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Meistervlies Protect: the wallpaper for all needs

The paintable wallpaper from A.S. Création's Meistervlies Protect collection stands out for its great resistance to wear and tear. Among the offer of this line, you will also find models that you can color as you prefer and install even in very busy environments.

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Meistervlies Protect

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If you are looking for a wallpaper really resistant and reliable, this line will be for you. The Meistervlies Protect collection is also part of the Meistervlies ProProtect line, which features a wide range of high quality paintable wallpapers.

Meistervlies Protect models are offered in a variety of discreet and elegant designs in discreet and elegant colours that easily match all furnishing styles, even the boldest ones. Great for commercial use, but also for children's bedrooms, as thanks to the fine finishing, Meistervlies Protect wallpaper rersists scratches and bumps and is easy to clean. Your children will be able to go wild without worries by drawing all they want on the surface of the wallpaper. These products can also play a very useful practical role in environments such as corridors, where you often crawl over the walls with jackets.

Meistervlies Protect: a design that lasts over time

Robust yet aesthetically pleasing, the wallpaper from the Meistervlies Protect collection is not only remarkable from a practical and functional point of view. From a design point of view, in fact, you will find a wide repertoire of different textures and prints. From the more classic and discreet style to more sumptuous designs, you are sure to find the version that is right for you.

If you prefer a simpler style, you will find wallpaper models that can be painted in all possible shades of white. If you like the texture of one of the models, but are not convinced of the colours, you can paint it as you prefer without difficulty, recreating your personal style in a few easy steps.

The resilient wallpaper Meistervlies Protect

A further strength of the Meistervlies Protect collection is the fact that the coating is very easy to install. You will need the following tools: a large upholstery table, pencils, wallpaper roll, suitable glue, a glue mixing tool, a brush, scissors or cutter, wallpaper brush, a ladder, a folding or tape measure and a spirit level.

Before proceeding to order the paintable wallpaper model you like the most from the BRICOFLOR online shop, you will obviously have to calculate the number of rolls you will need according to the size of your walls, taking care, for safety's sake, to add an extra roll of scrap to your cart.

How to install Meistervlies Protect wallpaper like a professional

Start by cutting out the strips from the rolls to the necessary size, leaving about 5 cm of edge, which you will cut once placed on the wall.

By following these simple steps, you will correctly install your paintable wallpaper:

  1.  Mix the glue according to the instructions on the package taking care not to form lumps. In the meantime, make sure that your walls are perfectly dry and smooth.
  2. Use the brush to apply the glue evenly to the wall.
  3. Start laying the first strip of wallpaper, applying it from top to bottom, starting from the point where the ceiling and wall meet, and taking care to respect the direction of the weft.
  4. Brush over the paper from top to bottom.
  5. Remove the protective film, carefully, not to tear the wallpaper.
  6. Proceed with the other strips of paper, always following the decorative pattern.
  7. If there are any overlaps or ripples between the strips, you can easily remove them using a special roller.

Versatile finishes from Meistervlies Protect

Thanks to the processing of the paintable wallpaper models in this A.S. Création collection, you will have a robust and reliable wall covering in your hands, suitable for all environments. The high abrasion resistance of the material also makes it very easy to clean with a damp cloth: within seconds you will have your wallpaper back to its original splendour. If you get tired of your chosen wallpaper, it will be very easy to remove without leaving any residue.

Also thanks to the very high dimensional stability and scratch resistance of this material you can consider a wallpaper that can be painted even for very busy environments, such as commercial premises, corridors, children's bedrooms. Thanks to its resistance to humidity, Meistervlies Protect wallpaper can also be installed in the bathroom and kitchen. Should you decide to paint it, however, it is recommended to ventilate the rooms often.

Meistervlies Protect by A.S. Création: top of the range products

The Gummersbach-based company A.S. Création is known for its top-quality wallpapers, purchased worldwide. The leading manufacturer not only stands out for its attractive designs, but also for its modernity and attention to quality. Not only will you have a reliable product in your hands, but also an eye-catching piece of furniture.

In cooperation with the brand Architects Paper, you will find in the Meistervlies Protect collection paintable non-woven wallpapers that are also perfect for the needs of architects and interior designers.

Paintable wallpaper Meistervlies Protect: buy it online!

Discover the Meistervlies Protect collection in the BRICOFLOR online shop and enjoy many advantages, including fast delivery directly to your home. Our sampling service will also come in handy if you are between two or more models.

If you have any questions or would like to ask us a personalized offer, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service by phone, email or via our handy contact form. We will be happy to help you!