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Leopard Print Wallpaper - Elegant Animal Prints

Inject a wild touch of personality to your rooms with leopard print wallpaper in photo realistic motifs as well as bright and understated animal prints. These modern wallpapers bring a modern twist for those animal lovers looking to create a stylish glam look to their rooms.

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Leopard print wallpaper

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Styled with elegant baroque elements, the animal print wallpaper is a creative way to transform a natural themed interior. Whether you’re looking to fill your four walls, or perhaps make a statement with a stylish feature wall, the leopard print wallpaper we have to offer are sure to fill your needs.

Elegant Leopard Print Wallpaper for All Types of Rooms

When it comes to wallpaper, there are a variety of materials to choose from, intended for different areas of use. Firstly, there are the original paper wallpaper, which is the traditional format of wallpaper. There is also wallpaper with a raised surface, this 3D wallpaper is has a great visual character. There is also vinyl wallpaper, which features a paper construction with a PVC top layer for added resistance against moisture and is easily washable. This makes vinyl wallpaper a great choice of kitchen and bathroom wallpaper. Additionally, there are non woven wallpapers which are also easy to renovate with its durable properties that make it easy to handle.

Regardless of what material you prefer, thanks to the most modern manufacturing processes, each type of wallpaper offers a high level of quality. You do not have to worry about the level of natural light your walls are exposed to, these wallpapers are resistant to light and hold high colour fastness.

Hanging Wallpapers in a Quick and Easy Process

Thanks to the selection of high quality materials from which the leopard print wallpapers are made, you can be assured of easy installation. Simply apply the wallpaper paste on the all and you can begin hanging the wallpaper. Make sure to use the designs to help align the wallpaper as closely as rectify the placement without fear of creating any tears. Smooth out any bubble formations with the light use of a wide brush and be impressed by the professional results you achieve!

Leopard Print Wallpaper that Will Last Many Years

Once you have finished wallpapering, maintenance will be the least of your worries! To clean the wallpapers, simply use a damp cloth to remove dirt from the wallpaper. And if you decide to change the wallpaper or remove it, many of the available wallpapers in our online store are removable without leaving any residue.

Leopard Print Wallpapers from the Top Wallpaper Manufacturers

We aim to offer a selection of luxury wallpapers of the highest quality from the top wallpaper manufacturers in Europe. In particular, A.S. Création and Rasch are internationally known for their wallpapers. Offering a seemingly endless array of wallpaper collections inspired by the latest trends and interior design concepts. The sheer versatility of the collections offered are inspiring and are intended for almost every application. In addition, both Rasch and A.S. Création are popular for their collaborations with premium brands to create unique designer wallpapers.

Some of the featured brands include Versace and Schöner Wohnen. The Versace collections are the epitome of luxury designs in elegant baroque motifs. Whilst Schöner Wohnen, as a well known interior design magazine in Germany, produce homely designs in a variety of decors. Architects Paper wallpapers are a series of designer collections inspired by architectural structures from the top interior designers. You can also find collections from Brigitte, women's magazine with a collection of glamorous wallpapers.

Other fashion brands with designer wallpaper include Esprit, Daniel Hechter and Lutéce. All of which have collections for homes and offices and the main living areas of your home including bedrooms and dining and living rooms.

Explore the Leopard Print Wallpapers Available at BRICOFLOR

In our online store, you can explore more than 2,500 wallpapers in various designs and concepts. We offer a great selection of nursery wallpapers, bedroom wallpapers, and wallpapers for the kitchen, bathroom and other applications. In a few clicks you can order your favourite wallpaper. To help you choose between your favourite decors, make use of our free sample service to see which designs fit best into your interior vision. For large quantity orders, we can fix you up with a customised quote so can change your rooms at the best possible price!