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Glitter is well known for its shimmering properties and dazzling applications. If you want to make your room bright independently of how dark it is outside, then you certainly must consider a glitter wallpaper.

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Glitter wallpaper

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Discover the Glitter wallpaper’s many applications

If you were finding it hard to give a bedroom a new look, then you will be glad to know that glitter solves your problem. With a simple application of these wallpapers, your room will be impossible to recognise. With its many patterns and colour variations, such as gold, pink or classic white, our glitter wallpapers allow you to design a room in many distinguishable styles, such as a vintage and bright 80’s look, a pink nursery room for your girls or a retro party room your guests are bound to remember.

If these different variations don’t seem appealing, then you’ll find solace in knowing that glitter is not limited to these styles. With its specific properties, any interior decorator daring enough can give it a unique application. To some it represents comfort, to others it represents luxury, but to all it is both bright and wholesome. For these reasons, it can range from a children’s favourite to a designer’s speciality.


In the early days, people used satin and paper to paper their walls. Mainly the rich people used satin because it gave their home a luxurious appearance. Later, the rich also used paper because they started to paint it by hand. Nowadays, there is a whole range of possibilities. The most used materials are non-woven wallpaper, vinyl, paper, and satin.

All the materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is all about what you need and where you want to place it. In addition, the characteristics of the wallpapers vary. Some materials have a good lightfastness and will not soon change colour in the sun. If you are concerned about stains, there is washable wallpaper. If you catch yourself wanting to change your interior often, you can buy wallpaper, which is easy to remove.

When applying wallpaper to your wall there are also many advantages or disadvantages depending on the materials. We always recommend reading the packaging of the wallpaper and following the manufacturer's instructions. If you cannot figure out what the best fit for you is, please do not hesitate to contact us.

QUICK, Simple and easy installation

Its perks don’t end here, besides versatility, a glitter wallpaper can boast incredible durability. Thanks to their high-quality materials you won’t have to worry about ripping through them during their application. It is a cheap luxury that, unlike regular painting which requires coatings and eventual revisions over time, requires but a single application.

This application is one that, due to its simplicity, may appeal to those of you who love DIY projects or simply those who are looking to avoid the extra fees that come with other methods. With a box cutter and some adhesive paste, you’ll be all set up to set up your wallpaper yourself. This would also depend on the type of wallpaper, as some already come set up with auto-adhesive backings which make a simple process even simpler! For any type of installation, it is a relatively clean and botherless process.


Here at BRICOFLOR, we partner with the best brands on the market in order to offer our customers a great combination of choice and quality. Producers like Rasch and A.S. Creation are the leaders on the market. These companies have been around for a while and are indispensable from the current wallpaper industry. The use of wallpaper has increased in recent years. Some brands, who are known in other markets and had a home collection, started designing wallpaper as well. They stay close to their own style and design stunning wallpapers. The following brands are featured in our glitter collection.

A.S. Création

The Gummersbach based German manufacturer A.S. Création is an expert in wallpapers. A.S. Création know their customers and, for this very reason, have bet in the creation of high-end glitter designs. Their patterns are both bright and elegant, as you can see through their signature La Belle Epoque collection, translating to “The Good Times” in English. Boasting the trademark German design and quality, A.S. Création isn’t one to disappoint.

Find your favourite Glitter wallpaper on the BRICOFLOR online store!

If you want Glitter to brighten up your walls, then look no further. Search our online store for your favourite model! Our collection of wallpapers has over 2500 models available, so there surely is one for any taste. Furthermore, you’ll be able to benefit from our specialised services, such as the lowest price guaranteed, which makes sure that you’re buying at the lowest possible price. If you’re looking to save even more, large orders also allow for better prices. To this end, you’ll only have to contact our sales team, which would be delighted to offer you the best deal possible. Besides this, if you’re looking to get a glimpse of the quality of our materials, we also provide you with free samples, which will allow you to see up to 8 different wallpaper models for yourself. You can contact us through email or telephone.