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Meistervlies Pro - Professional Interior Design

Paintable wallpaper for professional interior design can be found under the name Meistervlies Pro. A.S. Création and Architects Paper's master wallpapers that stand out for their versatility, ease of application and durability, so that you can achieve a professional-looking wallpaper effect.

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Meistervlies Pro

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If you are looking for a quick, uncomplicated and professional change of the wallpaper design, Meistervlies Pro is the ideal solution. The easy to apply wallpaper is not only a great solution but also can easily be painted in a new colour! Paintable wallpaper is available in light colours from white to cream, for simple interiors, but also for creative combinations with your favourite colour.

The robust and solid material of Meistervlies Pro wallpaper offers the comfort you would expect from wallcoverings. Let's put an end to grey and gloomy rooms and experience a new sense of life. In no time at all, the universal patterns from this line can be applied to the wall to create a whole new atmosphere. The easy installation and versatility of Meistervlies Pro wallpaper are also predestined for the commercial sector.

Meistervlies Pro: a wide range of possibilities

The Meistervlies Pro collection offers not only quick application and the possibility of individual colour design, but also a variety of patterns and structures. Meistervlies Pro series wallpapers should be painted opaque, so that the 3D effects of the wallpaper are fully visible and the background does not shine through. 

Choose the style that suits you and transform your home into your own personal sphere in no time at all. You can choose between floral or geometric paintable wallpapers to give your walls a personal touch. But in the Meistervlies Pro series you will also find vintage wallpapers or more unusual and abstract designs.

And even if you decide not to paint the wallpaper, tasteful patterns and soothing white shades create an attractive atmosphere in which you can feel good. But the most important thing is that you can easily paint the wallpaper from the Meistervlies Pro collection to your favourite colour. Dimensionally stable wall coverings retain their shape and structure thanks to a special treatment, so you can expect a professional result.

Easy to install: Paintable Wallpaper

Since the paintable wallpapers of the Meistervlies Pro series are non-woven, the wall coverings can be wallpapered quickly and easily. All you need to wallpaper Meistervlies Pro are the following materials:

A wallpaper table, a pencil, scissors or a carpet knife, a tape measure or folding rule (ideally a spirit level), a ladder, paste, a stick or stick and a bucket to mix the paste, tassel, wallpapering brush, scar roller and a pressure roller.

However, before you order your favourite wallpaper in our online shop, you should take the measurements of the walls so that you know the number of wallpaper rolls you need. We recommend you to plan one roll more, especially with pattern wallpaper. Cut the strips of wallpaper with an extra five centimetres or so, which you can cut off exactly at the edge of the wall later.

Meistervlies Pro wallpaper: step by step installation

Mix the paste according to the package, apply and try to avoid forming lumps. Also make sure that your walls are dry and smooth so that the wallpaper does not come off the wall or any unevenness on the wallpaper becomes visible.

This is how you can quickly and easily apply the paintable wallpaper from Meistervlies Pro to the wall:

  1. Use the brush to spread the paste evenly over the wall to avoid unevenness.
  2. Take the first strip, cut to size and lay it against the edge of the wall and ceiling as accurately as possible.
  3. Now use the wallpapering brush to evenly spread the wallpaper on the wall from top to bottom until it sticks firmly.
  4. Finally, remove the excess that you left when cutting. Please note that the material is robust and may be difficult to cut.
  5. Apply the remaining strips to the wall in the same way. Bear in mind that you should pay attention to the pattern of a patterned wallpaper.
  6. If there are any marks between the strips, you can easily and conveniently smooth them with the grain roller.

Cleaning and maintenance of Meistervlies Pro wallpaper

Not only the great variety of styles and patterns is a real highlight of Meistervlies Pro, but also the easy assembly. Also when it comes to the maintenance of the new paintable wallpapers, you have a true premium product with this choice. The special processing makes these decors particularly robust and extremely hard-wearing.

Depending on the chosen colour, you can easily clean the wallpapers of Meistervlies Pro, as the wallpapers themselves are resistant to abrasion and scratching. In case of possible staining, simply take a wet cloth and scrub over the affected area of the design. This way the special wallpapers are also suitable as kitchen wallpaper. And thanks to their high dimensional stability, you can even hang the wall coverings in the bathroom, depending on the colour you choose. With a vinyl coating, however, you should ensure frequent airing, as the coating slightly inhibits air and vapour permeability.

Meistervlies Pro: wallpaper of the highest quality from A.S. Création

The Meistervlies Pro series of the Meistervlies ProProtect collection from the wellknown brand A. S. Création is characterised not only by its versatility and easy installation but also by its particularly high quality. Benefit from the expertise of AS Wallpapers, who will bring environmentally friendly and high-quality paintable wallpapers with Meistervlies Pro into your home. Lay the foundation for your individual interior design with a decor from this range and let your imagination run wild. Together with the contract and premium brand Architects Paper, AS Wallpaper has also designed very sophisticated wallpapers for architects and interior designers in an innovative studio for the Meistervlies Pro range.

Order Meistervlies Pro wallpaper online!

Choose your wallpaper from the Meistervlies Pro range, save time and nerves when buying in our online shop. Simply choose the decor that really suits your ideas from the comfort of your home and let the wallpaper shine in your favourite colour. Save yourself the disappointment of going to a specialist shop and only finding there a small selection of paintable wallpapers. With us you have a rich selection of different structures and styles at your disposal, which you will not find anywhere else. 

The high-quality wallpapers from A.S. Création are available from us at the best price thanks to our best price guarantee. Take the time you need and leave time pressure behind you. If you are not yet one hundred percent sure whether you have found the right wallpaper, you can simply use our sample service and we will send you a sample of your favourite wallpaper from Meistervlies Pro so that you can get an exact picture for yourself.

Only when you really have everything you need, complete the order with our customer-friendly payment options and shortly afterwards you can start to decorate.

Save yourself the nerves that you lose when looking for a specialist adviser in a DIY store. You can reach our customer service easily by e-mail, by phone or by using our contact form. We will be happy to advise you on all aspects of Meistervlies Pro from A.S. Création and look forward to hearing from you!