured and subtle wallpaper. A little less subtle is the darker white with a very light white shade. There you can see the baroque pattern very clearly. Combinations of white with a green and a red colour are also available. The last subtle pattern that is available is with black and a lighter black. 

The last line Michalsky Living offers is South Beach. This is an interesting pattern with big leaves offered in light and dark yellow, blue and grey shades.

Luxury wallpaper – Michalsky living wallpaper

As the wallpapers are all from non woven materials, these are all from high quality and have a lot of easy features that will make your life easier. These are washable wallpapers, which means you can clean light stains with a sponge, cloth or brush. This is explained by the icons mentioned on the packaging. It is also very easy to apply to your wall. While papering you apply the glue on the wall, rather than on the wall covering itself. This will save you a lot of time. The colourfastness of this material is also above average. This means the colour of your wallpaper will not fade when you decorate a room with a lot of windows. Another nice fact is that all the materials used to make these wallpapers are environmental friendly

Pattern wallpaper – What should you pay attention to?

This collection offers a lot of pattern wallpapers. While applying this to your wall you want to have a continuous pattern. Therefor there are some things you need to take into account while applying it. The icons on the packaging show you how to apply them to create the pattern on your complete wall. A free match means that you do not have to take the pattern in consideration because the pattern does not need to match on the side of the strip wallpaper. A straight match means that you need to align the strips of wallpaper at the same height in order to match the patterns on the side. The offset match means that in order for the patterns to match you need to take a certain amount of centimetres into account. This amount of centimetres is mentioned on the packaging. We recommend to have a thorough look at this before starting the installation process

Bringing Michalsky Living to your home – BRICOFLOR UK

You can browse through this collection and many more collections in our online shop. As a special service to our customers, you can order free wallpaper samples. This can come in handy if you want to know if your new wallpaper will match your interior. This also is useful when you want to mix and match different colours and patterns, to see if the colours fit together as you hope. We also offer an online roll calculator, in order for you to find out how many rolls you need to cover your walls. We at BRICOFLOR UK invite you to take a look at the many collections on our web shop.