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Oriental Wallpaper with a Rustic Charisma

Elegant baroque motifs in hand-made looking designs. Featuring temple-inspired designs these oriental wallpapers offer a range of rich coloured decors as well as light and charming designs for your four walls.

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Oriental wallpaper

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Chinoiserie Murals in Luxury Designs

Rustic designs and luxurious baroque elements inject a unique oriental touch to your rooms. These oriental wallpaper almost bring an aura of wise character and a sense of storytelling to your interior. Transform your walls with this charismatic style of wall furnishings.

Luxury Wallpaper Available in Multiple Formats

There are many types of materials to choose from when it comes to wallpaper, all of which have a different composition, with unique benefits. For example, the original paper wallpaper, of which is the traditional format of wallpaper, is best used for rooms that are less intensely used. There is also vinyl wallpaper, which is composed of paper and a vinyl printed layer, which makes the material resistant to moisture - an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Vinyl wallpaper is also easily maintained and washable. There are also non woven wallpapers which consist of textile fibers that are connected without being woven, and a varnished acrylic layer. Due its non woven structure, threads are unlikely to form and the material is particularly durable.

Hanging Wallpaper in Paper Format

Paper wallpaper does not feature as many resistant properties as vinyl wallpaper per se, and for that reason, it is not recommended for hanging in kitchens and bathrooms due to the changes in humidity and exposure to moisture. For installation, an important step is to apply an adhesive layer to the wallpaper and allow time for the wallpaper to absorb the glue. The adhesive should also be applied to the wall. When hanging the wallpaper, it important to align the design as accurately as possible and work through any bubbles carefully. Ensure the surface is even before the glue dries.

Non Woven Wallpaper - The User Friendly Installation

A great benefit of non woven wallpaper is its ease of use when it comes to installation. When hanging, the wallpaper keeps excellent shape and does not deform. If there are any misalignments in the design, the wallpaper can easily be repositioned without possibility of tearing. This is also an advantage when removing the wallpaper, as they leave your wall smoothly without any tears. During installation, if any glue finds its way onto the surface of the wallpaper, this can easily be removed with a damp cloth or sponge thanks to the breathable and washable surface.

Oriental Wallpaper from the Top Manufacturers in Europe

Here at BRICOFLOR, we make sure that we feature only the best quality products derived from the best in the business. That’s why we offer such a large array of collections from a diverse selection of the top wallpaper manufacturers in Europe. From manufacturers like Rasch, who display exceptional quality and attention to detail in its mixture of classic and modern wallpapers. Other popular names like Livingwalls, who offer collections aimed at the medium-high segment of the market.

Lutèce inevitably produce fashion forward designs, being based in the fashion capital Paris; bringing romance and brightness to its decors. You can also find luxury wallpapercollections from Esprit and Versace, who produce high end designs for a feeling of grandeur in your interiors.

Architects Paper produces high quality, designer wallpaper. The company draws its inspiration from architectural designs consisting of unique and diverse ideas. The Oriental wallpaper by Architects Paper demonstrates bold colour combinations for sophisticated interiors. The designer wallpaper by A.S. Création shimmer in exotic colourations. The high quality non woven wallpaper feature silver and gold gradients for an added touch of grandeur. A true demonstration of A.S. Création expertise in elegant designs with high-end materials for lasting quality.

Oriental Wallpaper Available Now at BRICOFLOR

Explore the wonderful decors of oriental wallpapers we have to offer and fill your rooms with the inspiring rustic designs. Make the most of our free sample service and order your favourite selection of decors to see for yourself how each design would suit your space. What’s more, if you’re planning to order a large quantity of wallpapers, we may be able to offer you a customised offer! Simply get in touch with our customer service team with any queries regarding your order and we will happily help. To contact us you can either call, email, or complete our contact form. And thanks to our best price guarantee, you can be assured of getting your favourite decors at the best price.